What kind of magic is this?

I really don’t understand the ‘spell’ that stbxw has on me. Is it a trauma bond. I can’t stop being angry with her and you’d think that I’d be completely over it. Like, I don’t expect anything from her. Nothing good anyway. I know she doesn’t love me. I know she’s cheated multiple times. And if she isn’t a narc, she sure has a lot of the characteristics of one. I know that she can’t / won’t change….and even if she claimed to, I wouldn’t believe her. What’s revenge at this point? We can’t fix shit, I don’t want to fix it. Logically, I know that she can’t ‘unfuck’ and ‘unsuck’ all of those guys. Nothing she can say or do will fix the pain and humiliation she put me thru.

I believe it when they say that hating someone is like swallowing poison hoping that the other person will get sick.

Yet for some odd reason, it still really bothers the fuck out of me knowing that she’s out there sleeping with other men. I know I shouldn’t care. I know that the idea that she’s my “wife” on paper does irk me. But really, what’s a piece of damned paper. The vows have been broken…for a long time.

I’m really hoping that divorce will finally bring me some peace. I would think that it really didn’t matter. Maybe I haven’t had enough time to get away. Like, maybe it’s because I have to deal with her so frequently. Maybe it’s because she acts so aloof. Maybe it’s because she expects me to be cool after all the disrespect. I’m not angry with any of my exe’s. I rarely think of them and when I do, I really don’t get upset. I don’t know how this chick hurt me so bad. I never thought it would have been so painful. It was by far the worst pain I ever experienced in life. Still though, I have no clue how 1)emotional pain could have hurt so bad and 2)how long this shit would affect me.

I’m over it, or I’d like to think so, but the fact that it still vexes me so much lets me know that I still have a little ways to go. What do I have to do to get over this? She totally isn’t worth the time i put into thinking about it. It’s never thoughts of hope or reconciliation. It’s mostly about how much I can’t stand her……but tbh, I’d rather not think about her at all.

She’s a special kind of evil in my life. I’m convinced that there is something demonic at play here. There is no way in hell I should be giving her any second thoughts at this point.

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