Selfish Modern Women

I am really starting to get disgusted by the idea of most women in the west. Perhaps it is the rhetoric online. Maybe all or most women aren’t truly like that. But if they are, then I’d rather be alone.

I have no idea why most of these able bodied, grown women, with opportunity to work actually feel that it’s a man’s job to be the sole provider in a family here in America in 2023. It seems that many, if not most, think that going in half of the bills is some sort of insult. As if a man is less than a man if he requires that she gives her best to the relationship.

When in history of the black community in the U.S. has it been that the women just stayed and home while the men worked. It wasn’t like that for my grandparents. But maybe it was for some families. But even if that was the case, the reality is that women did not have the same opportunities back then as they do today. They now have just as much opportunity (arguably more) as men to get out and bring money in to the household.

Many of them today feel as if IF SHE CHOOSES to work, then her money should only be used for the minimal things in the house. The concept of 50/50….(where she pays half) is like a crime to her. Many say that she cannot respect a man if she has to pay 50 percent of the bills.

To be clear, it’s not about paying 50 percent to me. It’s about being willing to contribute what you have to the home. I’d have no problem with paying 90% or even 100% depending on the circumstances. But my mentality is that it’s about us and our family. Not ME and then the family. If we’re married, then it’s OUR money… matter who makes the most of it.

What on God’s green earth gives them this sense of entitlement? Like seriously, what on earth makes her think that she is entitled to anybody’s resources when she can go out and get it on her own. Why should a man have to pay her way when she is a full bodied able adult? What do we get in return for all of this? It’s as if she thinks she’s doing us a favor by being with us or something. It’s disgusting. It’s like having an ungrateful, spoiled child who doesn’t really contribute anything, yet feeling entitled to everything you have. I gotta pay you to be nice to me? Then damn right, every interaction would be very transactional.

What is she doing to make a man’s life THAT much better? I understand that some men may not want their wives working, but to me that’s an old school tradition. I really get the sense that MOST modern women really think that they should be on a pedestal looking down on their man. They don’t want partner, they want a slave. They want to be kept. No, they feel they deserve to be kept. In order to justify it, they’ll say bullshit like, “women turn houses into homes”….wtf?

If she does, she’s doing it for her.

Most men don’t care about bullshit like matching bathroom decor and “live, love, laugh” towel racks.

Do they really think that their used up box is really worth slaving away for? Is it their wonderful strong disgreeable personalities what we crave? How about emotional bullshit we have to deal with? Maybe we like having to deal with sassy, smart mouths who are always right. Yeah, we just love the conditional “love” they give us based on our incomes.

The most asinine thing I think that we have taught our sons is to cater to a woman in exchange for conditional love and tentative loyalty.

Seriously man, who wants a “friend” who will only be good to you if you pay to be around them? That really sounds like prostitution to me anyway. May as hire a damned escort or something. Are we as men that lonely and desperate for a big butt and smile that we’d willingly take this sort of treatment?

Then, instead of looking at their success as an opportunity to contribute more to the family, they instead look at it like “his money is OUR money, but my money is my money. God forbid if she makes more of the money. They lose respect for you. How is it that for one woman, 90k a year is sufficient IF she’s making less. But if she’s making 150 or more, it’s not good enough.

Yet they won’t hesitate in dating a man who makes way more than them.

I could be the same man as I am today and win the lottery tomorrow and I guarantee that women would swear they love me and want to be with me. They’d swear it wasn’t for the money, but it’s because I’m me. If I were to share what I had with her and then somehow lose it, they’d also be gone.

It’s sad, disgusting, and almost depressing that their love can be bought by the highest bidder. Yet they think they are ‘good’ people. They think that they deserve the Cinderella treatment, when their hearts are as wicked as the evil stepsisters. They are the reason the Prince of Zamunda in coming to America pretended to be a regular guy instead of a Prince.

I’m just saying, what gives them this ‘entitlement’. Is it simply because she was born with a vagina? I blame simps for this shit who act like vagina is the end all be all of everything. They have women out her acting like she is an actual goddess or something.

I do believe that if I were to ever get stupid rich, I’d Leonardo DiCaprio and deal with the finest chicks until I got tired of her. Fuck marriage though. These rich rappers and celebrities who have all these baby mama’s have the right idea. Women probably wouldn’t deal with them if they didn’t have the money. So why not replace them once it gets old. Why not cheat if they are only with you because you a have a bag in the first place.

Their attitudes about the utility of a man and their immorality makes them disgusting creatures on the inside to me. I see why the passport bro’s want to go overseas to get away from these evil women. They will probably run into the same issues however, but at least those women pretend to respect them.

I wonder if my lover would move back to Atlanta if I won the lottery tomorrow?

I’m really not feeling most of them. I think we should start treating them they way they treat us. If you’re not making the same money as me or better, then I can’t deal with you. I’m better than you. If I can’t do better than you, then I’d rather be alone.

But that would make me just as classist and elitest as them. They complain that there are no good men out there but I’d argue that for just as few “good men” out there in their opinion. There are fewer “good” women.

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