Fractured IRL (advice to “good guys”)

It seems to me that there is a middle ground between blue pilled and red pilled mentality. In other words, redpill guys seem to think that “simping” is the wrong way to get women.

However, it seems that there are certain simping activities that are effective insofar as getting women.

Once you understand women by taking the red pill, it may seem intuitive to do the opposite of what you once did. Instead of treating her like a “queen”…. you want to treat her like shit.

But, tbh, the reason you got her in the first place is because there were certain things you did right.

The OVERALL picture is that the things you did were indeed correct. BUT U FUCKED UP was because the space you did if from was truly from a space of REAL LOVE.

In other words, SIMP game does work, BUT ONLY IF YOU don’t actually mean it.

For some odd reason, women don’t like it if you TRULY LOVE them. But they LOVE it when you pretend that you do. The key is don’t actually mean it … This is why taking advice from a woman isn’t good. They don’t get the bigger picture.

Fake it till u make it….in other words, u can’t actually give fucks if they like u or not. YOU just want the pussy. Not them. Sounds fucked up…and it is….

But guaranteed that CHAD that’s bustin your girl down on a sneaky links tip is ACTING the same way.

U CANNOT LOVE and dedicate your love to a woman. THIS PART SUCKS, but u need to know this.

YOU CANNOT BE IN LOVE WITH A WOMAN. If u are, you lose. UNFORTUNATELY more often than than not….the woman that you are “IN LOVE” with probably doesn’t love u back….no matter what she says.

You can have the women you’re not “in love” with, but again…check yourself….she is probably the better one to settle down with.

BEING IN LOVE is a curse for men. Don’t do it. You cannot have the ONE U truly love.

But as man….LOVE is truly the way. IF SHE TRULY LOVES U, u can live your life honorably, respectfully….AND destined. LUST for the woman you think you are “IN LOVE WITH” is a trap. LOVE who loves you. Honor and RESPECT her.

She won’t take your eyes off of the PRIZE. Your purpose, your dreams, your ambition….

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