How is she the prize again?

I was thinking….maybe I am a bit more arrogant than I thought. I mean, I really don’t see the use for a woman in my life. My friend was asking if the only use I have for a woman is sex….and after really deliberating about it…..I gotta say yeah.

I was in denial at first about it. But now that I think about it….outside of sex and intimacy, what use is she of to me. I can cook. I can clean. She isn’t really taking care of me. Her money is her money. I could for the most part deal with that. But, to me the juice really doesn’t seem to be worth the squeeze.

What I mean is….the return upon investment seems nil. It’s too much work involved. They’re too needy. I don’t own a pet because they require too much work and I’m afraid of getting too emotionally attached. But at least with a pet, you don’t have to worry about getting EVERYTHING right to keep their loyalty.

With a woman you have to be there for her emotionally and spiritually. You have to keep her entertained. You have make sure the sex doesn’t get stale or boring. You have to take her out. Wine and dine her. Take her on trips and vacations. Valentines day, birthdays, just because gifts. Keep her socialized. Put her in her place without being too “controlling”. Give her love and affection, even if you don’t feel like it. Do things that you may not necessarily feel like doing to keep her appeased. Go to counseling if she feels unhappy. Try to read her mind and make sure she’s just not saying she’s happy. You become responsible for her happiness. Do right and be a “good boy” then she might give you a little head for your birthday.

Like all this extra stuff for what? Pussy and a little cuddle time. Then if you fail in keeping her happy, she’s just gonna leave, cheat and say some stupid shit like she cheated because she was unhappy. Then society blames you for not giving her what she needed if shit goes sideways. Or they call you a simp or sucker. If she disrespects you, you just gotta walk away and face the fact that you weren’t “man” enough to keep her.

Seriously, what do I get for all this work and all of this risk. I’ll wait…… a pair of socks for father’s day? A woman who’s sex drive gradually fades until she either stops giving it to your or she’ll give you some pity pussy out of some sense of obligation.

Relationships are WORK to maintain and it seems to me that the man is expected to do the majority of it…..yet in a twist of irony, 9 times out of 10, she’s the one who wants it. Then again, perhaps I would too if I was only required to do the least while she put in the heavy lifting. 80% of divorces are filed by women but of those 80% I wonder how many of those husbands felt pressured to “shit or get off the pot” so to speak.

Wanting a modern woman is like wanting a pet tiger. Expensive, they are needy, and if you aren’t careful, they can seriously injure (if not kill) you. These modern women aren’t help meets anymore, they’re more like trophies. The more I think about it, they should be considered expendable. A man is to them. Why be loyal to a person who sees you as not much more than a means to an end. Why give love and devotion to a person who basically sees you as a utility? The conditional nature of her ‘love’ for you is like working a job.

Perhaps Kevin Samuels was right…..”high value men” don’t cheat, they exercise options. If he has made himself desirable to many women, then he should be able to have many of them. This comes down to the fact that the reason WHY she wants him is ONLY because of what he has. If he lost it, then she probably wouldn’t want him anymore. So, while he has it, why should he be loyal to her?

If her love, loyalty, and devotion comes with a price tag, then perhaps a man should be able to ob

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