Top 10 Problems with Modern Western Women

Even though it feels that I’m pretty much over the redpill rage, I am not the same as before. I find myself really disliking a lot of women…at least as far as thinking that I would not want to be in a relationship with one. I know that ALL women aren’t terrible like the ones I often hear about and experienced (at least I hope not), but my tolerance for the bullshit is pretty low and at this point, I don’t know if I will be able to find a woman to ….ya know, actually want to be with relationship wise. My issues with a lot of modern women are:

1)They are too entitled. They feel like they deserve the best of the best regardless of they type of person they are or their accomplishments. They feel they don’t have to bring anything but pussy and their appetites to the table. If if they have resources or money , it’s not on the table. Your money is “yall’s”money. Their money is their money.

2)They are too arrogant. You have average chicks (looks and personality wise) believing that they are too good for an average guy. Just because guys want to sleep with them doesn’t mean that she’s somehow a princess or anything. Dudes will sleep with just about anyone and will say almost anything to get it. It doesn’t make her Cleopatra just because several men want to sleep with her. Her plethora of ‘options’ are simply thirsty men who want to get between her legs, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants to be with her like that. Yet because they get some sexual attention, they believe they are Beyonce or something thinking they deserve a Jay-Z or rich millionaire who only wants to spend on them. Most average women don’t know that they are are actually average. But who’s gonna tell them?

3)They try to be too funny. Funny women aren’t really that attractive to me. It’s ok, I suppose, depending on the kind of funny. Most aren’t really all that funny anyway. STBXW thinks she’s hilarious. She’s actually more annoying. Dunno, but somewhere in the relationship, she developed this loud obnoxious mean girl sort of laugh. It’s rediculous when they don’t take anything seriously and always want to make jokes. Maybe it’s attractive / cute to them when men do it, but as a man, it’s annoying AF….even if my male friends do it.

4)They are superficial. Many have an unhealthy obsession with money. It’s the ‘get the bag’ generation. Am I the only one noticing that people are starting to worship money these days? Don’t get me wrong financial security is important. But despite having their needs mostly met….at least from a Maslow’s heirarchy point of view, they still crave MORE and MORE. Financial security and ambition are now code words for wealthy or either doing whatever it takes to be wealthy. While nothing is wrong with being wealthy on it’s face, but it’s like, they’re putting the cart before the horse. They seem obsessed with traveling (or should I say vacationing), luxury, and whatever other bullshit shiny things they see on reality TV. Most people who became successful did so because they came up with something that changed or at least contributed to changing the world for a lot of people. Often, the money wasn’t the primary motivator. It was like they discovered their purpose or passion first, saw where it could be useful to others, worked at it and the money came later. I’m pretty sure one can have passions that aren’t lucrative financially, yet just as fulfilling. Yet if it doesn’t make money, it doesn’t count.

5)They are ignorantly selfish. The rise of women in the workplace is evidence of this. Many women want financial equality, yet when it comes to contributing financially to the household, they feel that they man should be the primary breadwinner, regardless of her earning potential. The double standard is that they wouldn’t mind if their man made exponentially more money than them and in fact would expect him to carry the load of the financial burden if he made the most most money. Added insult to injury is that men typically don’t have as high as a lifestyle requirement as women. Also, many women will NOT do anything they don’t feel like doing. They won’t even try it. Ever ask a woman who isn’t into hiking to go hiking. Yet she expects you to go to the damned spa or something. Compromise typically goes only one way. You compromise with her, not the other way around.

6)They are greedy and expensive. Why would we even need a half-million dollar home with only 1 or 2 children anyway? Why work so damned hard for these material possessions when we can’t even really enjoy the fruits of our labor? Do we really need to keep up with the Jones’? Who the fuck pays 1500 for a handbag anyway? Why do u need ALL of these damned clothes that you don’t wear/ wore only once anyway? Why do u need all this expensive makeup when you actually look better without it? And why do we need to pay $25000 for a freaking wedding? Why do you want an expensive Range Rover and a 1.2k a month car payment? Don’t tell me it’s because of the fine English mechanics. Yet, even if can manage to afford to have / do all of this, they still end up miserable. According to some reports, they file for divorce a whopping 80% of the time. This number doesn’t even include the one’s who are cheating on their husbands or just afraid to leave despite being miserable anyway.

7)It’s your job to keep her happy. As her man, you’re expected to be her counselor, porn star, entertainer, provider, protector, alpha beta, and whatever the fuck else she requires in order to keep her happy. You better also have a shit ton of game and make sure you pass all of her shit tests. Fail in any of these, then she feels justified in cheating or leaving. Give her 8 out of the 10 things on her list and someone else comes along tempting her with the other 20%, it’s like all the other shit you do goes out the window. You don’t make enough money, you’re not funny enough, you’re not good enough in bed, you don’t pay enough attention to her, you’re too needy, you don’t help enough with the kids, you’re not ambitious enough, you’re too ambitious. Even if you happen to be able to juggle all the balls without dropping one, you still have to worry about the number 3 relationship killer….BOREDOM. Yup, you could be perfect, but she could just get bored with you. Then she starts feeling unfulfilled, claims to be a shrinking violet, and needs to “find herself”. Good luck with that.

8)You can’t tell them anything. Have you ever tried to tell a woman over 33 anything? Yes and you did exactly that…. ‘TRY’. These modern middle aged women are extremely stubborn can’t learn anything new. They won’t take accountability and are NEVER wrong about anything. I’ve heard so many black women say that they’re never wrong about anything that it’s not even funny anymore. I thought they were joking at first, but no, keep prying and you’ll eventually discover they are serious. You can give them examples, tell stories, give analogies, show facts….. it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t line up to ‘her truth’. With such fragile ego’s it’s really just best a lot of times to give up and let it go if it isn’t worth the argument. Ad hominems, deflection, and blame shifting are their responses of choice. As they say, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, the same can be said for middle aged women.

9)Being in love is only temporary. When a woman is in love with you….she LOVES you. You can’t do wrong. But it’s pretty much over when she falls out. Her loyalty is based on how much she is IN LOVE with you. But once the sparks disappear, she’s liable to do anything, including check out, stop giving you sex, give you the pity pussy. … and that’s if you’re lucky. Many will just cheat on your goofy ass until they find someone else to take her on. It’s like she doesn’t have the ability to love on her own free accord. It must be based on emotions and attraction only. Lose that then, you’re in for a shitty ride….especially if you aren’t the primary breadwinner who is providing the LIFESTYLE she thinks she deserves. This is one reason I cannot condone marriage this day in age. They will check out emotionally and even if you try to straighten up, it’s usually too late by then. They cannot bring themselves to love you on their own. You can think that she’s your ‘best friend’ and that your relationship is deeper than the superficial, but I have a million stories out here of men warning you otherwise. Redpill theology says it best. “She’s never yours, it’s just your turn.” It is one thing they definetely get right.

10) These women have too many gotdamn bodies. It’s already pretty gross that you have to have to acknowledge that she’s most likely has a history of sleeping with many men. Do you know how many dicks have been in her mouth, gallons of nut that’s been pumped into her body and down her throat. All the nasty freaky shit she did with other men before you? And you still want to kiss her in the mouth or eat her out? How disrespectful is it to have her cheat on you after accepting her past and have her do it while you’re with her. Imagine kissing her in the mouth just a few hours after having her lips wrapped around another man’s member. Or eating her out days after some douchebag ejaculated inside of her. It’s disgusting. Like wearing another man’s underwear or something. You think that sex is special somehow just because she screams your name during sex? How many other men made her moan with pleasure? Spit in her mouth, and poked every hole in her body. Stuck a finger or two in her butt while she was bent over. Yeah. That’s your WIFE now. How many men did she lead to believe that the sex with them was the most incredible or special thing she’s ever experienced? Newsflash dummy, you weren’t the first and most likely won’t be the last. Sex really isn’t that special to her my guy, no matter how she pretends yours the best thing since sliced bread. If sex is the bond or glue that ties you two together as something more than just friends, today it is the elmer’s kindergarten class project glue. Maybe it’s more like used scotch tape if we’re honest.

All of this said, relationships aren’t really special. Love is just temporary lust and biochemicals mixing in your brain. A drug. Women don’t love you, they just lust you sometimes temporarily. They don’t need you these days and even if they do, they usually grow resentful or ungrateful over time. Love doesn’t necessarily mean loyalty and is usually temporary. It’s not about what you actually do, but how can make her feel. She may love you for a season or two, but it’s just temporary. They’d rather be in love (lust) which is usually outside of their of control and are mostly incapable of loving someone for real (choosing it). For these reasons, I’m not sure if I’m just jaded and bitter of I’ve finally waken to the fact that Santa ain’t real.

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