The Magic of Conscious Manifestation

Conscious Manifestation is a practice. It is the ability to purposefully create a desired outcome.

Normally, the external world is objectively happening while your mind is steadily interpreting it in real time. This interpretation is subjective and is based on your subconscious expectations and assumptions. These subconscious expectations and assumptions take the shape how you feel in your body along with mental snapshots about the future.

Manifestation is about getting our desired wish fulfilled. Our desired wish fulfilled comes along with a feeling(peace, gratitude, happiness, lightness of heart). Conversely, our fears also come with a feeling (anxiety, doubt, wanting, lacking, heavy hearted).

Therefore our feelings on a particular happening is going to be based on our subjective interpretation which is based on our expectations and assumptions. Our expectations and assumptions are basically prayer requests to the universe. The feeling that we get are these prayer requests being answered. The answered prayer is our interpretation of the events that the universe shows us.

We normally do this on autopilot subconsciously. Negative assumptions and expectations give negative results. Positive Positive. We often hold conflicting beliefs in our subconscious so we’ll experience a sort of mix between the two.


are usually a combination of visual flashes and feelings in the present moment about a future event. They happen in our conscious mind, but usually mostly outside of our awareness. Our minds create these “flashes” about the future automatically. It’s almost like an expected frame of reality or slice of an anticipated stream of consciousness in the future. These flashes though in the conscious mind, are created automatically, subconsciously based on our hopes, fears, desires, and interpretations of our past events. They happen at any given time, in real time, in the present.

It can be compared to breathing. We’re always breathing, whether we are aware of it or not. No matter what we are doing at the time (in general) or focused on, we are also breathing.

And just like you can control your breathing or even become aware of it. You can also control your future projections.

Focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want. If you’re prone to anxiety, Anticipate a future where you’re feeling light hearted instead of heavy hearted. Assume it, expect it. The universe will then give you that. You may not know HOW it will happen, but it will end up happening where you feel light hearted. This is basic manifesting. Keep in mind that how well you feel is going to be in direct correlation to the degree you believe it will happen. You don’t have to maintain the feeling, it’s a set it and forget it type of deal. But it if it does come to mind, remember to anticipate positive feelings every time. Feeling is the secret.


Faith isn’t necessarily a 1 sum kind of thing. It isn’t like you either have it or don’t. You have a combination of confidence and doubt for any given situation. If your anxiety overwhelms your confidence, say 70% anxiety vs 30% confidence. You’re going to experience something where you walk away feeling pretty anxious. It gets dicier the closer your anticipated confidence vs anxiety level is. In general though, we keep about a 50/50 or 45/55 55/45 type of situation going. Unless of course we anticipate something good or bad based on past experiences, fears, feelings of worthlessness, peformance expectations and so forth. Again, most of this is subconscious. But we can get flashes or glimpses consciously if we place our awareness on how we feel about the”likely” outcome of a future event.


Visualization and Presence are both tools that we can use to reprogram/pre-program our subconscious minds to purposefully create reality. Think of visualization as a flash of forethought. This fore-thought coupled with the desired feeling is key to getting what we want. The visualization doesn’t have to be clear, but I believe that the clearer it is, the more likely the feeling AND circumstances will play out. Many times, we don’t care how the circumstances play out, we just want the positive feeling.

For example, people want money, not for the paper currency specifically, but for the feeling that the money gives them. The money is just a tool for them to have the feeling. (security, importance, validation, etc).

It may happen that circumstances will still play out in a way that your prayer request (anticipated feeling) is answered. In the way that you expected it. But it may not. You’ll get the feeling for sure, but maybe not in the way you might have expected it to happen. But the more specific you are in these vision flashes of projected future outcomes, the more likely it is to play out the way you expected it to.


A tool in order to grounded is the power of speech. Words act as sort of a guide to our feelings. Though not necessary.

Future thought projections often come in like pictures or quick snapshots. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Words can also house a ton of feelings and defnitions too. But positive affirmations along with the associated desired feelings can be used in leiu of actually sitting there and hashing out the details of the visualization. Think about it, most future snapshot projections usually aren’t THAT detailed anyway. Yet they are powerful. The more you practice consciously using this, you’ll see what I mean.

Words though, sort of give you a compass to direct your desired feelings. They can help focus your efforts. For example think about the question: “what are you going to do tonight.” vs “what are you going to do tonight when you get in bed”. The extra words or details act as a guide which break down specific snapshots of the anticipated future. Use them to sort of direct or lead to the snapshots.

Add feelings to these snapshots. You may not have to completely visualize your room with the bed, and how the soft the mattress is and what the sheets smell like.

But the more specific you are, the more things you directly affect. This is what I mean by direct manifestation. You’re creating more than just the ‘feeling.’ You can sort of create the reality. It’s what is meant by “living in the end.” Imagine already being in the desired state. Visualizing it can help the universe manifest the specific conditions by which you experience that desired state.

It resonates with me to say that though you can manifest the details, the more you attempt to do this, the longer it may take or your efforts may not be as powerful as you’d like since there may be other subconscious beliefs that block or conflict with some of the things happening.

For example, if you want to be wealthy and have a lot of money. You may want to manifest the feeling of ‘security’ that money can give you. And you think that being wealthy is the means to get it. However, you may also hold the belief that you have to work hard or have business to get it. When you look at your life, you see that you either aren’t working that hard or don’t have a business. This will conflict with you manifesting a lot of money because you hold the subconscious belief that you must work hard or be a successful entrepreneur or else you can’t/won’t get it.

The more specific you are about how you must achieve the feeling, the more likely you are to run into some block. It can either cancel or weaken what you’re trying to manifest. It may not though, but if reality isn’t giving you what you desire…..look within as opposed to looking to the outside world to try and figure out what’s going on. You may subconsciously have or possess some limiting/contradictory beliefs. But this can be debatable in my opinion.

I say weed out your garden.

Outside reality is a reflection of your internal beliefs (assumptions and expectations).

Consciously be your own self fulfilling prophecy.

See what works best for you.

A few resources you can look up on YouTube are Rev. Ike, Neville Goddard, Claude Bristol, Joseph Rodriguez, Napoleon Hill, Dr. Joe Dispenza.

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