I think that if u just get over it is the best way to be over it.  This helps me… They duped u and fooled u.   They don’t and can’t FEEL love like that(lizard hearted).     U can’t make them feel it.   They just literaly can’t.    You’re trying to explain colors to a blind person.     Accept it.   They just literally can’t feel it like that….let it go and just stop expecting a monkey from not doing doing monkey ish…

Your r evolved past their monkey lizard mind…but they Literally are lacking that THING that makes US human beyond that.    Programming or psychology doesn’t matter….  don’t drown yourself trying to save someone who can’t swim,,U R NOT A LIFEGUARD (u martyr complexed ass  personn u lol)and they put themselves in deep waters despite the warning signs…try to save them and they will pull u below the waters with them.,,, perhaps they prefer DEATH.? they can’t swim and would drown YOU in order to save themselves anyway…now YOU’VE BECOME toxic in orderto push them off and save YOURSELF….   IT’S A NO WIN PROPOSITION……accept THAT IS WHO THEY ARE and can’t change and accept it.   Unless u have a bdsm relationship with your emotions….   yeah, but I don’t.  But I get it, it makes sense in a way

They are not like us.   U just have to accept that…otherwise not trust in the MOST HIGH to save you….stop idolizing  these people  out of habit( the spiritual enemy is using them).   it’s literally how trauma bonds work..some Christians say..( LOVE THE SINNER AND NOT THE SIN)….NOT EASY, but I gotta forgiveher……..let’s do better

And move accordingly

Love and power

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