Hustle Couture

I was reading an article today about 10 traits of ‘unattractive people.’ Number one on the list (and the only trait I happen to possess) is being unambitious. Maybe the algorithm is listening, but lately, I’ve been really contemplating this idea of ambition.

First thing first, I don’t reject those who have ambitions to do strive for MORE. More power to you. I do think that a lot of people are cap when then they say that they are ambitious though. Many do a lot of “talking” about what they want or what they will do, but few actually go out and do them. A truly ambitious person goes out and gets what they want and doesn’t really do too much talking about it, except in retrospect.

Another disclaimer is that I don’t condone being lazy or unproductive at all. I mean you have to support yourself and when you have a regular job, I think you should strive to bring value to that position by being competent at it and actually doing the work.

But that being said, I suppose that I am content where I am. The reason I’ve been contemplating it lately is because it seems that I didn’t get the memo as to why it’s such an important/attractive trait. What are they really striving for….i mean what if luxury and fancy trips, cars, clothes, vacations, or abundant wealth isn’t my priority. Sure I’d take them if handed to me….or if I had a clear path to get those things. If the opportunity fell out of the sky and landed in my lap, sure I’d work to achieve those things. But as it stands now, I’m pretty happy.

I’ve never been impressed with people just because they hold a fancy title, position, clout, lots of money, or material things. I’m happy for them if they’re happy. Whether they worked hard for them or not, it’s still not my concern. It’s nice, but again, not my priority in life. They can’t take those things with them when they die. They could also lose them tomorrow. Building a legacy is cool if that’s what you’re motivated to do, but again, you can’t take it with you. I don’t think they are better or more capable than me, I just think that most times, their unique life’s paths put them in position to make it clear to them what could happen.

I don’t believe that for example….if Floyd Mayweather wasn’t born to a family of boxers in the vicinity of a boxing gym that he’d be Money Mayweather. Best case scenario, he’d probably been a warehouse worker or worked at the post office or something. If he didn’t get caught up in the streets (if he was raised in the hood or something), he probably would be a regular guy. Not to take anything from his work ethic in the gym….let’s be clear, he did put in the work. But he was put in a position with a clear path where he could focus and put in that work. It seems that his destiny/path was almost chosen for him. No hate or shade, but it is what it is. You could say the same for most bigillionaires, famous rappers or athletes. This idea of ‘getting it out the mud’ on their own seems to boil down to positioning and luck. The hard work was also necessary, but having the path laid out already were most crucial in his success. Even successful folks who didn’t have a clear path seems to have ‘stumbled’ onto it somehow. How many hard working, successful, rappers, athletes, and businessmen don’t make it. How many ‘successful’ people got lucky. Just saying. It almost seems like fate. But again, hard work is usually important either way though.

There is something about the consumerist, keeping up with the Jones’ mentality that turns me off. The look at me, I’m a special snowflake and deserve recognition or an award because I make a lot of money never sat too well with me. If you have a passion that can make money, by all means go for it. But it seems to me that MOST people don’t have passion for anything meaningful. They’re chasing fame and money because…..

And that is where I am confused. Perhaps I would be more ambitious if I had a real reason to desire those things in a more significant way. Maybe if I had a clear path, then I’d spend tireless hours honing my craft. Perhaps if I had a real passion for something, then I’d do it. But when people say that unambitious people are afraid of success. I have no clue of what that means. I have no reference point because as far as I can tell about myself, I am not afraid of success.

I am not lazy and when working with others, I make sure that I am a valuable and contributing member of the team. I keep my home fairly tidy. I work out most days a week (and I work hard) even if I don’t feel like it. I’m in pretty good shape, but I have no clue as to the real reason WHY I do it. It just makes me feel better about myself and it became habitual. I go to work every day and I’m usually fairly productive. But the point is that I do what needs to be done so I don’t think that I’m lazy.

Sometimes I wonder if most people are just caught up in some sort of mass psychosis where they feel like they have work to make more money to go to the next level to get more things. It’s like they’re under a spell which causes them to lust for more and more. Like, I really don’t the material worship and hustle culture that seems to have enchanted the masses. It feels disengenous as a lot of people who buy into this do things to make the money first, then IF it somehow contributes to society, it’s usually an unintended byproduct of their ‘hustle’ mentality.

I respect people more who actually make a difference first….bring value, then get rich off of that. Or if they are actually passionate about something, work at it, and then bring in the money as a result. But it seems that most people are more interested in making a quick buck and calling it ambition. I know too many people with clothing lines (they print T-Shirts) who would consider themselves ambitious. Again, I must stress that there is nothing wrong with having a side hustle. But I don’t see how selling T-shirts in an already oversaturated market makes one more attractive or desirable. People who fall for the old multi level marketing scams could also fall into this category. They are the worst if you ask me. I’ve gotten caught up in it and it’s disgusting how the top level people dangle these promises of ‘generational wealth’ and ‘luxury living’ onto people who buy into it. Most of the time, these products are inferior or average at best….nothing world changing about them…..yet these underlings buy into it hook, line, and sinker….as if the zeal for selling the business (usually not even the products) makes them feel like they’re better than others who don’t share that passion.

Statistically I’d imagine that less than .01% of people will be remembered after 2 generations after their death. It’s great to pass down money to your kids and all so they don’t have struggle so much for money, but let’s face it, you never know how your kids are going to turn out….and if they don’t have to struggle for anything in life, it’s likely they’ll turn out like me anyway.

Personally, I think that passion is more attractive than ambition. Greed and an unsatiable appetite for more and more are actually turn offs for me. I’m in the minority on this, but I’d rather live on a middle class budget with someone who is actually passionate about something than someone who hustles 80 hours a week just to bring in money in order to feel like they are better than others. This ‘get the bag’ / unfocused “hustle culture” seems toxic to me. It seems shallow and sheepish. It’s like most do it because they are following the crowd. It’s like they live in a fearful or ‘lack of abundance’ mindset. I really don’t get what is so appealing about it.

But maybe I am missing something. Maybe it’s not the world. Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m really missing something here. I’ve been asking around hoping that someone would give me some satisfactory answer as to why it’s important to them. I usually get the buzz word answers like, “I want to leave a legacy”, or “it’s because we should always strive for more.”….. The most useful answer I got as to why people find it so attractive so far is because…. “ya know, it’s all the things that come along with it. Ambitious people have a certain way about themselves.” I guess, but it still seems like greed and a lust for admiration to me.

Given that so many people feel this way, I really wonder if something is wrong with me though. I’ll keep asking around and maybe something will click. And maybe I’ll finally understand. But as of now, I just don’t get it.

She’s just not into me

The issue with STBXW is also compounded by the fact that maybe she just isn’t in to me. I once read that if a girl is in to you, she makes it easy. She puts in the effort. She laughs at your jokes. She makes sex easier. Communication is easier because she drops her barriers. I believe this. I don’t think that they consciously do this though.

This could explain why it seemed so much easier in the beginning when we first got together. Somewhere along the line, she just stopped feeling me like that. Sure, I might have been good to her and treated her well. But this doesn’t ensure that someone is going to want to reciprocate in a sexual relationship. I’m not an unattractive guy….looks wise. But perhaps there is something about what she wants in a guy that I’m lacking for her. Perhaps foolishly….at one time….I would have at least attempted to change parts of myself for her in order to save the marriage. But that time has passed due to the way she handled “falling out of love” with me.

I don’t mind saying that she isn’t in to me. Everybody ain’t for everybody and truth be told, I’d much rather have a woman who loves me for me than to have to feel like I have to win her over. This is another reason why I no longer rest my hat on “in love” feelings that are subject to change when the oxytocin high has been cut. Real love to me is the ability to sacrifice that high for the sake of the relationship, bond, friendship, and family that we created. Perhaps it is necessary in the beginning to establish that bond, but it in certain ways, those intense emotional bonds will tend to temper over time and that’s where true love can begin to surface.

So in reality, while at one time, she may have been “in love” with me. She never truly loved me. I should have peeped that. This is one reason why I don’t really take my lover’s declaration of love as something I could feel confident in. One mistake I did make with her is that I outright dismissed it and never really thought about building upon it insofar as being in a real relationship. I did love and respect her, but I never let myself go…..that’s cool though because despite it feeling good at the time, I think that we’re just too incompatible in the way we view the world for it to sustain itself. I see her as another woman who lacks the ability to get to that deeper level and is emotion based. We had fun…but deep conversations usually took a bad turn. I just don’t think that we would have what it took to weather the storms that life might throw at us without her becoming vindictive, jaded, checking out, or giving up. It was a fun time though. Perhaps my experience with STBXW made me think deeper about it……some say it might not be fair to bring my past into that “relationship”…. but seriously, the issues were deeper than superficial imo.

Right now, as it stands, I don’t have anyone. Perhaps it’s not a bad thing. I do want someone, but maybe I do need time to be alone for a while. I’m not actively seeking, but a situationship seems to be what’s best for me right now. Some argue that it’s not fair to lead a woman on, but who knows. I’m not sure what I’d do if the ‘right’ one came along. Even if she checked off the right boxes, I feel that if I did allow myself to “let go” and fall in love….I’d lose frame….and she’d lose attraction to me. It’s like, love is a game that you can’t win. If you like her too much, she doesn’t like you back. If you don’t want more from her, then you’re stringing her along. Like bruh.

As cliche as it sounds, i think I just need to take time to love myself. The issue with STBXW will eventually take care of itself. The story (if it comes up) is that we’re separated and estranged and just haven’t completed the paperwork due to logistical reasons. That is the truth. I don’t want her back and see myself wanting her back anymore. I’ve never had a problem with rejection, I mean, I get rejected all the time. I don’t put myself out there a lot, but failure to get a choosing signal from someone I might be interested in is a form of rejection my book. It is what it is, so I keep it moving. This same philosophy should be applied to STBXW. She rejected me…and that’s cool. Sucks that I started a family with her and we have to break it apart…. but there is nothing i can do at this point. We cannot

The fact that I think that people/women subconsciously makes things easier for a man they’re interested in and harder for one they are not…..and the fact that STBXW seems to run mostly on emotions….i think that she’s ignorant of this fact.

I know that it sounds a bit meta, but i think that if we can examine our behavior and understand the why’s of what we do, we can exercise a bit more self control over ourselves. It’s like taking the ‘me’ out of this subjective experience and view it from a more objective lens. In other words…. “I” am not necessarily my thoughts or feelings. But rather “me” is a subjective thing that can be studied and possibly studied like any thing. This is hard though. And perhaps I would even have difficulty in doing it.

Maybe I over-estimated her

Lately, I’m really starting to think that STBXW isn’t really all that smart. Ok, I mean like I think something is really off or missing in her. Something isn’t right. There’s a saying that goes “the light is on, but nobody’s home.” Although that doesn’t quite describe it as she can and does answer questions as a sentient being would be expected to…. but it seems that she is missing something. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Maybe there is a certain level of self-awareness that she hasn’t quite risen to. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was somewhere on the Autism spectrum. Not enough where it’s apparent upon first impressions, but if you were to dig a bit deeper and actually get to know her, it’s a bit noticeable. In my anger, I’ve thought of her as a black-blonde. You know, the stereotypical blonde that the jokes are made about.

I never thought of her as a ‘street smart’ person. Or one with a lot of common sense. But I thought that her level of naivity was a bit endearing. Only, it’s not when there are sharks, con men, smooth talkers, and others who would take advantage of her. She seems to lack a certain level of self reflection that causes her to be like, ignorantly selfish of how her actions affect others. I was thinking that either she doesn’t know or or doesn’t care….

The problem with this … for me anyway…. it that I am not presently great at manipulating emotions. She really needs structure and to respect that person who puts the structure in place. On a subconscious level, I think that she knows it, but she rebels against it. This bleeds over into her ignorance of awareness of self. I think she could easily be manipulated. I’m not a streets guy per say, but I’ve been around some sharks in the streets. I’m not easily impressed by smooth talkers. At least not to the point where I’d allow them to get over on me. When I first met her, I do recall telling someone that some guys could see her as a ‘lick’. Where I am from, this was a sucker or a person who is fairly easily manipulated.

She is led by her emotions a lot. Unfortunately, it seems that her empathy arrives from a place of attraction. She lacks deep understanding and prefers surface level conversations whenever possible. This could explain why we never really harped on deep level topics and could explain why if we did delve deeper into topics, she is/was mostly quiet. She’s the epitome of the saying “girls just wanna have fun”.

This also could explain my confusion as to why the answers to some of the questions I’ve asked her in the past seem unsatisfactory. She probably literally couldn’t explain why she does what she does even if she wanted to. At least not in a well thought out way. She is shallow in that regard. She doesn’t know herself and a very manipulative person could probably know more about her (and take advantage) than she does herself.

I’m thinking that her mental condition is degenerating. She used to get bouts of vertigo….which were never really explained. Now she’s having trouble with balance. She’s never been the most coordinated person in the world, but now she’s noticing that it’s affecting simple tasks such as bending down. She even has a slight gait in her walking now. Perhaps it’s a neurological condition. There are times when she doesn’t say anything or takes a while to spit it out. For example, yesterday, when I arrived home from work she pulled up in the apartment parking lot driving her mother’s car. I was going to keep walking, but she rolled down her window and called my name. So I look up and start walking towards her expecting her to say….something. She instead just sat there and looked at me. “Yes”, I responded, but she didn’t say anything. I thought she was playing a game, so I stopped walking towards her and got back onto the sidewalk. I was actually pissed because I thought she was just playing a stupid ‘control’ game. There have also been many times where she calls me, I answer with “hello” and she says “hey” and then…..silence. Again, I think that it’s a mind game. Like, why is she fucking with me. Sometimes, I’ll try to think of something to say….sometimes i flat out ask “what do you want.”….sometimes I just hang up.

Other times, if we’re hanging out, she’ll just call my name…..and not say anything. Or she does this annoying thing where she says…. “What?” as if i had just said something out the blue. I’m not much of a talker, I mean I don’t mind talking, but most of the time, I don’t share my thoughts unless we’re actually talking about something. I’d rather her do most of the talking anyway. I mean if silence is too uncomfortable, I’d prefer her to do the talking. I used to give in to that game (until she started with the disrespect and affairs) and I’d start rambling, hoping that she’d find something to catch on to. I’m just not one of those people who can just talk and talk and talk and talk most of the time unless I’ve been drinking. When rambling, I typically start talking about other people and things…. ‘gossiping’ or being a chatty patty… I prefer to keep it to myself. She likes to listen, but again, I don’t like telling other’s business, so I’d rather not say too much. If i go too deep, it becomes a monologue….that’s no fun as if she isn’t going to contribute, I may as well kept silent.

Otherwise, I’ll talk about my feelings about the relationship and usually that’s a one sided situation. I know that talking is a weak point for me so I think it sometimes feed into my insecurity about not being enough. Some of her closest family members are those people who seem to never run out of things to say. Maybe she expects that from me. They gossip, but also seem to be able to take any random thing and ramble on and on about it.

Closer and Closer

I was watching a dating show on youtube last night where callers call in and talk about themselves and the type of person they’d like to date. The influencer’s name is Kendra G. There are decent people on there at times, but there are also train wrecks that call in. The woman that called in last night was a 51 year old, 3x time divorcee. She claimed to be an investment banker from upstate new york. She claims that her current husband was crazy and he wouldn’t sign the paperwork to get divorced. According to her, they hadn’t slept together in over a year. When asked when the last time she was ‘intimate’ with someone, she responded….about a month ago…. with a married (not separated) man. Kendra was disgusted with this and ended up hanging up on her. In addition to this, the woman had some real emotional problems. Her moral compass appeared to be busted.

In many ways, she made me think about STBXW.

I know that I’m not perfect. Perhaps I shouldn’t be taking on a lover until I can figure out the divorce thing. I have been transparent with her though. I never meant to get ‘boo’ed’ up. I’m not even sure how we are still talking to this day. I certainly wasn’t looking for her. It went from getting a number, a few phone and text conversations, going out to lunch, having a fling as we both got wasted and had a great time together, to that was fun let’s do it again…..and almost 5 years later……How the fuck are we still fucking with each other? The story of my life. She’s the only woman I’ve been with intimately since I met her. Well I did slip up once or twice with STBXW, but I told her about it (after the fact)…..she was hurt…..I couldn’t promise her that I wouldn’t do it again…. but that I’d be honest and transparent if I did….I’ve made good on that since, but it’s been pretty easy since STBXW wants me to pursue her in between her trysts. I refuse. We haven’t had sex in over 2 years. Maybe if I really wanted to I could, but most of the time, I’m not exactly Mr. Romantic when I’m around her. This is a good thing in that it possibly could reset my progress insofar as emotionally disconnecting from her. Besides, i prefer making love and after reading some the texts she sent her male lovers…..I can’t see myself kissing or doing anything other than mechanical sex with her.

I know it sounds fucked up, but I hurt my lover once….this was before we got so close…. but in a way, i don’t want to betray her again. I gave her my word that if I do something with STBXW, I’d let her know and I plan on keeping it this time. She forgave me once and I do owe her honesty. Even if it hurts her. To me, it isn’t worth hurting her over. Even if I do move on and have sex with someone else, it won’t be with STBXW. How could I hurt someone who has shown me so much patience and love for a woman who could give a shit about me or our family.

IDK, I’m playing a game I cannot win. I don’t want to marry my lover. But I don’t want to hurt her either. If she finds someone else, I really can only hope that she’ll be honest with me as well. There has been some questionable activities, but I can only charge it to the game at this point.

Perhaps my moral compass is off….I’m not sure. I am still technically married on paper. Maybe it’s arguable that I’ve lied to STBXW by omission. But she never asked me directly and when she makes flimsy accusations that I’m seeing someone else, I never lie or deny. I just shut the fuck up. Ironically, I don’t think she would even mind as most of her lovers all had live in girlfriends that she knew about. But still, this is pretty messy from both of us.

Either way, I could see how people can call me a hypocrite. To me though, there is a difference. I’m not breaking up my family because I’m seeking personal happiness anywhere else. The person I’d end up hurting is my lover, not the STBXW as it seems that she doesn’t care. I also tried to work with her in getting a divorce.

Though I do feel disrespected in knowing that she is still my wife on paper and she’s out here sleeping around. It’s not as acute anymore. In fact, knowing what I know about her now….knowing that the guys she chooses to sleep with have girlfriends….and that she doesn’t mind being the side chick….knowing that she practically begs them to leave their women to get with her…..and knowing that this seems to be a pattern with her…..I’ve lost a ton of respect for her. Maybe it would be different if these guys were really single…..but the fact that she is willing to not only sleep with ‘taken’ men and willingly take another father out of the household in order to fulfill her desires….. I can’t help but look at her now in a certain way. She is not a good woman. At least not worth fighting for. I cannot take these blows in order to save my family.

Other men may not know about her like I do. Maybe none have taken her on because (despite sleeping with her knowing she is married)….perhaps they do have some honor insofar as not wanting to break up their families. Maybe her moral compass is so off that she doesn’t realize that some men actually do look at the reasons why she’s breaking up her home. IMHO she isn’t justified and I suspect that many would feel the same way. But that’s only IF she’s telling them the actual truth about us. Even then, who knows.

Let’s be clear. I don’t condone cheating. Even from them. As ironic as it seems being that I have a lover while being married. In a techincal sense, I suppose that I am a cheater/adulterer. In spirit though, to me anyway it’s more nuanced than that. Cheating to me is giving someone your word then going back on that word behind their back. It’s willfully breaking a promise knowing that the truth would hurt that person. So you lie.

In a sense, I am wrong. Perhaps I shouldn’t be leading my lover on …. but that’s a separate issue. I’ve been transparent….I don’t want to be married again…..and that to me is about as honorable as one can be. But I do get the argument that if I truly love her, then I should do the heavy lifting insofar as breaking things off in order for her to be better able to move on and possibly find someone who wants that. I have been honest and it’s her choice to keep fucking with me. Love is a drug man. The girl is in love with me for now. I love her too, but I know that I can’t let these chemicals get the best of me again. Perhaps it’s easier for me as I’m still dealing with the fallout from the last time I gave myself over to the chemical romance.

I might be wrong…..but is what I’m doing really that bad? Perhaps, I am just justifying my wrong behavior because it’s suiting me and I really am a clown for condemning STBXW when I’m doing technically the same thing. To me it just seems different though. At least I’m not out here breaking up families. My lover isn’t breaking up something that could have been salvaged. It’s all on STBXW as far as I’m concerned. This is a messy. Almost like a war that I didn’t want, but I feel that I had no choice but to get my hands bloody. I hope I haven’t “lost my soul.” I still want to do the right thing, but the lines are blurry. I really didn’t know how sideways this could turn when I said “I do.” almost 14 years ago. Which is another reason why I just can’t do marriage again.

What do you do when the “enemy” is your own wife. This is a civil war where we cannot coincide in peace. The enemy seems hell bent on destruction. She started it, any attempts to negotiate have been thrown completely out of the window….was I supposed to just sit here and take her bullshit. Perhaps I handled it wrong initially. I really wanted to keep our family together at first. That part is on me, but hindsight is 20/20. Still though…. I had to do what I had to do not knowing what to do against an enemy who seems to have had no real objective and didn’t care about collateral damage. Things got messy.

That said. I think STBXW’s moral compass is completely busted and it’s hard to have someone like that close to you. You never know what they’ll do or are capable of doing. You can’t control it, it’s unpredictable, and all you can hope to do is distance yourself. Hard when you have to co-parent. They say that bad company corrupts good habits. I find myself out here doing things I never thought I would be doing….. in a technical sense. Yet here I am. I won’t apologize for that. I didn’t ask for this shit.

Perhaps if I were stronger…..but if I were, then I wouldn’t be here. Maybe it’s all a test. I failed…..but here I am…..all I can do is move on and hope that I learned my lesson. Meanwhile, between going through all of this, and looking at women like the aforementioned lady on Kendra G’s show, I am making ground in emotionally detaching from STBXW. This woman (though I chose her so it’s my responsibility to get out of this) made her choices. Me and kiddo payed a hefty price.

I lost my family, but given how she handled everything, this outcome was probably inevitable. I loved too hard and payed a severe price for it. Hopefully the lashes and emotional scars from this whipping will remind me to never do that again. I’m still standing. I am recovering. Slowly, painfully, but surely.

Damaged Goods?

I spend the weekend with my lover and she revealed that she is in love with me. Even though I have love for her. I really do love her, admire, and respect her, but I’m not in love with her like that. I didn’t tell her that, but the sentiment really is, I love you, but I’m not in love with you. As cliche as it sounds, it’s not her, it’s me. I don’t want to be in love with anyone.

At one time, I would have taken this as a sign to “go all in” for her. Most of my relationships in the past (minus STBXW) started off like this. We started off as friends with benefits/situationships and eventually we decided to get together. I have a thing where “I like who likes me”. Pretty much all of those relationships ended up bad with her cheating on me.

Experiencing this makes me hesitant to ‘change my mind.’ and give my all to her. STBXW was the exception as I pursued her a lot more than I usually do. I think she was the only woman I was completely “head over heels” in love with. I regret it to this day. Even though the previous situations “blew up” in my face, I wasn’t devestatingly heartbroken over them. Granted, I never married nor had children with any of them….but even in the case of one of them, I thought we had a child (turns out it wasn’t mine)….I still didn’t “LOVE HER LOVE HER” like that.

From a purely superficial aspect….my lover is almost perfect. I believe that if STBXW had met a guy who was as ‘accomplished’ as my lover, she wouldn’t hesitate to accept a marriage proposal. She makes a LOT of money … significantly more than me than STBXW combined and is in line to make more than that. She is well traveled. Is currently enrolled in a program to get a second masters from a top university. She has connections with upper middle class/lower upper class people. She isn’t exactly an instagram 10, but she’s very fair in the looks department and I certainly don’t mind having her on my arm when we’re out in public.

She tells me that money “is her thing” and as long as I’m not bumming off of her, she doesn’t mind that I make less or if I ever do catch up to her financially. The sex is amazing. And she seems to really be ‘in love’ with me. She’s open and transparent about herself in many regards. She comes from a humble background, a former maid/housekeeper, so she REALLY knows things like how to clean and so forth. She likes to spend money, but on the flip side, she isn’t into designer clothes or taking trips as a means of “flexing” her so called wealth. It seems that she is more balanced insofar as not being caught up in the current movement among a lot of black women where “power couple” and “black excellence” are buzzwords that turn them on.

She isn’t perfect though. She can get a little emotional and I believe that giving her ‘power’ over me could result in a lot of fights in the future. Never being married, I think that she doesn’t understand that there will be times when it’s not fun nor easy. I can see a mean streak in her. Although mostly sweet and chill, she can be a bit bossy or demanding at times. It’s easier for me to maintain ‘frame’ by my ability to walk away at any time. She also said a few things to me in the past that causes me to question her sincerity. I think she’s in ‘lust’ with my physical appearance more than my actual mind.

It also seems that the projects a lot of things onto me that aren’t quite accurate. I think that she believes that I have this “edge” about myself that’s not really there. Sure, I practice jujistsu and I think I’m a naturally gifted boxer. I know enough to know that I can use improvement, but I just kind of get it….so I do pretty good in it. But I’m not a badass or a tough guy. Things may have happened where I stood up for myself or ‘alpha’ ed up on some of her friends, but I wasn’t trying to pick a fight.

Either way, I don’t know if WE have what it takes be in a marriage. I could see how things could deteriorate quickly in a marriage where neither of us are happy. I think that we’re better off as friends or lovers. I think she’s more attracted to me physically than mentally. I also believe that women can ‘fall in love’ based on attraction, from there they project their ideal man onto you. Your flaws and stuff doesn’t matter much during that time. When “in love” they kind of lose themselves as the emotions overwhelm them. Add that to good sex (made even better because of their emotional state)… have a recipe for disaster long term. Honeymoon phase love rarely lasts forever and I think we were able to last this long because we don’t see each other ALL THE TIME. Once the rose colored glasses fall off then she wakes up one day and aren’t just feeling you anymore.

I believe this is what happened to STBXW. I truly believe that she was “in love” with me at one time. But once the butterflies were gone, and the newness wore off, there was no substance or real love. In a way it seems that she “punished” me (and IDGAF what u tell me) and enjoyed it because she didn’t maintain that feeling for me. She’d never admit it, but this level of self reflection would be something that if she told me that. I might consider her again. As of now, I think she is truly ignorant of her own self motives and that makes her dangerous. It seems that she can’t study herself in an attempt to understand herself. She has to tell herself that she’s a ‘good person’ and it’s so weird to me how she can do such wicked things, but it’s like she can’t see it. How could she ever ‘self improve’ if she’s never honest with herself. It seems that she lacks self reflection. It’s like she’s looking at a distorted version of herself in the mirror. It doesn’t help that noone seems to hold her accountable. But i digress.

As far as I can tell through my snooping, she’s fallen in love twice since her estrangement. TBH, neither of these guys were really better off than me financially. I can’t really say if the sex was better or not….it’s possible due to her ’emotional’ state about them….so subjectively, perhaps…..objectively, I don’t know. I’ve never felt that my sex game was bad though. Quite a few women told me I was good, but now, i think they probably tell all guys that they have the “biggest dick” in the universe. They have a way of flattering us to make us feel that we’re really rocking their world.

Either way, maybe I’m overthinking this. I told my lover of my concerns about being in a relationship and she tells me that it’s not fair to compare her to people in my past. Maybe she’s right. She thinks I’m being insecure. Perhaps I am. I wouldn’t call it insecurity though. I wouldn’t voluntarily go out and fight a heavyweight boxer because I know my limitations. Some could argue that that’s insecurity. I just believe that she’s ignorant of the reality and is just overwhelmed by the ‘love’ chemicals right now. Perhaps I’d take a chance on her if kiddo wasn’t my primary responsibility. But I can’t ask her to unpend her life for us.

Plus, I think I am a bit damaged from STBXW. Loving someone just isn’t enough it seems to risk everything for. Based on my experience with STBXW, I don’t want to be “in love” with anyone else either. I’ve never been much on emotions, yet she hurt me way deeper than I could have ever imagined. I fear falling for anyone that deeply again, and so I really can’t see myself wanting to marry anyone again. Unless it were for kids. But even then, in today’s climate……a lot of women it seems believes that people shouldn’t stay married for the kids. They believe that their happiness is their primary goal….and if you cannot continue to provide her with that happiness (the ‘in love chemicals’) then she feels justified in breaking up the home in search of that ‘happiness’. Or she checks out. Or she cheats which creates a cycle of toxicity.

I don’t think that I’m damaged for thinking like this. I think that I just have a more logical and practical view of things. I’m not even sure if I could ‘fall in love’ again…..or be overwhelmed by those emotions. I actually do fear it. But even IF the ‘perfect’ ideal woman fell out of the sky and landed in my lap, I don’t think that I would allow myself to get overwhelmed by those feelings. I hope not anyway.

Perhaps cheating isn’t the worst thing a woman can do to you. As beta as it sounds. Maybe turning a blind eye to it for the sake of the family (while “respectfully” getting yours on the side) is the way of the day. But women cannot cheat without it becoming emotional and given their irrational, illogical, and unstable type of ‘love’ you can never know what the hell they’d do. Plus you never know what kind of asshole they’d fall for. Nah fuck that. Maybe I just don’t respect the way women do things. Many seem to have no honor and just run on feelings. This gives the ability to justify anything (including poor treatment) of you if that “in love” feeling goes away.

I don’t know if I’m really just damaged goods… I just overthinking it….or do I really see things more clearly now.

What do I know?

Back when I was younger, I cheated on my second girlfriend. The side chick ended up getting pregnant. Fortunately, it wasn’t mine, but that’s another story. My ex girlfriend wanted to work things out, but at the time, I felt that she’d ultimately come back and cheat on me, so I just ended it.

Looking back, I didn’t really feel much remorse. I liked her, but I don’t think that I was really “in love” with her like that. I don’t know how she really felt about me, but I may have been her first or second “love”. I was a sophomore in college and she was a senior in high school. I don’t remember having that heartbreak feeling and after a day or two of feeling slightly down, I just moved on without much thought. I really didn’t want the side chick either though. I liked her too, but at the time I found out about her pregnancy, we had been ‘broken up’ for about a month so I was basically over her too. I didn’t have that “in love” feeling with her either.

To be honest, I don’t think that I was ever “in love” with any of my ex’s. As said before, I liked them a lot. But the breakups just weren’t nearly as brutal as with STBXW. My first girlfriend cheated on me with some guy and though at the time, I was bit hurt for about a week or so, in certain ways, I felt a bit of relief. In fact, pretty much after all of my relationships, there was a bit of relief after the break ups. I also had a long term (2 or 3 year) friends with benefits situations where she ended up moving. I helped her move and even drove her to her new location. It was a bittersweet ending, but it wasn’t like I felt terrible about it. I’ve had a few other long term relationships here and there and none of them felt anything like how my STBXW in the end. I never wanted to marry any of them. In fact, looking back, marriage never even crossed my mind until I met her.

My experience with STBXW has taught me that being “in love” just isn’t for me. It’s like an infection. It’s a drug. It’s something that’s difficult to get rid of once you get it in your system. I’m still not quite over STBXW in a way that brings me peace. It hate it. It’s been a few years now. I don’t want her back, but for some reason, i have to keep reminding myself not be so angry with her. Like, even if I could snap my fingers and make her want me back, it would only be for me to reject her. I don’t even entertain thoughts of us getting back or reconciling. Yet, for some reason, I have difficulty letting it all go. I wonder if this is karma for the way I did my second girlfriend.

I just want to be able to put this behind me. And look forward to a future with me someday loving someone who reciprocates….like the old days of me liking someone and her liking me. Maybe I just need someone to get over this. Maybe that would be the last step in my healing. I don’t want to be in love, but I do want to love someone. I guess, it’s the loneliness. I mean, I can do without having someone, but it’s a cope. I do have female friends that I talk to. My lover moved away though we still communicate fairly frequently. Still though, it’s cool to have someone to be able to go out with and share things intimately with. I don’t know if I’m really ready for a relationship…

I have however recently met this woman who I think I like. I’m going to shoot my shot soon. We had a few pretty decent conversations and I could see myself dealing with her. So far, the conversation has been pretty good. Though I may disagree with what she thinks about certain things, at least she does a decent job of explaining WHY she thinks that way. This is a good sign.

Either way, I just plan on taking it slowly until I get to know her better. I could see myself just going out with her, no sex expected (whatever happens happens though) and just seeing if she’s someone I’d like to possibly get serious about. I realize that I have to be more assertive and intentional as far as getting with a woman instead of relying on luck and happenstance to find one. Even if not with her, it’s a good sign to see that I’m open to trying a relationship.

I just have to be careful not to make the same foolish mistake as I did with STBXW and actually ‘fall in love.’ I just have to keep the mantra, she’s never yours, it’s just your turn while having to balance being nice and always having one foot out the door type of deal. Redpill theory says that women aren’t attracted to nice guys. I’m going to challenge that and see how true it is. I think you can be a nice guy (not pushover), but just be careful not to give too much of yourself as I tend to do when you fall in love.

I never thought that I’d say it, but I think my dad was on to something when he was cheating. I’m not saying to be disrespectful and inconsiderate with it, but perhaps having something on the side can prevent you from developing the ‘one-itis’. As much as women say they want you to be monogamous with them, I think that they lose attraction if you only have eyes for them. You can’t just be in love and only have 1.

The thing is, she can’t find out about it unless u want to deal with her being hurt. And if you do love her, you have to be very careful and discreet. If this is indeed true, then it’s almost like having a side chick is like medicine for them. They don’t like taking it, but unfortunately, it’s necessary if we want to have a ‘healthy’ relationship where we both are happy.

I don’t care what women tell me about this. Until I’m proven otherwise and one actually leaves me for cheating ( i never cheated on a woman since that one time) ….I’m convinced that it’s a necessary evil. All 4 of the other women I had relationships with cheated on me when I didn’t have a side chick….just saying.

I know it sounds stupid, but hey, put it this way, also among my family and close associates, the only difference (insofar as success, looks, personality, etc.) between the women who stayed and were faithful and the ones who strayed and cheated is whether or not the man is faithful.

It’s ass backwards. If he cheats they tend to be more faithful and also deal with his other bullshit. If he is faithful, she ends up cheating or leaving for less critical bullshit. I know broke dudes who are consistently unemployed, drink too much, aren’t that intelligent, want to be rappers and so forth who’s women hold them DOWN, won’t leave and didn’t cheat (as far as I know).

I also know a high school principal, shift supervisor, major studio production Best Boy, and a corporate 6 figure earner who were all financially stable, fairly bright, non alcoholics/drug users who’s women either just up and left or cheated on them. They were all faithful men. These men were supportive, thoughtful, and seemed to adore these women. They are what I’d call good guys. Not to mention my own horror story.

… cheating… in my mind anyway seems to be a necessary evil. I really don’t know why this is, but it seems to be a pretty consistent. Sure, they’ll complain either way, but for some reason cheating (as long as it’s not too frequent) seems to make them be more willing to put up with his imperfections a bit more. I think it’s like women’s intuition or something but they have to know on some level. But even when they find out, they tend to stick around longer.

Two keys to this is doing it while she’s “in love in the honeymoon phase” AND you also have to be/act intentional with her. Like really be almost in simp mode. Buy her things, take her out, and do all of those things that she likes. If you don’t have a side chick, then you can be hot / cold … intentional /aloof….but that’s only going to take you so far.

I gotta take it back to my second girlfriend who wanted to work things out despite thinking that I had a child on the way. Before then, I really didn’t believe that she liked me that much. I was actually surprised that she wanted to work on it. Dunno man, the world is a crazy place.

New Beginnings

STBXW came down for a few days over the last week or so. I suppose she isn’t ‘talking’ to anyone right now as she wasn’t glued to her phone or texting that much. This kept me from being triggered as I used to feel that her texting other men in front of me was disrespectful. I may still feel that way, but I don’t know yet.

It made me realize that all in all….I really don’t hate her as much as I once did. I think I’ve forgiven her. Mostly. I realize that we cannot be together as I don’t trust her. But if I am to accept her for who she is, I have to realize that she probably can’t really help who she is.

We really just don’t see eye to eye in this whole marriage thing. Like most women, she says one thing (the thing that SOUNDS right), but you can never really know what she’d actually do. She’s principled in words, but not necessarily in actions.

However, outside of her infidelities, we never really fought too much. She’s not a terrible person to get along with. She doesn’t nag much and is pretty easy going. I’m not sure how we can resolve the whole disrespect thing until we are officially divorced though. She has to accept my boundaries until we get that part fixed.

It’s also easy to blame her ‘secrecy’ with her money as a reason we haven’t gotten further financially…..but I can also blame myself in that I never pushed hard in trying to make her see things my way. I also didn’t have a plan or vision towards our future so I did not do so well as far as leading us in a specific direction. I have to take note of this about myself if I choose to ever get serious about another woman again.

I realize that there is so much water under the bridge between us that reconciliation as far as marriage goes would be impossible. Our sexual chemistry just isn’t there. It never really was mind blowing, though not bad either. I also have to accept the fact that she just isn’t as attracted to me. Not once did she even suggest sex. I’m not too mad about that because 1)i really don’t know if she might have contracted an STD out there and 2)sex does tend to bond you to people and 3)it was never too great to begin with. and 4)I couldn’t imagine making love to her anymore. If anything it would be a wham bam thank u ma’am.

I’m not attracted to her mentally, we’re just not on the same page. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t be cordial. I don’t have to keep being an asshole around her as long as she respects my boundaries. If another man wants to take her on, so be it. Our love for one another just isn’t passionate and though i would prefer a steady stable burn type over the passion all day. I have to be able to trust her and I truly don’t. Doesn’t mean we can’t be ‘friends.’ in the end.

I was telling one of my female friends that you can like someone and be sexually attracted to them, but it doesn’t mean that you want to marry them. It also doesn’t mean that you want a relationship with them. Some people are better off as lovers. She disagrees and thinks that sex without ‘intent’ (for a relationship?) is a waste of time. To me, it’s no different than being in a relationship and it not working out in the end.

There is no point in adding a title. With titles come expectations and that can kill the fun. Titles never stopped a cheating person from cheating or a lying person from lying. I personally think that this particular friend just wants some sort of control and power over a man in exchange for giving him the cookies. She wants a relationship so that she can use sex as a carrot and stick kind of thing. Yeah, I’ll pass on that. I like talking to her, but I believe we’ve talked each other into friendzone status.

To be honest, I think this is where we fuck up as men by getting into committed relationships. Things change once you get the title of her ‘man.’ It’s like you sign up for work and women do have a tendency to weaponize the sex. Especially if you’re all in for her and she knows you’re faithful/committed. They treat the kitty like scooby snacks and might toss u a few for good behavior and withhold if you don’t do what they tell you. Fuck that…nothing doing.

I liked the situation that me and my lover had. Just be honest with each other. If she wants to step out, just let me know and I’d do the same. I wasn’t trying to hold her back. I wasn’t trying to wife her. If she wanted to walk away, then I wouldn’t stop her even though it might hurt a bit. As far as I know, we both honored that and to me, honesty is way more important than a promise to stay committed or a damned title. I have true love for her….and I want to see what’s best for her.

This female friend seems to think that I’m just using my lover for sex. I don’t know, maybe I am, but then again, I do care for her and even though I believe that we’re better off as lovers and friends than committed in a relationship. I feel that even though I didn’t commit, I didn’t sleep around, I spent time with her, and did nice things for her. I think I treated her better than a lot of men treat their women in committed relationships. I was honest with her. Even if the sex part falls off, I’d like to hope that she’d still hold a special place in my heart.

So taking that lesson I learned from my lover, I feel that I should apply it to stbxw. It took us going through a marriage and infidelity for me to learn that. Just as I accept my lover for who she is, I should also accept STBXW for who she is….even though neither would be good as a wife FOR ME.

I should have never married STBXW and I probably would have made the same mistake with my lover had I met her first.

Being a beta in this respect makes me realize that I’m just not good for marriage. It may seem that way, in the sense of me being thoughtful, considerate, and in touch with my emotions. But at the same time, I am not one to make / force anyone do anything. I think I’m good as a stand in man. But until/unless I find a woman who I can really really vibe with. I can’t see myself wanting to step up and go out of my way to make her happy. Not just for some damned scooby snacks.

Maybe I’m the problem

Maybe I am the problem out here. I seem to have a lot of negative things to say about the modern woman, but the reality is that I don’t really deal with too many on a personal level. Being somewhat like a single father, I don’t have much time to go out and meet and get to know a lot of women. To make matters worse, in my current day to day, I rarely see single women….at least without a kid or two in tow. When I do, it’s like I don’t know what to say to them. For some reason, I feel that I need some sort of pickup line or I need to say something funny to break the ice. I really need to come up with three or four possible lines to get myself ‘in’ since I believe that conversation can flow from there.

It sounds a bit corny and maybe it is….. but I’m not normally an extroverted person. I mean I can hold a conversation fairly well, but it seems that getting in to one is the hard part. Although rare, there are times when I do see an fairly attractive looking woman alone that I might be interested in, but I just can’t think of what to say.

Taking the direct approach and immediately showing interest seems a too direct. Starting a full on conversation like asking too many questions in the beginning seems a bit too invasive. I’ve read that if I’m interested, i should take on the responsibility of carrying the conversation….at least for the first few minutes of the interaction. But the problem is that often times, I don’t really have much to say. It’s funny that I know all of these words, but yet haven’t figured out which ones to use in these types of situations.

I don’t know if it’s ‘approach anxiety’ more than it is just not knowing what to say. I’m not actually nervous per say…. I generally don’t just start conversations with anyone because I mean… what can I say? Maybe that’s what I should ask myself.

I was talking to a female friend of mine this weekend when it hit me that I’m stereotyping women by saying they like f*boys and don’t really care for good guys. Of course (as most women do) she disagreed. I told her my theory about how they like nice guys, but are attracted to f*boys. Again, more disagreement.

But it suddenly hit me, that how can I really know that if my anecdotal experience generally comes from what other people are saying. I don’t really approach a lot of women. I never really did. I mean the women that I did somehow end up getting in my life liked me at least at one time. They were attracted to me. But I never really approached a lot of women like that like that. Even die hard players tell you that it’s a numbers game. I initiated contact with women the most was during that period of time I did online dating. I met a few here and there, but it was mostly frustrating, but of course it would be as women get approached all the time on there in that format.

So maybe I need to really rethink this whole thing. It’s intellectually disingenuous to complain and say women don’t like guys like me when I haven’t been rejected that much per say. Initial rejections don’t count either because it’s a numbers game anyway. Of the relative few times I did try to get numbers, i’d say I had about a 30 to 40% success rate….. of course things usually fall apart after a little while, but lately, especially since being married and having to care for kiddo…. I don’t have much time to go out on dates or make plans to go out with a woman. On a side note, I have decided to not bring up the being married thing….and if it gets to place where I am getting close to someone, I’ll tell them that I am separated. This is technically true and though me and stbxw haven’t explicitly said it….we’re both moving like it is true.

I digress, but the longer she is estranged, the more I realize that we’re just not right together. I mean I would have been willing to make it work…if she had wanted to…..but it’s not mission critical for me anymore. She’s just not wifey material. The fact that she doesn’t mind sharing dudes who are currently in relationships makes me realize that ‘cheating’ isn’t a big deal to her. You can’t expect monogamy from a person like that. Personally, I just need one. I’m monagamous by nature and I’m not willing to knowingly share a woman….this includes open relationships or being ‘side dude’. I like intimacy in sex way too much and I can’t kiss her knowing that it’s very likely she recently had sex with another man. I like making love….not just fucking…..and tbh, sex with STBXW felt more like sex than making love. She was never a passionate or deep kisser (though she thinks she is)….. it always felt a bit mechanical…..but she was an attractive woman….so maybe that made up for it. Sex wasn’t bad…it just didn’t feel as passionate as I would have liked. Looking back, the ‘passion’ mostly came from me. She’s definitely a side chick type. Women who currently have multiple sex partners isn’t something I am particularly excited about. This is one reason why dealing with a single woman who’s actively “dating” doesn’t really sound that appealing to me. Especially if I gotta initially take her out, potentially court her, spend time, money and emotions…. all while she is also dealing with another man. Maybe things would be better if I was already sleeping with several women already…..but again, I wouldn’t be particularly interested in doing all of that if I was already getting it in like that.

The bottom line is, I need to put myself out there more…..I need to be prepared with a few lines in case of a brain freeze. I can hold my own once in the conversation, but getting in and breaking the ice seems to be my biggest problem for now. Until I can overcome this, get into potential relationships and fail because I feel I am too nice….I really can’t complain about that in particular.

One thing I can say is that the protoype of the the type of woman I think I’d like (based on appearance) is quite rare. Too much makeup, those long ass nails, and the caterpillar eyelashes are a complete turn off to me. Some of these outfits are also turn offs. A lot of these women look too ‘basic’ to me. I like to have a connection with a woman and if she comes across as standard issue ‘modern women’ I’m not really interested at onset.

Where can I meet the earthy, artsy, down to earth non materialistic, humble, spiritual, intellectual, somewhat nerdy alternative black women. The ones who aren’t into hot girl summers, being a ‘power couple’ just for the clout. The ones who aren’t about that bougie, taking pics on the beach for the gram, sunday brunch, or going to the spa every weekend types. The ones who aren’t impressed just because a dude has a ton of money or clout. The ones who aren’t just all about the bag. The ones who have some depth to them. One isn’t selfish AF or combative all the time. The introverted homebody who isn’t bitchy. Maybe a gamer chick who isn’t a whole ho out here in these streets. One who handles her business as far as being able to support herself, but doesn’t take herself too seriously. Ya know, the opposite of most of these “housewives of hip hop “or whatever types. A few tats are fine…. drinking sometimes is a must…. I don’t really care women that are too religious, but I do like for her to be a ‘seeker’ or at least open to thinking about those types of things. One who wouldn’t mine getting her hair wet and dancing in the rain…..smoking a spliff while listening to some chill music or philosophy or something. If she does/did travel…she actually travelled instead of vacationed. For god’s sake, can she be decently attractive. I’m not saying I need a 9 or 10….. but can she at least be a 6 in looks and not be too overweight. And can she be loyal. Are there any women out here who haven’t been possessed by this consumerist / capitalist get the bag….aspire to be a ‘bad bitch’ spirit of the time.

I know that women have their unreasonable list for the ideal man too….but is this too unreasonable? I feel like if I don’t find someone similar to that, then I’m not really interested in a relationship with her isofar as being her ‘man.’ I mean sex is on the table for sure, but ultimately, I think that if she didn’t possess certain key qualities, I can’t see myself fighting for her. Most of the women I come across are a dime a dozen yet they think they are special and different somehow. As I was telling my homegirl, I don’t know if I can find a woman like that. If she’s out there, the odds of me coming across her, her being interested in me….or single, us having mutual attraction, and mental chemistry would indeed be a miracle of God. Meanwhile, I won’t hold my breath in looking for her. Besides, I would damn near fear falling in love with that woman…..but if I do play wreckless with my heart again…..this one might be worth the risk.

My Beta Romance

Love and dating is just too got damned confusing these days. I’m having difficulty adjusting to the nuances in the roles, expectations, and duties of the modern relationship.

One one hand, it seems that a lot people want traditionalism. In this, the gender roles are clearly defined as men being the primary earner/breadwinner and the woman pretty much stays at home and does the housework and raise the kids. In this paradigm, the man is the head of the house. He provides the house and the woman is responsible for making it a home. Domestic duties are all done by the woman. The man is the work horse and also responsible for taking care of the ‘manly’ jobs such as landscaping, car maintenance, fixing stuff around the house. He is also responsible for the budgeting and finances. The buck stops at him and no major decisions can be made without his approval. The woman’s role is to set the tone and mood for the house. Again, she basically raises the kids, cooks, cleans. This is basically traditionalism. Men are men and women are women. Men aren’t emotional, but stoic…..Women are emotional and can’t make good decisions unless she is stable and under a controlled environment. This was birthed out of our classic patriarchal system. It has been heavily influenced by judeo christian values. I don’t know if this was out of necessity due to women not having as many rights….or if this is just the way nature intended it…’s sort of a chicken egg scenario… seems to have worked for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Recently though, women have been given unprescedented rights it seems. They seem to be (as far as competency goes) just as capable of men insofar as non physical work. Times aren’t as hard.

In a sense, men actually built the world (as far as laying down the physical infrastucture and relatively stable institutions) and now women can live without the stresses of having to “go out and build it.” In other words, men provided the house and now women are building the home. Today women are really stepping it up insofar as getting educated, becoming doctors, lawyers, elected officials and so forth. In fact, especially in Atlanta, women really seem to be outpacing the men by leaps and bounds. They really seem focused and are acheiving some pretty amazing things. Meanwhile, it does seem like men are getting left behind. We still lead in areas of providing physical labor and security….i.e. construction work, military, policing and so forth. But now it’s more like support roles in maintaining the infrastructure that we built.

Now that women have the ability to step up their game on an individual level…..the question is what do we do with the traditional gender roles. In truth, women don’t need men per say. But neither do men need women…..outside child birthing and rearing. We both can earn a living, do domestic work, and support ourselves as individuals. Men still want things to be traditional where we are the head of the house….yet many women seem to be conflicted on this.

For example, I’ve heard many women say that if men aren’t the primary breadwinners of the house, then she has a hard time respecting him as the head of the house. This lack of respect ultimately leads to lack of attraction…..and this is why i personally think that men who aren’t the financial leaders of the home stand a great chance of losing their home and family unit over time. These women, especially if the income gap is significant, tend to emasculate their men….and many times think that the grass is greener and that they deserve ‘better.’ This is a helluva catch 22 for women if they can’t help but to lose attraction over time for this fact. They could get married and have a stable home, but who wants to stay in a situation with a person you don’t respect and aren’t attracted to. But is this truly a woman’s nature or is it something that was programmed into them. There is definitely some cognitive dissonance going on here. It’s not helped at all if there are relatively fewer men on her financial level as she climbs the ladder of financial success. Is it possible for her to overcome the notion that she isn’t ‘settling’ for a guy if she makes more money than him. Is it possible for us as men to overcome this ‘insecurity’ by getting with a woman who makes more than us. Again, I wonder if this is due to our programming set by previous cultural expectations of past generations….or is this a natural thing encoded into our dna.

Being raised in a home where my mother always brought in more income than my dad, I lean to thinking that his is programming. I recently found out that my mother seems to be quite rare in terms of her thinking about this. She had no problem with making more money, yet allowing my father to lead. In her mind, she was contributing to the HOUSEHOLD. My father worked more manual labor jobs type of jobs and simply made less than her. It’s arguable to say who worked harder as she was a school teacher and he had various jobs from landscaping, to being a maintenance man, to being a factory worker, to finally becoming a truancy officer in the school systems. But in our household it wasn’t uncommon to see my dad cooking, cleaning, washing clothes and other domestic duties. The only thing that wasn’t split was that he usually did the landscaping and made sure the cars were maintained.

This generational thing seems to have played out with my siblings. My younger sisters make more money than their men and I made less money than STBXW. All the men in the generation work, share in domestic duties, but the leadership seems a lot more utilitarian…. as in, decisions are usually made based on the practicality of the situation at hand. I don’t know who the ‘buck’ stops at…. but I’m not privy to many of those details. It does get a bit hazy.

The fact that I subscribe to this model is another reason I consider myself more beta than alpha. It seems that the Alpha male lays down the law and says it’s “my way or the highway”. Let the youtubers tell it, Alpha males don’t compromise. They take care of everything financially and in return can and should expect complete submission from their wives. One major difference between me (and my male “in laws”) is that my dad was way more demanding than we are. This did cause a lot of conflict between my parents at times, but i think the conflict would have been there regardless of income given my mother’s temprament. She’s fair and loving, yet firm and will stand up for herself.

I believe in the utilitarian model but I’m not so demanding. Perhaps this was my biggest problem in the downfall of my marriage. I didn’t lead in a way that demonstrated my domination over my STBXW. I held on to my principles and didn’t let her walk all over me…. yet I wasn’t as firm in some of my decisions. I usually sought for some sort of compromise. I didn’t stand on my principles as far as taking the lessons from my mother. STBXW was always a bit sketchy about letting me in on exactly how much money she was bringing in. Her notion was that we split the bills 50/50…..and what remained was her money and what I had left was mine. I let it slide because in a way, i was a bit insecure about the fact that she made more than me. I was a lot more blue pilled and didn’t want to make it a big deal.

I felt that a better model would have been that we split the bills based on our income percentages. In other words if she brought in 70% of the income, then she paid 70% of the bills. Even though this may seem ‘unfair’ to the person making the most income….this is how I would have have done it if I made the most money. Besides, in my mind, all of the money we brought in was OURS anyway, but it would have been distributed more evenly. The way it worked out, she still would have had more money than me at the end of day.

Me not standing on this principle and allow her to ‘lead’ in this made it so that I had less disposable income which led to me not being able to ‘afford’ to pay a larger share in family vacations or being able to buy nicer gifts for her. Because I didn’t spend as much perhaps she didn’t feel the need to use her money to get nicer things for me. The lack of transparency in our incomes also made it more difficult for me to know things like how much house we could actually afford or what kind of cars we should purchase. I thought she was quite selfish when it came to her money….yet i have to take full responsibility in not standing up for what I thought was a better way. In the end, one of her biggest complaints was that we dind’t take enough trips and that she shouldn’t have to foot most of the bill if we did.

This is probably just one example of many. And it does make me wonder if the utilitarian model really can work. Maybe this was an anomaly but her being the financial breadwinner did give her more leverage in making that decision. I still like the utilitarian model. Sometimes I do think that some women are more competent than some men in some arenas. Maybe I fucked up with that particular decision, but if I ever do decide to get married again….i’ll definitely have to do better in taking more responsibilty/ having the harder conversations, going into potential conflicts, and standing up for what I believe in. With that though, it’s going to take a woman who really can actually consider, respect, and trust me even if I do make less money than her. And the lesson here is that it is on me to demand that respect.

Maybe the truth of the matter is, despite women claiming they want utilitarian type relationships, they want to be dominated by their men. They are actually attracted on a primal level though cerebrally, they don’t like it. This is why they cheat on/leave nice guys, but stay with the alpha chad/tyrone types. Despite complaining about them.

A certain level of selfishness is required for this. Nice guys care too much, and while on paper, women like the idea…..something within them can’t help but be attracted to men who seek to dominate over them. Maybe this is why they end up (often times) brutally leaving their ‘nice guy’ husbands for men who are more demanding and less agreeable towards them. Ironically the vast majority of women reading this would probably disagree with that.

Their lack of self reflection in this area is the real reason why men should not take advice from women when it comes to dating. If what women said they wanted were actually what they wanted, then we’d have a lot more intact relationships out here.

But yet most of them have found themselves in situations with men they describe as assholes. And leaving the nice guys for some lame reason.

Alphas get left because they have to leave, but not necessarily because they wanted to. It’s like quitting drugs. One part of them really wants to stay. However in the case of the ‘nice’ guy, they leave because they are no longer attracted to him….. And many have no problem with tossing his feelings into the trash in the process.

Both alphas and betas have problems with keeping women, but for different reasons. The alpha’s woman leaves because she cannot deal with his demands and selfishness. She has to stay away from him or otherwise fall into the trap of her own attraction. However, She leaves the beta because she loses attraction for him. The alpha due to his personal affinity for cheating, lying, scheming or whatever has no problems with replacing her….. The beta generally truly loves her for her.

It’s a helluva conundrum. Either get with the good guy who treats her well but she isn’t as attracted to …. Or be with the guy she’s attracted to, but get hurt because of his insensitivity to her. Most choose both. As the saying goes, alphas fuck and betas buck. The betas end up paying(bucks) and doing everything for her while she sneaks off with the alphas (to fuck).

For me, unless I can ‘alpha up’, my best strategy is to realize that my time with her is going to be limited. I see it as that I only have a certain amount of time before she loses attraction, so I have fight the urge to get too attached. Always having one foot out of the door and seriously be ready to walk once I start seeing the writing on the wall. There is no point in trying to fix it once attraction is gone. Been there done that and it’s fruitless endeavor.

So during the honeymoon/infatuation phase, get all i can out of her as this is the time where they’ll generally be faithful. But again, never put my heart into it as sooner or later she’s going to get ‘bored’ aka lose attraction. This is why I tell women who tell me that I’d be a good catch that I’m not. They don’t understand it. I’ve given up trying to explain this to them because they never agree nor even consider what I’m saying despite the mountain of evidence out there or from a bit of self reflection.

Fortunately for me, despite being pretty average across the board, I look good enough on ‘paper’ and I have decent conversation skills. I don’t have any major deficiencies. I’m good enough superficially. I know what to say. I know enough not to oversimp for her and enough ‘aloofness’ mixed with self awareness in order to gauge how much to give and take. I’m not too nice, but not too much of an asshole. I feel that I don’t have to an incel. But I can only hide by beta tendencies for so long before I start liking her too much. For guys like me, the longer I’m with a woman who likes me, the more beautiful she becomes to me. However I’ve heard many self described ‘alphas’ say the opposite.

I don’t have the luxury of falling in love with a woman unless I want my heart crushed due to this underlying deficiency within myself.

Hustle Culture or Mammon Worship

I think that I’m a pretty average guy all the way across the board. I’m not exceptionally tall, rich, funny or handsome. But I’m not short, broke, lame, or ugly either. I’m in pretty good shape, but my body is athletic as I do work out pretty consistently and I do look a lot younger than my age would suggest. I don’t aspire to rule the world or measure up to some “black excellence” standard. I just want to live, love, learn, be healthy, active, and financially be able to provide for myself and those closest to me. If I live to be very old, I don’t want to be a burden to anyone.

I don’t care for being in a ‘power couple.’ I don’t care for luxurious living. I don’t care for instagram photo ops. I don’t strive for fame or power or leaving a ‘legacy’ behind. I’m pretty simple. One could say content. In the current culture, many might say complacent….especially In our current materialistic / hustle/ get the bag culture it could be arguable and I wouldn’t necessarily disagree. Sometimes I do find myself wondering if there is something wrong with me. Don’t get me wrong, if opportunity does present itself, I won’t shy away from it. I don’t mind working hard and doing my best whenever the the job calls for it. I am a team player.

That said, I think all that is to say that by many measures, you could consider me a ‘beta’ male. I’m not afraid of conflict though I do try to understand things from outside my own personal perspective. My goal usually isn’t to win…per say…but to gain understanding in order to create win / win scenarios if possible. I find myself saying to people a lot “It’s not about me being right or you being wrong….it’s about trying to understand why you think that way.” I just irks me when people argue with soundbites, talking points, and clever, yet out of context quotables. When asked to defend it, it’s usually some appeal to ‘authority’ or some sort of deflection. I wonder if I just don’t get it sometimes and maybe it is a lack of ‘understanding’ on my behalf….. But often times, i’m just irritated because I once thought that way as well, so I do understand the surface level arguments.

I’m pretty agreeable, but in this day and age, I can say that this may be a liability. Jordan Peterson would probably say that I am the problem (or product) of this modern age.

I really have to step outside of my comfort zone to be a selfish asshole and abandon my sensibilites about fairness. I believe that people do deserve what they work for….but I also realize that this is life and shit happens. I also believe that our circumstances aren’t always in our control…. I know many people who are just as intelligent and capable than me but yet aren’t on my level of ‘financial success.’ due to bad decisions or worse circumstances. But I also know others who aren’t but are making way more money. That said, I’m usually not impressed by (though I am usually happy for) people with great financial abundance.

It really seems all across the board a lot of ‘success’ comes down to people stumbling across it due to their individual life circumstances leading them. This isn’t necessarily due to a person’s capabilities though that does play a role in it. For example, some people gain success from starting a youtube video just so happened to be living in a time and era where this is possible. If youtube weren’t a thing, would they have their wealth? It’s not like they invented youtube, or cameras, or whatever. Yet, they are so cocksure that they’d have figured a way out. As another example, STBXW seems to believe that if she hadn’t chosen the path of being a nurse, she’d have been just as financially successful. Not to take away from the work that she put in to become one, but from my viewpoint, her work ethic and intelligence is average at best. Nurses just so happen to make a ton of money right now. I know school teachers who make way less money and are way more dedicated to their jobs. A friend once told me that even though she made a shit ton of money, she feels blessed and that she knows that it could be taken from her. So while money is important, it’s not a determining factor when it comes to who she likes. She also told me that she went to school with people making 200k + a year and she had no idea how they even graduated from university. Let alone how they landed such great paying positions. One of the most competent and intelligent person I know was the head custodian at my previous job. Although she made decent money, I know people who make way more money, yet she could mentally run circles around them as far as her work ethic, ability to figure things out, and plain old common sense.

Still though, despite that, many of us Americans seem to have been infected with this notion that we should always be striving to ‘get the bag.’ We beleive that we should always be trying to get more. And once we get ‘more’ we should be trying to how to figure out how to get ‘more.’ Back when I used to take clever hip hop rap lyrics as gospel…..I heard lil wayne say, “I’m not hungry, I’m greedy.” as a metaphor about his hustle mentality. I thought it was the way we should all be.

A quick google search of Mammon shows that: “Mammon is a powerful fallen angel, now demon, that personifies the sin of Greed and is the demon lord of avarice, richness, abundance, prosperity, wealth and injustice, most often personified as a deity.”

According to scripture: Matthew 6:24: “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will hold to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.”

Ironically, even though I don’t consider myself a christian anymore….(at least not by most commonly used contexts)….the vast majority of people I know do. Yet it would seem that their insatiable reverence for luxury, material, and money would align directly with worship of mammon. They might not call it that directly, but in mind, deed, and action it appears that they do. Instead of mammon worship, they just call it ‘get the bag.’ I’ve also heard many people say “I just love money”. I’ve heard it said that “money isn’t the root of all evil, but the love of it is.” I’m sure that I’m not the only person who’s heard this common statement, yet it shows the cognitive dissonance prevalent here in America. Most people would agree with this statement, yet depending on the conversation, they would also agree that they indeed….Do love money.

On one hand greed and the desire for ‘more’ does drive capitalism. Fear of missing out, keeping up with Jones’, and feeling entitled to the “good life” also keeps people motivated from just sitting around and being bums all day I guess. So maybe it does have a place in the world.

On the other hand, the argument that people wouldn’t be as innovative nor desire to be great if not motivated by money doesn’t seem to be a great argument to me. This is often used by people who fear socialism or other forms of a more utilitarian distribution of the earth’s resources. I don’t know, it seems to me though that the thing that drive the most successful people isn’t the money that they can make, but some sort of passion/skill/talent or desire to want to do something. I guarantee that the NBA wouldn’t have a lack of talent if the top players only made 400k annually.