Professional Victims

The Victim mindset of a lot black women is getting really annoying to me. Let’s be clear….this probably isn’t just a black women or women of color thing, but probably a western woman thing in general. I say black women because that’s who I mostly deal and converse with on these type of topics.

Ok, I get it….black women have historically had it rough and many still do. But the majority of them screaming the loudest are college educated, middle class, nice car driving, home owning, 401k having, passport traveling, never struggled for shit ass women.

These entitled queens like to scream that they are so oppressed and have it so bad…..yet boastful about how many stamps are on their passport. You’d think with so much traveling, they’d see the conditions of woman (and people) in other parts of the world and be grateful. They don’t have to struggle for food. They’re not living in times of pestilence nor famine. There aren’t maruaders of men roaming around plotting to kidnap or rape them (though I admit they should always be careful). They aren’t working in coal mines, sweat shops, or unsafe work conditions. They can make their own money. Noone is stopping them from opening their own businesses or being great in a career. In fact, you see the memes of black girl magic everywhere it seems. Here in Atlanta, you see black women doctors, lawyers, business owners, nurses, and pharmacists on every corner. Hell, even the last mayor was a black woman. The vice president is a black woman. Movies heralding the greatness of black women are all over the silver screen. Like gotdamn….are we living in an alternate universe?

I just don’t get it when they say black women “need protection.” Protection from who…..themselves? Their poor choices in men? Their rebellious attitudes, and sense of entitlement? Like bruh, it just burns me up when I see these mercadez c class driving, micheal kors toting, $200 weave wearing divas sitting around at fancy restaruant brunch talking about how bad they got it. Just who is oppressing them? They are one of the most protected classes of people in the U.S. You can’t say shit negative about black women as a whole on a public platform without getting canceled or having to apologize for it. Even if there is some truth in it. You say something they don’t like, they’re in your face ready to fight and noone can check them.

Then you have white knights and simps ready to beat anyone’s ass who isn’t singing praises about them and kissing their ass. They can literally punch a man in the face and spit on him and he better just sit there and take it. Otherwise the crowd (or someone in it) is ready to come to her defense.

You try to point out all of this obvious stuff to them and they still will tell you how they “feel” like noone listens to them. Like everyone else is just out to get them.

Like listen snowflake. It’s 2k22. Women are killing it these days. To be honest, the women in my life are hands down doing better than the men financially. Colleges and universities now have more women than men attending and that stat is just growing.

How in the fuck does it make sense that a lot of them complain about not being able to find a black man “on their level.” Yet they still so oppressed. We in middle class America live better lives than actual kings and queens back some 200 years ago. Yet these women still feel they ‘deserve’ more. Baby, you are a project manager making 140k a year in the u.s. and you’re not alone. Please tell me how does your life even begin to compare with the billions of people worldwide who worry about where their next meal is coming from. The billions of people who live in war torn countries…..Who don’t have clean running water. Who don’t have a healthcare or dental plan. Who actually have to go out with a man or pray that they don’t get snatched by some trafficker.

How are you so “cultured” and “educated”, yet still feel like you’re marginalized and minimized. The evidence of your ability to succeed is in that $80 knockoff Gucci bag.

The issue is that you can’t tell them shit…..u can present all of the evidence of their success. Objectively show how bad others have it in comparison to them. All they’ll do is talk about the ones who don’t have it as well…..and “feel” like since society is “oppressing” them, they must also be oppressed. As if men aren’t “oppressed” if we’re going to measure it by that standard. They know EVERYTHING and literally never consider the possibililty they could be wrong about anything. Instead of listening to what you’re actually saying, they listen to respond ….usually with some smart ass comment that doesn’t really address what was actually said. Yet this response is usually enough for them to still “feel” right.

I think this victim mindset in part causes the shitty attitudes many of them have. An ‘entitled’ person usually always finds something else to complain about and can never truly be happy. This could explain why so many are always complaining about shit that they don’t even experience. They’re never happy. Never grateful.

Ironically, this doubled with their lack of accountablity… baggage like trust issues and even more selfishness due to them dealing with terrible men that they chose….even though the red flags were slapping them in the face…. keeps them in perpetual state of victimization. The simple solution is to stop getting knocked up by men who you know aren’t relationship material. Though they won’t admit it, if he makes the panties wet….they act stupid and make stupid decisions. Then blame all men because they can’t control their lust.

Man, just stall me out with all the victim shit. Just saying.

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