Over-Zealous NeoPhyte

I’m trying to save the world one conversation at a time. Now that I’ve awakened to see the world in this ‘way’, it appears that I can’t unsee what I’ve seen. Conversations with women about relationships have made me realize that many don’t really / can’t really get what I’m saying and aren’t open to hearing it. There is no point in arguing because once I point out the logical fallacies or inconsistencies in their reasoning, they continue to do them anyway. Analogies end up with them focusing on the finger pointing to the moon, rather than the moon itself. Instead of an exchange of ideas, it becomes a matter of “being RIGHT” in the end. Perhaps it’s my delivery or maybe it’s so outside of what they internally believe that can’t even consider what I’m saying. I think I am on to something because I used to think just like them so I almost know what they are going to say, before they even say it.

I do over-think.

But I just realized that that my view on modern women is somewhat new for me. As almost anyone who has had a shift in their ideology, I want to argue with people about theirs. I gotta stop that. Leave it alone and allow them to either come to the same conclusions on their own or just do what makes them happy. Or stop encroaching the topic all tother. As of late though, I’ve been sort of gung ho about spreading redpill awareness.

When I first became agnostic, I used to go into christian forums and debate them all day and night. It was fun for while, but I realized that all of the reasoning, resarch, and logic didn’t really mean a hilll of beans when tyring to convince them of my beliefs. I finally gave up and at this point, I don’t share my opinions on the topic unless spsecifically asked.

I need to do this about my views on modern women. I should just let them have theirs and keep mine to myself unless specifically asked. The reason I stopped arguing with christians is because, despite having the intention of having them question their beliefs and not necessarily change them, I realized that it is nearly an impossible task. I make sense to me….and i know what i thought like back then… when approached by an atheist back when I was younger, I was NOT hearing what he said and I remember despite not having an answer for the questions I never considered, i didn’t even consider the possibility that I could be wrong.

So despite my attempts to walk through, step by step my arguments with someone’s views, it should not be surprising that they still walk away without gaining the slightest bit of understanding. Even if it isn’t my primary goal to ‘convert’ them.

This idea also stands for STBXW. Despite me telling her time and time again, showing her examples, giving analogies, and her not having a reasonable response….she still insists on doing things ‘her’ way. I’ve learned that there is no point in arguing with grown people. They are just gonna do and think what they want anyway.

Besides, I could be wrong.


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