If She Ain’t Chasing, She’s Replacing

I read an article where a the author was saying that if a man is sending mixed signals, to stop chasing him.    In it, she was basically saying that the woman deserves better.    That he isn’t worth crying in her pillow at night over and that she should move on.

While that does sound like some sound advice on the surface, I’ve come to realize that advice like this is what makes the dating scene so damned impossible these days.   Sure, I mean who wants to be insecure about their romantic interests?   Who wants to feel emotionally frustrated by lack of consistency?   Who wants to keep second guessing if a person is really in to them or not?

I’ll to you who…..women do.   While they complain about it, it’s like something built into their psyche.

It’s been said that the best way to dry up the panties is to bore a woman.   You know what’s boring and not sexy….. Consistency, predictability, and security.    From the trashy romance novels to the 40 shades of grey type movies.   Women seem to fantasize about the handsome, mysterious, unreadable stranger coming into their lives.   In it, the guy has some sort of troubled past/ or present which might prevent them from being together.

I’ve noticed that the difference between when I’ve been cheated on vs when I’ve had girls willing to do almost anything for me is the level of consistency I showed.   That had a lot to do with how much I actually cared and desired to be with her.   But the more consistency I showed, the less interested she became and the less, the more.

I’ve also overhead females talk about how an interested guy often “does too much.” When he wants to actually be with her.    Chasing implies, that something is trying to get away.   I don’t recommend this for men these days.   Especially given “me too” and the fact that many women don’t communicate their feelings directly.

The article itself is proof enough that mixed signals and inconsistency is enough to keep them interested.   I mean, she ain’t crying over a guy she doesn’t care about.   The beta male “best friend” who wants her isn’t showing mixed signals, but something about him isn’t attractive enough for her.   Even though they all claim they want their partner to be their “best friend” or partner in crime.    Throwback to  “Things that make you go hmmmm……”

Unfortunately, you can’t give them what they want all the time.   You have to show a bit of inconsistency and unpredictability in order to keep them interested.   Even though they say that they hate it, in the end, they love you for it even more for it.

It’s easier if you just don’t care.   So men, I’d say, leave the falling in love part for the women.   Find your purpose, fall in love with that, and send mixed signals to her at your leisure.    If she leaves you, she probably wasn’t that into you anyway.   Plus since you didn’t care, it won’t really throw you off and you’ll remain confident and secure.   Learn to be an asshole.   It works.



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