Traveling Misfits

I’ve noticed that lately it seems that most black women I know have this fascination with traveling for some reason. I’m not sure where it comes from, but because I hear it so much, it’s now becoming a bit of a turn off. When pressed on WHY, they usually say something along the lines of the like ‘experiencing’ something new.

Like bih what???

Ok, there’s nothing per se wrong with experiencing new things. But exactly what are they ‘experiencing’. It doesn’t make much sense to me and I wonder if there is something more at play here. Say we go to Paris. You see the Eiffel Tower. Ok…. now what. You saw something that has been captured millions of times on videos, television, pictures from almost any angle imaginable. And it’s just a freaking tower. Not even that impressive if you ask me. On a side note, I think the Arches in St. Louis looks better as an architectual structure. I’d visit it if I happen to be there, but I’m not going out of my way to see it.

They usually want to go the same places…..Paris, Dubai, Greece, the Maldives, and Punta Cana. Maybe the carribean or something. I mean cool, but got damned, like what. Why are so many obsessed with seeing this shit. When at home, they usually don’t take in what their own city has to offer. And when there, they take the well worn paths of every other tourists.

You’d get more experience and culture by actually reading books imo. Watch a gotdamned documentary about these places and you’d probably get more information than actually going. It’s just weird that this idea of ‘experiencing’ something actually requires you to go there. It’s not even like they journal about it when they get there or return in order to remember it later on. At best, they might post a few pics online about it.

From my view, it just appears to be vanity and superficiality. I could be ok with that except the fact that they seem to look down on people who might not share that same passion for going. They act as if going these places somehow expand their views or open them up to new ‘ideas’ or something. These witches be the same person they were when they come back as they were before they left. Is it status symbol or something? Is it a way to low key brag that they can ‘afford’ it? Is it a way to make themselves feel superior? Maybe they actually feel more ‘cultured’. I don’t know, it just seems weird to me.

As I get older and think about how the typical modern day woman’s mind operate….i find my self more and more like ugh. I mean if it wasn’t for sex, I’d probably not really deal with too many of them unless we were related. To be fair though, I don’t deal with too many people like that either way. But this bougie, superficial, aggressive, shallow, disagreeable, uncooperative, selfish, virtue signaling, I don’t give a fuck, take me as I am, I’m always right, I don’t have to prove anything to you, diva like attitude that a great may of them exhibit is a complete turn off to me. I don’t even really consider this as masculine as even arrogant men tend to have some logical bases and principles that govern their behavior.

Most of these modern witches seem like robots……almost predictable to a certain degree. It’s like they’re the same person just in different bodies in different circumstances. I can see why men who are good with women tend to just want to fuck and keep it moving. I’m ok with them, but it’s a bit harder for me to just use them for sex as I tend to get attached … even if I don’t really care for the negative aspects of their personality. My weakness is that I like who likes me, so if shows me interest…..despite not really caring for the negavitiy, I might find myself liking and accepting that about them.

Ironically, many think that they are individuals. They say they like things like Travel and being foodies as if this is something that makes them unique. In my head when I hear these things, I’m thinking….yeah you and about 8 out of 10 of the rest of yall.

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