How do I let the anger go

I get so freaking angry with stbxw that I can’t to even talk to her. I know I have to let it go since we have to co parent. Still though. I really really hate how she shit all over me. Just saying, did she have to salt the earth b4 scorching it too.

I just feel this feeling of extreme anger whenever I think about her. Like how do people get over this. I know for sure that I’d never take her back.

You’d think that alone would be enough to say fuck it….just deal with it….cooperate and move on. I know that she simply doesn’t love me, but still, did she have to do me like that?

This anger and hurt is just so intense. Way beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. I just want to get Me back. I’ve tried surrendering and just accepting it…

But sometimes it just gets too intense. Right when I think its gone, it comes back to the surface and I’m here…..ruminating and replaying all of the reasons I can’t stand her.

What am I doing wrong?

God please take this pain away!!!

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