Poisoned by a black widow

Dopesick is a term that’s used when addicts literally feel sick when trying to overcome a drug habit. Depending on the drug and level of dependency, overcoming it can be super hard and possibly fatal. Many people know that the drug is having a negative effect on their lives and yet in order to avoid the dope sick feeling will continue on their path of self destruction.

Falling in love with a certain type of woman is very similar. I’d like to warn men that a large many of these women today are terrible. As of yet, I haven’t figured out if these type of women know it, but are lying or if they truly don’t know themselves. I’d like to call them black widows.

Cognitive dissonance occurs when a person starts believing their own bullshit. Either way falling for one of the terrible ones is like having a drug problem.

Similarly, drugs and love both feel great in the beginning. You feel invincible. On top of the world. It opens up thoughts and creativity in ways you never thought were possible. Your body feels great. Your mind feels sharp. You’re present and feel alive.

But it comes at a price.

You usually don’t become addicted per se to drugs the first or second time you do them. I mean you remember the high, but you’re generally able to function normally without them after the high wears off. You might feel a bit shitty in the following days, but you can pretty much shake it off and be fine.

Addiction happens when you keep indulging in it. The insidious part is that the more you do it, the less high you feel until you reach a point where you have to do it in order to feel normal. And this sort of creeps upon you.

Falling in love is similar. The woman makes you feel so good about yourself. Her smell, the way she strokes your ego, the satisfaction you feel when you fuck her good, the way she sounds when she comes, when she tells you how much she loves you. All those things produce a massive amount of dopamine in your brain. Indulged here and there is fine, it’s a fun night. But too much and you can easily become addicted.

It’s nature. The brain produces all sorts of chemicals during orgasm. Dopamine, seratonin, oxytocin, vassopressin, and probably others that all make you feel good. It’s designed to bond you with a person. The process leading up to sex and then orgasm releases all these chemicals in your brain. And it literally loves those feelings.

You end up become addicted to the feelings she gives you, not her necessarily. But either way, you want to continue to indulge. Be warned, this is a path to addiction. Imagine for a second that the woman is a terrible person, but yet your thirst, ignorance, and her manipulation prevented you from seeing it / believing it.

This is what is happening to so many men these days. Many, many of these women are terrible people who suffer from just being evil or cognitive dissonance. And so many times, men become addicted to her.

How fitting is that the black widow spider (one of the most poisonous spiders here in north america) has an hourglass on her back. Isn’t it amazing how a redpill saying, is that she’s never yours, it’s just your turn) resonates so much with men based on their experiences with women.

When the male black widow spider mate with the females, they end up becoming prey and end up eaten by her. Think about it, he sacrifices his life just to have sex with her. She literally eats him alive….and she does it with no regrets or remorse. Yet the male, is biologically programmed to go on a suicide mission in order to impregnate her.

Many women these days take on the spirit of a black widow spider. It’s scary because it’s almost impossible to differentiate some from a good/decent woman.

Instead of a physical death though, men often suffer a sort of spiritual death. The heartbreak of being consumed by one of these creatures feels like a literal hell. Ask any man, who actually loved a woman how it feels to be betrayed.

Their poison comes in the form of the drug called love and has sent countless men to a spiritual/psychological/financial sometimes physical death.

A woman with this spirit is inviting, tempting, and for all case and purposes resembles something safe. But beware. She poisons you with love. The more time and energy you spend on her, the more she strokes your ego, the more dopamine you release because of her entangles you into her web. Children, Marriage, and Financial Obligation. The longer you stay in it, the more caught up you become.

And when she realizes you’re stuck, she makes the switch (she loses ‘respect’ and becomes bored), your entanglements will lead you to a spiritual/mental/psychological/financial death. She sustains herself on you. You’re a meal to her. She takes pleasure out of devouring you.

These types of terrible women have this black widow spirit in them. Their cognitive dissonance and / or ignorance of self makes them even more dangerous as it allows them to hide their nature so well.

The only people immune to this are other soulless egos who can use her for sex and or money. Your players, pimps, and hustlers if you will. Leave these black widows for the streets. Let the hourglass on her back remind you that you absolutely cannot stay for too long, lest the poison and web entice and entangle you. She’s never yours, it’s just your turn and you will either live or die by that fact.

Be careful, it’s almost impossible to tell a black widow from a regular chick these days. The come in all shapes, Looks, finances, race, classes, religions, etc.

I would say that her level of selfishness would be a start. But even then, you can never really know. Personally, I say fuck trying to figure it out. Just smash and dash. But perhaps I’m getting too old and cynical for all this bullshit.

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