The promised land?

I think I’ve finally gotten over it. Over the last week or so, I haven’t been feeling that annoying anxiety when I think about her. I haven’t seen her in weeks and even though we have talked a few times, here and there on the phone. I don’t feel pain anymore. The bouts’ of anger have majorly subsided. I no longer feel sadness for losing my family. And finally, I kind of feel excited about the future even though I don’t know where I’m going just yet.

It took a LOOONG time to get that poison out of my system. But I’m ready to move on and ahead without her. As I type this, I realize that there could be residual pangs, let’s say if I see her with another guy or find evidence she’s seeing someone. Actually, I may have seen something in her google photos backup….. But tbh, i don’t care.

I realize that there are actually a ton of women like her out there like that. The redpill information along with all the r/ infidelity posts helped me realize that I am not alone. Kevin Samuel’s and other redpill content creators helped me realize that there are many many many women with deep seated mental and emotional issues. Perhaps it was my fault for placing her so high on a pedestal. But now that she’s no longer there, I can see that she’s not anything special. She’s the epitome of the typical woman that so many men complain about.

I chose bad. I fell in love and threw caution to the wind. I payed for it. But I see now that marriage ain’t worth it, especially to a typical woman like that. Idk if all women are like that, but I definitely know at least 1 who is for sure.

I know that I knew all of these things, but something feels different right now. I think that I finally fell out of love with her. I got my heart back.

I Wasn’t even thinking about it….wow!!! Darn. Relief. It’s like nursing an ankle injury and then no longer feeling the pain. But you’re a little nervous to step down too hard. But right now it feels OK. Like You u know u don’t have to limp anymore.

I haven’t felt this way since b4 she dropped the nuke on me. I feel good man. I feel good.

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