Land of shadows

So we had a phone conversation…..I started off cool… the beginning, but ended dominating the conversation…,as usual.

Say Nothing next time…be brief and get OFF the phone.

Sh3 even did the classical….I can’t hear u( implied) so “did u hear me”(impied) convo. she’s the ONLY person I seem to have these issues with.

As usual….she finally got me….after me saying “hello…can u hear me”… “yeah I hear u now” (despite me doing nothing differently)…. we talked. Or rather I started off asking questions, but in the face of silence….ended up talking

I’m a moron i know. Her game fucks u up

I truly loved her….shortcomings (sins) and all. I am supposed to hurt.

But part of the pain is letting go. Love implies that I want her to be happy….with or without me. In fact without me bcux I cannot be married to an unfaithful woman

So hope isn’t about karma or destiny. I just have to love that I played my role…she played hers…it got hurt and needed to learn how to forgive….

And the “i” in her played IT’s/our role in this story…our”me ” is was hurt

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