The Hoes are Corny

I don’t know what’s happening with me. But it’s like the more that I see these females out here twerking and “expressing their sexuality”, the cornier they look to me. It looks pathetic. It’s like seeing a 30 something year old man out here with sagging pants or talking on a “money phone.”

Niki Minaj, Meg the Stallion, Amber Rose, and Cardi B are all starting to look like clowns to me. I don’t care how fat the ass is or nice the tits are, they are starting to look rediculous to me. It’s not their looks so much as it is their actions. When I see these hen parties / girl trips with a bunch of 30 something year olds out here acting like late teen / early 20’s women, I just want to laugh (AT not not WITH them).

My stbxw’s behavior and corny ass jokes and desire to do these sexually charged tik tok challenges make me want to shake her and say, “bih you look stupid”. I know she/they are just having fun, but got damn, i dunno, it’s just corny to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad at sun dresses or clothing that accentuate or show a woman’s curves and features. That’s fine. But thot costumes and thirst trap apparel, along with with rachet behavior is just a complete turn off. Rediculous weaves, long fingernail claws, caked on makeup, and those hideous caterpillar eyebrows just make me want to ask what the hell is wrong with ya bih? It’s even worse when she’s completely out of shape. They look like a bunch of clowns. None of my male friends that I’ve asked say that they like it either, so it’s not just me. The makeup thing is unattractive because many of them look trannyish or it’s always the possibility that she looks completely different underneath it all. At least trans people have an excuse, so I understand that. Then again, I’m not interested in trans people sexually so I don’t have an issue with it for them. But a LOT of women just look worse with all of that make up on.

To be honest, a decent looking woman with little makeup, natural hair, and casual clothing are way more appealing to me. I’ve even had to tell my lover (she is my friend first) to tone it down a little if she’s trying to attract a quality guy into her life. If in doubt, be more conservative. She may attract fewer men trying to sleep with her that night, but it’s about attracting quality, not quantity. I don’t know why I try to put her onto game, but she is my friend and despite not wanting to lose her, I do want her to be happy. It would be such a waste if she got pregnant by some loser who simply gamed her into having sex and a child and abandoned them. I had a female friend once who this happened to (it’s sad really). I didn’t want to be in a relationship with her, but we would have probably made decent co-parents. I mean I want another kid too and if that was the case, at least she could have had a kid with someone who really does care about her well being and will be there for them. But i digress.

I’m not saying to be a church girl. But just be, ya know. Normal. Ya dig?

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