Answered a phone call this morning from STBXW. I should have told her to text me instead. It is supposed to be good day.

She had the audacity to say “I feel that if we were to try to work things out, you wouldn’t be open to changing.” Wait….what? I never said anything about working on anything except figuring out custody for kiddo. She can’t be serious. This is the stuff I’m talking about. It was as if the entire 30 minute conversation we had the other day fell on deaf ears. Plus, “I wouldn’t be open to changing.”

Wow…. Ok, yeah, from outside looking in, I know that it sounds so rediculous that I’d even let that bother me. It’s just the nerve that’s all. Did she grow a pair of testicles or something? That’s pretty fucking ballsy to call someone after you blindsided, betrayed, humiliated, and so forth and tell them that “I feel like you aren’t open to changing if we were to try and work on things.”

Like who the fuck said anything about working on anything. Is this chick crazy? Forgiveness is one thing….I gotta do that for my sake and for the fact that we have to co-parent somehow. But getting back together is not even a factor in this. Even if she wanted me to consider it…. why the fuck would she start off with “You need to be open to changing.” As if the last 4 years didn’t just happen. W T F?


The hand on forehead emoji says it all.

Again, even though I understand she was ‘unhappy’ about certain aspects about the marriage…..

As i type this, I realize that I don’t need to explain this shit to myself. It makes my head hurt just thinking about it.

Some say that narcissists (And yeah, I’m going to use that term for now) are possessed by energies (spirits or demons) that know how to push your buttons in order to vex your spirit. I really don’t think stbxw is really smart enough on her own to do this. I don’t think she sits up at night thinking to herself … “how can I piss him off and confuse him”. Nah man. There is no way she could actually be this manipulative on purpose.

I mean what normal person in their right mind would actually say something so stupid….so obviously inconsiderate….and yet it somehow vexes me to the point where I have to come here and type out my feelings.

I’m healing and trying to get over this trauma bond. I’ve come so far and I can’t let her bring me back.

No contact back in FULL EFFECT.

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