U cant argue results

Between, red pill, learning pickup and personal experience, I’m learning that you really just can’t treat women the way they say they want to be treated if you want to attract and maintain sexual attraction.

Unfortunately, the attraction triggers for them happen to be in direct opposition to what would be needed for a man to want a woman as a real friend and confidant.

You may be able to attract her temporarily with worldly things like looks, muscles, or wealth……or even mentally with creativity, humor, or intelligence, however, eventually if you don’t play the “game”, she will lose attraction.

Once that’s lost, it’s only a matter of time before the respect is lost. The best ones will leave you, but most often, the majority will monkey branch to the next simp. You’ll realize that there isn’t even really a friendship there.

Her concept of friendship is totally based on her terms and you have to deal with it or nah. NOTHING, not loyalty, integrity, kids, history or anything is more important than her immediate happiness….instant gratifaction at the time.

It’s not an indictment no more than saying that water is wet. It just is what it is. You could be angry and go all MGTOW, which is a reasonable position if you ask me.

But you could also just accept it for what it is. These birds ain’t loyal. At least not in the way you’d like. So instead of just picking up your ball and taking it home, take a queue from “bad boys” and stop giving a fuck.

Justification for learning and “playing the game” comes from the fact that you can’t argue results. Women are attracted to men who want to slut them. Not wife them.

Plus, you give them more of what they want by not caring.

Actually caring puts you in a position of neediness which is the fastest way to dry up some pussy. Sorry dude, your best intentions will not attract her for long. She may get with you as a rebound if her douchey ex dumped her….or she dumped him because she “had to”, but over time, she’ll start taking u for granted and its just a matter of time before one reaches out to the other and she has his cock in her mouth after she texts you that she is having fun out with the girls.

They love the chase more than catching the prize. If u can get her to chase, you have to keep her chasing by either 1. Taking her validation away or 2. NOT really giving a fuck about her in the 1st place.


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