The simpining

There she sits on a beautiful beach, taking selfies and posting them to facebook.   Makeup on fleek, body on banging, and hair laid out like nobody’s business.   She’s fine ya’ll I gotta admit.   But for some reason, I’m not impressed.   In fact, as I see her beauty on display for the world to see, the arrogance and narcissism is likened to a giant horse fly landing on top of a perfectly cooked steak and baked potatoes dinner.    I’m disgusted.

Is this what the redpill does to you?  Dozens of thirsty simps like the pics including my brother in law.   A few posting how beautiful she is.

I continue scrolling down my facebook timeline and see that new moderator in my fraternity is starting to post pics of half naked chicks for us to see.   They’re beautiful and of course they get dozens of likes, comments, and guys talking about how fine they are.   Yet, I’m not interested.  I’m disgusted.   In fact, I’m really thinking about unfollowing.

Here is the conflict.   Despite losing a lot of respect for women over the last few months, I’m still not in a position of objectifying them just yet.   I’m thinking that subconsciously, I know the danger of beautiful narcissistic women.   I know that they make men weak.   It’s like a trap.  A mirage of sorts.

Perhaps I’m getting too old for this shit.   I just turned 40.   I’m just not interested in the teasing.  I’m suddenly opposed to feeding these chicks’ need for validation.   I feel as if we men are complaining about the behavior of women this day and age and yet we go out and voluntarily create these monsters.

Is it wrong for them to ‘flaunt what they got’?  In a sense no, I suppose.   Yet at the same time, I believe that it’s not helpful to the cause of bringing these narcissistic bitches down a peg or two.  It’s just out of control.   It reminds me that their power over us comes from our seeming inability to control our sexual urges.   It’s a sign of weakness imho.  It’s why we’re out here losing this gender war so to speak.

Public displays of thirst is starting to annoy me as much as these women claim that it annoys them.   But being that I have no interest in this type of woman anyway, it shouldn’t matter.   If she wants to be seen as an object of sex, then what business is it of mine?   Just as I don’t like strip clubs, but don’t mind if others go, I should view this the same way.

I have to accept and understand that most men haven’t swallowed the red pill yet.   Even many of the pussy hounds and so called  ‘alpha’ men are still blue pilled af.

Maybe I’m subconsciously jealous and fear that I could never pull a woman like that.   But honestly, I think I could pull one.   Keeping her might be another issue though.   It doesn’t matter at all.  As of now, I’m not really interested unless she’s doing most of the heavy lifting.   Even then, I know how the game works.

Maybe the last piece I’m missing the ability to simply objectify them.  Perhaps my peers aren’t fully wrong in this.    Maybe I am taking this shit a little too seriously.   The middle ground is that it’s ok to objectify without feeding them the validation.

“That bitch”….suddenly has a new context.



One thought on “The simpining

  1. I don’t always agree with your take, but you do make some good points here.

    I see this on other social media platforms. A few woman voluntarily post hot shots trolling for compliments and comments and a few men give what they think are compliments, but are actually offensive.

    Then everyone is confused about the other person’s intentions and the labels start flying.

    If men cannot see how sending dic pics is offensive and toxic that’s a problem. If women cannot see how posting hot shots is offensive and toxic that’s a problem too.

    But there is a middle ground here. Not every unsolicited hot shot is narcissistic or offensive and not every unsolicited dic pic is either. Context, audience, and intentions and we can hardly make distinctions about other people’s motivations. We can only judge them based on our own experiences, pains, lessons, proclivities, biases, and predjudges.

    I like looking at beautiful women and bodies. That doesn’t make me it toxic. What makes it toxic is when I think my judgement makes one more beautiful than another and value one person above another. What is sexy and beautiful to me might not be to another. It’s all relative right?

    I would never post or participate in posting pics of other women. I might even step up into a group like your frat brother’s and say, “Hey, this isn’t cool because it objectifies women.” That would be my principle. Other men might be afraid of speaking out for the push back we both know should happen. Men, after all, are joiners by nature. Even when we know it’s wrong.

    However, if a woman posts something on Instagram I’ll look but I won’t spend time hunting those images down. It isn’t worth the energy.

    Anyway, thanks for the food for thought.


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