I hate that broad man. I was just sitting her going over what I am going to say to kiddo and it’s really pissing me off that she could be such a fucking selfish cunt.

She swear she loves kiddo, but the idea of new dick and attention is enough for her to put him through this. If not that, then her fucking lust for money and material.

She is literally the cause of this specific pain in his life. I know that I need to have this talk…. and I need to do it maturely and in an emotionally controlled way. But still, I fucking hate her for doing this to him. And I have to witness it. Those fucking assholes who are fucking her won’t be here to witness the pain on our little guy’s face when this shit goes down. They won’t be there to see his heart break.

I never minded punishing him when he did something wrong. I am the disciplinarian of the house. A few groundings, yellings, a spanking here and there. I understand how much is pain necessary to drive home a point and get respect.

But this….this is cruelty. This bitch is breaking up our home. I don’t give a fuck how many other kids have gone through this. HE IS OURS. I’d damn near put up with her bullshit so that he doesn’t have to go through this, but as a man, I’d be violating what I know to be true. Plus I’d never want him to deal with a selfish bitch like this and would probably tell him as a man to send her back to the streets. No woman is worth this pain and humiliation.

And she wants me to cover for her lack of accountability in all of this. I”m implicated because of her selfish decisions. That evil witch can burn in hell.

Maybe it’s the protector instinct kicking in. You harm my kid, I WILL FUCK YOU UP….kind of thing. He’s a young man so I know there will be conflict and strife in his life and I want him to be able to handle it. I never coddled him. If he fell hard as a little kid, I’d tell him to get up and not make it like it was a big deal. If he got hurt a little, it was always “shake it off, let’s go.” He is tough.

He lost at some sport or something… was do better next time. Something bad happened to him….. That sucks….Life be like that sometimes…..but let’s keep it moving….. I push him when we’re sparring in boxing. I take him outside of his comfort zone sometimes. Of course I won’t let him drown. I’m just saying though, I’m not a coddling/helicopter parent.

But this though. This evil witch actually cares more about herself and some stupid gotdamn instagram likes and shit,new dick and attention, and whatever more than hurting his heart. You bitch you.

You gave up the “right” to unadulterated “happiness” for your own selfish needs when you had a child. I’m Not saying that she deserves misery. But until that child turns 18….you have to work for your happiness and it DOES MAKE YOU A TERRIBLE PERSON to put yourself first over them. Especially if it’s something that can hurt him that deeply. YOUR JOB you stupid bitch is to protect him as much as possible. WHAT DOES SHE DO instead. Put dick and her fucking “miserable” existence in the way. That stupid bitch ain’t miserable by any stretch due to abuse, financial woes, infidelity or anything of the sort. She’s miserable because she’s fucking jealous of people who she perceives is doing better than her.

GO out and put the work in. Stop blaming me for you not doing whatever the hell it is that you want to do. I never stood in the way. I always supported her. If she wanted me to do something….OPEN YOUR GOTDAMNED MOUTH and say something. I ain’t no fucking mind reader.

Now I have to experience….no WE have to experience this terrible bullshit because of HER ignorant, jealous, selfish, entitled ass. I hate this. But I gotta be strong and stay cool. This will probably be the hardest thing that I ever had to do…..

But as I would tell him. Life be that sometimes kiddo. Get up and let’s keep moving.

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