Nice Guys don’t lead

Nice/Good guys generally want the woman to lead him into having sex.  Or they want things to ‘just happen.’   They often hesitate to make the first move.   They make their intentions unclear for fear of either rejection or making the woman feel uncomfortable.

In general, he has to realize and put the oneness on himself and give her the plausible deniability.  He is often double minded himself and thus acts unsure of himself.  This leads to a bit of creepiness and awkwardness.

He has to be able to read the signs of her interest though.  This isn’t for the weird or creepy incel type.  This is for the decent looking, socially adapted male who is decent at reading people.

You have to know what you want.   There exists in our minds, a dichotomy in knowing what you want vs what you don’t want.  Instead of focusing on what you don’t want, put more focus on what you want.   Focus on the feeling of already having it.   Then trust your instincts to guide you there.   Your instincts will lead the way.

Over thinking causes you to focus on that dichotomy of (want vs don’t want).    It again takes you to the double mindedness which leads to awkwardness.   Stay the course.   Have the faith.   Calibration is simply to gauge interest.   I should caution that it can easily lead back to the double mindedness if persisted in for too long.

Persist in your faith that you will have what you desire.   That faith is the feeling.   Visualization is useful, but over visualizing it somewhat limits the universe.   In reality, you’re not really seeking the thing itself, but the feeling that comes along with having the thing.   Allow the universe to work its magic.    The more specific you are in the way you want the universe to work, the more you block your manifestation.  But some is needed to give you a map of the direction to go in.   It’s an art.  Not too much nor too little.   The destination is the emotional ‘feeling’ you desire to have that.

This ‘feeling’ is faith.   Persist in reaching that.   “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things will be added to you” Matthew 6:33 – 34.

The kingdom of God (heaven) is an emotional state.

It seems that the nature of the universe is to test your faith.   It will sometimes throw challenges to see if you can persist in it.   This aspect can be called Satan.  The events are called evil.   Don’t believe your eyes, or better yet, believe them, but don’t let it deter you from thinking that you’re making progress towards the desired feeling.    Faltering away from your desire is called sin.   Sin (missing the mark) is the lack of confidence or losing faith (of the feeling that you will achieve that desired goal).

Jesus Christ is a metaphor for dying to yourself.   Your thoughts have to die to give way to your feelings.   Your thoughts will resurrect if you kill the negative (logical).   Your thoughts can pull you away from your feeling.  Interpreting the events in a negative can affect your thoughts which in turn can affect your feeling/faith.   Yet all isn’t lost as you have the ability to consciously change your thoughts.  You may not feel like changing them, but you have to be disciplined in this if you find that your thoughts are negative.   These negative thoughts will affect your feelings causing you to go off course.

Good guys have a subconscious mindset that leading women into sex is somehow wrong.  It comes from the idea that women are somehow righteous or delicate flowers.   In truth, they are amoral.   They will in general follow your lead if you are persistent and consistent enough.   They follow confidence and faith.



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