Not so shocking Revelations

I went to pick up stbxw and kiddo from the airport late last night. She had him over spring break. Their flight was delayed so they didn’t arrive until around 1:30 am. When she told me that the flight was delayed, it sort of pissed me off because I had to go to work early. It made me realize how much she relies on me to do things for her and yet she still takes me for granted. In a sense, I was feeling used and unappreciated. I have mixed feelings on this but she had kiddo. But after what I discovered, I should have made her pay for an uber to drive them. Sure, it might have cost her a cool $100 or so, but since she had kiddo, I decided to make the trip all the way to the southside to pick them up.

When I got there, a text came in saying, ” I just landed with my son.” Warning bells went off as she refers to him by his name with family and friends. Obviously the text was meant for someone else. Pissed because I rode all the way the fuck that way just for her to be texting (in my mind) some dude. A few minutes later, she called to tell me she had arrived. I asked about it and she claimed that her phone sends “ghost texts sometimes.” I wasn’t going for it, but on the way home, she started showing the me phone and it was acting wonky. Even though I was driving, I did manage to look over and see it doing weird shit….typing out random numbers and letters, but she actively pressed the send button to my phone. I don’t think she saw me watch her press send. Her response, I just wanted to show u what it was doing…. hmmm….. ok. This is the insanity and dumb ass reasoning I’ve grown accustomed to.

Either way, “just landed with my son” isn’t random. Sooo…. i made it up in my mind that I wanted to check out the phone. I took a shower and hopped in the bed. She crawled in after me a few minutes later, but I didn’t want to sleep in the same bed with her. Plus it was a good opportunity to check the phone since she left it in the living room. I had suspicions that something was up… I told asked point blank if she was texting another guy….and if she was out there fucking someone. Of course, the anwser was an adamant NO….and she acted insulted that I would ask her such a thing.

I know it shouldn’t be looking, but damn, she just got in town 45 minutes ago and I had already felt gaslit like 3 times already. So, when she went to sleep, I got in. I don’t think she knows that I know her passcode. But I checked it…. and it’s worse than I thought. She is getting AROUND. I saw texts to 4 guys that were very sexual in nature….in it she’s claiming how much she misses them. How much she wants to suck them off. Invitations to her air bnb’s and hotels (she’s a travel nurse)….. The kicker is that she’s also talking to her ex. When asked about me, she responds that she’s not happy, …. we grew apart…. i’m not ambitious (oh the irony, you’ll see why in a second)….yada yada yada. We’re not having sex……Along with inviting him out to meet her.

The texts from the other guys, it not only appears that she’s sexting them. She’s also Inviting them out to the air bnb and paying for food and liqour. They all were asking her to loan them some money. She complained that one didn’t pay her back. She got caught up in a scam with another. And she was just paying for the 3rd one’s food and liqour. In all 3 text threads, she’s texting… good morning handsome. I’m thinking about you. I want to suck your d….. Can’t wait to see you again….and so forth. I even saw a meme…. not sure if it was a shot at me where she was asking to suck some guy’s d and he responded with a meme of Jada Pinkett with a mouth full of hotdogs with the caption “keep my wife’s name out your mouth.” A lot of times when they text wyd, she responds with thinking about you or thinking about that dick. 2 of these guys have girlfriends, so she doesn’t mind being the side chick. They sent pictures of themselves…..they are not as handsome as me nor fly (not being cocky but it’s true. they look dusty as fuck!!!) and it appears, since they’re constantly asking her for money, that they’re broke. Looks wise, she’s definitely above their level. Seriously, these dudes are busted. I could admit if a guy looks better than me. Still doesn’t mean he’s better than me. Maybe she likes the fact they might look up to her because of that.

You can’t make this shit up. It writes itself with her.

Despite reading these texts….

I wasn’t angry or anything. I felt a weird sense of calm.

The worst part of it all for me is that she keeps sending these dudes pics of our son. A few of pics were ones that I sent to her of him at his concert a few weeks ago. That part pisses me off, like why the fuck is she sending pics of our kid to these dudes. It makes it even worse that I sent her some of them. I think that she is gaslighting them.

Ok, i kind of figured that she was talking to one dude. I knew that she was in the past when she first moved there, but 4 guys. She’s a little to gotdamned old to be going through a ho phase. Come to think of it, That Jada Pinkett meme is hilariously ironic.

Though I know that there is no chance in hell we’d ever fix our marriage…..there is absolutely no way in the hell I want to have sex with her. I feared that we might someday have sex…which might lead to the ‘hysterical bonding’ sex that a lot of couples go through after an affair…..but after seeing that she’s basically fucking the starting lineup of a basketball team….that’s definitely an easy pass. I like making love and all that….but it would literally be like making out with a prostitute. One of the dudes even was saying that’s what he wanted to eat her out. Like, bruh, IF YOU ONLY KNEW….but then again, some dudes really don’t be caring like that.

It’s embarrassing to know that she carries the title of my ‘wife’ though. Especially considering she’s for the streets for the streets. This has made me realize that she’s lost her gotdamned mind. Or was she always a ho like that. If my son wasn’t the splitting image of me, I’d be seriously considering a dna test at this point.

She slept on the bed last night, I’m considering burning it.

I took pictures of the texts with my phone for leverage…..maybe I can threaten to expose her to all of them….or maybe facebook….or some of her family and friends. But who knows, maybe some of them already know….. either way, I didn’t know she was getting around around like that. It’s even worse than I thought.

I realize now that I gotta divorce her ASAP. IDGAF if she hasn’t figured out her living situation yet. She’s gonna have to just give me primary custody until she figures it out. Unfortunately for him, Kiddo had a great time with her over the last week. Despite her offloading him at her cousin’s house a few times while she was allegedly “at work”. I’m at work now, but I’m seriously thinking about kicking her out this evening.

Damn man, if we didn’t have a kid….this would be a no brainer. But how can I explain to my 12 year old son that his mom is basically a thot pocket. He misses her and keeps talking about how much fun they had over the break. Regardless, either way, I sent her the paperwork for a non contested divorce and will print them out also. We are filling this out tonight. If I don’t kick her out, I’ll probably stop by the store on the way home and invest in some paper plates and utensils.

These hoes man….

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