Why is it taking so long to manifest?

I’ve been listening to a lot of law of attraction videos over the past few years. I’m learning how to consciously manifest my reality.

Here are a few assumptions of my learnings:

1)We always manifest the conditions of our lives (purposefully or not)

2)We can choose what to manifest in our lives by imagining/feeling the desired outcomes prior to them happening in the real world

3)It may take some time and we don’t necessarily determine “how” it will happen, but just have faith that it will.

4)Internal faith should be more powerful than what external circumstances may presently show us.

5)We may contain limiting beliefs in our subconscious that prevent us from manifesting reality in the way we desire.

I could go into details about each of these assumptions, but for the sake of brevity, I’ll say that I decided to put these assumptions in to action. To do this, I would go into a meditative state….and visualize the outcomes I desire as if I already had them.

I desire a 2021 Dodge Ram 1500 sports edition pickup. I went to the dealership and looked inside of the truck. I touched it, took a picture in my cell phone. Imagined myself sitting inside of it. Cranking it up. Hearing the engine start. I imagined the feel of seats against my body. The “new car” smell. I imagined rolling the windows down and feeling the wind against my face. I imagined gripping the steering wheel. I imaged how it would “feel” to know that I owned this truck. I suspended all forms of disbelief thinking that I cannot afford this and in fact, that it really didn’t cost me anything significant price wise. I felt gratitude for owning this truck. I tried to imagine every detail of the experience having and owning this truck.

It’s been a few weeks, and so far, it seems (from my 5 senses) that I’m no closer to getting this truck than I was when I first started doing this. It’s not that I’m discouraged, but it has me wondering why it takes longer for somethings than another.

After learning of these techniques, I have also applied them to making love to my lover. And coincidentally or not, I’ve heard her say things that I imagined she would. I’ve even tried some of them on my wife. From a sexual aspect. It seemed to work as I had to tell her “just kidding” once or twice. Dunno what the fuck is up with that. Quick digression, I don’t know what I want from her specifically in this relationship, so I don’t know how to manifest other things from her though, but that’s another topic.

In addition to the truck thing, I’ve also tried to manifest, “being funny” and talkative. Perhaps I can do better with this. I’ll try again this afternoon and see if I can actually get people to laugh. It seems to work on my lover as before we talk, I try to consciously say to myself. “This is going to be a good/funny conversation.” It always is, but i do need to remember to show gratitude at the end. I say to myself really quickly before sex that it’s going to be amazing….and it is.

The thing in those situations is that I’m not really going all out to visualize the events leading up to the outcome, but mostly how I would like to feel after the event is over. It ony takes a few seconds….right before the event and it seems that I don’t have to continuously dwell upon the outcome in order to experience it.

The desired outcomes also work when driving ride share. When I remember, I consciously tell myself in my mind “I like you, you like me, this is going to be fun.” And the conversation is pleasant and interesting. Of course, for the sake of integrity, I will say that it could possibly be the case that I’m counting the hits and forgetting the misses. Still though, I do beleive that this effect, whether placebo or not seems to have something to the success of getting an desired outcome.

I once wanted a 1998 Toyota 4 runner. There was one for sale in a lot near an apartment complex I used to live in. I used to walk up there and look at it. I walked around it. I looked inside of it. I thought of how much I’d like to have one even though at the time, I didn’t have a plan to get it. A few months later, I won a scratch off lottery ticket for 50k. After taxes an so forth, it was around 32k. I wasn’t going to buy one since I already had a car, but mysteriously one day (i still have no idea how this happened) while getting a haircut it caught on fire while I was inside of the shop. Due to that fact, I found and bought the exact year and model Toyota 4runner cash for a great price.

I’m a tech person and whenever a new piece of tech comes out that I deeply desire, no matter the cost, it seems that something in me knows that I will have it. I usually end up getting it.

But the thing is that it doesn’t seem to take all of that visualization and imagination. I didn’t take much time in thinking about winning the scratch off though I do recall thinking how dope it would be that weekend if I did. I met a chick once before my wife who really wanted to get with. She was engaged, but a few months later, I ended up meeting my stbxw who looked (physically) like her.

I guess the thing that I’m trying to figure out is …it seems that I’ve manifested unexpected things in my past, but yet how? It seems that I’m getting some results now, but why not with others. The main difference so far is that it seems that I didn’t / don’t spend too much time dwelling on the desired outcome in the form of visualization or imagination.

It seems that I simply state what I want right beforehand (in my mind) and create a quick mental image of how it would feel once I had it. Perhaps this is the key. Maybe all the rest (meditative state/visualization etc) is too much. I’ll test it out this afternoon and see how it works.

The specific technique is to

1)articulate specifically what I want the desired outcome to be in my mind

2)imagine what it feels like to have it fulfilled

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