It could all be so simple

“But you’d rather make it hard….loving you is a battle, where be both end up with scars.”

-Lauryn Hill

I don’t know why so many women in the black community seem to think that their ‘temper’ or inability to control their mouth is a ‘cute’ or ‘quirky’ thing. I know so many women who humble brag about their tempers or anger issues. Many are also low key proud of the bullshit they be on when it comes to relationships. Songs like, ‘back up on my bullshit’ and so forth are anthems for them. They are materialistic, loud, overtly aggressive, and always ‘chasing a bag.’ They like to use current pop lingo/slang and seem to think that this behavior is somehow appealing. Their role models are Niki Minaj, Meg the Stallion, Rihanna, or Lizzo. They seem to think that expressing their feminine power is being overtly sexual and selfish.

They are loud, permiscuous, lacking morals, and overtly materialistic. I really don’t see the appeal. Yet, they wonder why men only want sex from them. I mean seriously, who the fuck wants to deal with all of that toxic ass behavior. To be honest, it’s a real turn off for me these days. When I see a woman who acts/dresses in a certain way, i am starting to bet repulsed by it.

The fake nails, fake hair, fake eyebrows, bbls, waist trainers, and so forth make them look like common street walkers or many times, transexual men. When I see a gang of them hanging around with these ho uniforms all loud and obnoxious makes me want to walk in a differerent direction.

I mean seriously, what dude really wants to wife a woman like that? My lover, despite all of my protests seem to think that this is what we like. She is a another example of someone experiencing cognitive dissonance when it comes to this. Even though she has toned down how she dressed since she’s met me…. At least when I can see what she’s wearing when she goes out…..she still seems to think that men like this.

I’m like the men who do actually like this ‘persona’ are probably men you wouldn’t want to get serious about. They all need to stop watching these reality tv shows because I’m starting to think that they think that this is real life. As a man, I’ve talked to men about the eyelashes, nails, and attitudes and the vast majority > 90% never say that they like those things. At the very least, the most understanding (blue pilled) say that it’s their right to wear what they want as long as it makes them happy. Still though, most of them won’t go so far as to say that they actually like it.

It seems that immoral, rachet, and loud women are the prototypes of what many females want to become. They are cold hearted and act like they want to be gangsters or female thugs or something. It’s like way too much masculine energy. It really pisses me off sometimes because these women want to act masculine, but don’t seem to understand that that the ‘loud mouthed’ arrogant guys who really be talking shit like that is either extremely rare or either a characature in movies and rap videos or locked up and in constant trouble.

Most dudes know that being reckless with his mouth or behavior (unless he’s really about that life)…. can get him into serious shit. He might get beat up, jumped, shot, arrested, or even killed if done to wrong person. You have a few ‘tough guys’ out there, but for the most part, we know that as men, that we have to show a certain level of restraint. you just aren’t going to be running your mouth at people on average….especially if you have something going for yourself. We will generally (normal guys, not street dudes) try to avoid voilence or situations where violence can occur. This isn’t out of fear of the next man per se, but it’s because the outcome isn’t worth it (win or lose). We’re talking, jail, possibly prison, having to kill someone, paying court fees, paying a lawyer, and bad things on our record. These things actually can hinder us and set us back a few years either emotionally or financially.

Yet, they want this bad boy who doesn’t care in the name of ‘feeling secure’ and protected. Protection from….what again….we live in a safe time. It’s all fun and games until he turns up on her….and then she gets to play victim. What a confusing time. It seems just easier to just not give a fuck as far as not caring what their feelings are. This way, you don’t have to capitulate to the pressure of walking that fine line. And ironically, it seems that the less you give a fuck, the more she likes you.

Then if you are foolish enough to take on the risk of catering to her in the name of ‘love’ you absolutley must walk in perfection. You’d better be making the right money, keep her entertained, fuck her good when she wants it, buy her nice gifts, take her on exotic trips, stay masculine (whatever her version of it is), and anticipate her wants/desires before she does. You better make good money AND somehow carve out enough time for her. Yet, maintain an air of mystery. Basically, become a suffering/ yet eager super man servant to her needs without coming across as too desperate for her. Then, should someone else come along who provides something you may lack…. or he happens to have better ‘game’, or promises her ‘better’ than what you can offer…..All of the dragons you slayed, your achievements, or your history together means nothing.

It’s your job to keep her ‘happy’ in this day of the promise of greener grass at every turn. She’s a princess who “deserves” the best of what life has to offer after all and fail to meet that expectation, then she feels justified to turn her back on you. Seriously, who the fuck wants to sign up for that? Your contributions, feelings, desires for the best for her mean absolutely NOTHING….even if you were foolish enough to put up with all her bullshit in the name of love. Maybe i have abandoment issues, but it does seem that way to me.

To me, it ain’t worth it. At least not to the point where I’d put my heart on the line again. If she ain’t making it easy, i ain’t chasing shit because often times, the juice ain’t worth the squeeze. Loyalty is a good man’s downfall these days. It truly is a case of ‘she’s never yours, it’s just your turn.’….that is of course, unless you pay the price….and there is still no guarantees with that. … and guess what, there is NOTHING you can do about it. But if you do happen to win….your prize?… keep doing it over and over day after day, year after year……hoping that you can maintain.

Yet they wonder why men don’t even try these days? I can’t say how many women are like this but I can say for sure that I don’t see women calling this bullshit toxic behavior out. Many men will at least ‘white knight’ or pretend at least just to get some ass. But you rarely if ever see women call toxic/terrible women out on their behavior….to the contrary, you see many of them endorse this behavior.

Not saying that all women are like this, but you can never really know because 1)there are a ton of chameleons out there (narc’s are notorious for that and 2)people do change. I wouldn’t recommend putting everything on the line for something so fickle and uncertain….but to each his own.

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