The Game in 2021

I just watched a video of some light skinned shorty with a nice ass and cute face twerking on worldstar. I usually don’t fall for the thirst trap, but decided what the hell. Shorty was gorgeous, I can’t lie, it did get my heart rate up (i’ve been celibate for the few weeks or so and am practicing no fap), but while attracted on a physical level, I was turned off by her behavior.

Reading the comments and so many dudes were complimenting her on her body and skills. Many were saying how they’d perform x sexual act(s) on her. It ain’t no way I’d pursue anything with her other than a bare minimum conversation. She’d most likely have to pursue me if sex were to happen. Even then, I’m not chasing someone like that.

That said though, I’m facing a bit of cognitive dissonance when it comes to women. I mean on one hand, I’d love to find someone right for me. On the other, I fear falling in love. It ain’t really in me to pursue women….especially if I know she’s ‘dating’ other men. You can say whatever about it not being my business to know what she’s doing, but fuck all that. I can’t see myself taking a woman out to dinner/movies, paying for the whole thing, and then not getting any that night. Matter of fact, sex had to have come first before any of that occurs. Otherwise, we’re going dutch where she has to pay for something.

I’d feel like a complete sucker knowing that I spent the good part of my evening with a woman (time + energy + resources) just for her to call her ‘back breaker’ after the date. Normally, this guy didn’t have to do anything except show up. And why should he get preferential treatment? I’m not into stealing a chick from a guy. I’ve never met a chick yet where I feel like I wanted to share her….even if temporarily.

I like the intimate parts of sex too much. I like kissing and making out. I like oral….giving and receiving. I like holding hands and all that goofy shit. Regular sex is good too, but I be wanting more and being unable to do those extra things kind of ruins the moment for me.

Plus, there is a fine line between simping and showing that you like her that I haven’t figured out. The more you show that you like them, the less they respect you. But on the other hand, the less attention you give them, the more interested…..(at least to a point). And this area is different for different women. Hell it’s different for the same woman depending on her level of attraction, time you’ve been together, what’s going on in her life and so forth.

Bottom line is that they have too many gotdamned options. Between dudes who actually love her and want her. And the thirsty simps who pretend to. And the dudes who she’s attracted to that can dog her out. And dudes with good game. There is too much competition. I don’t have the patience for it.

Even IF she is attracted to me for the moment, I know that they have the capacity to do a 180 at any given time. So I just cannot allow myself to fall for her, even if things are going good in the moment. It’s too emotionally taxing and stressful.

The way I see it, a title such as wife or girlfriend isn’t going to stop her from cheating. You’re bound to get attached to her if you see her for too long though. But still, I don’t trust them. They are master actresses. They can say that everything is cool, but you have to have a sense of her attraction level to you. And there is no hard science to this.

Say she’s acting distant or bitchy. Perhaps she’s having a bad week. Maybe she’s going through something. Maybe it’s just her personality. Maybe, it’s all in my head. Either way, bringing it up makes you look weak or insecure. She’ll usually lie (whether someone else is in the picture or not) and say she’s ‘fine’.

A simp would try to figure it out. Someone who doesn’t care, just doesn’t care and in the end she at least maintains a level of respect. It’s like she can never really know that you care about her. It’s like you have to be inconsistent between your words and actions. You can actually give a fuck while saying that you don’t. Or you can not give a fuck and say that you do. Too many games, but it’s like she has to have some doubt. But I’d rather be the latter guy if I’m honest.

Many men cheat because they want to.

Some men cheat because we have to. I would love to be faithful to one woman, but it truly doesn’t work if you want to keep her long term. In 2021, you have to be the cheater or be cheated on it seems. I hate that rule, and I’m sure it’s an unpopular opinion. But it’s the truth. Real talk, It’s better to have no women than to have just one. Or at least you have to put it in her mind that you do / could have someone else at any given moment. Otherwise, she gets bored and bad things happen.

But perhaps this is why, despite everyone hating on “fuck boys”, they are winning when it comes to women. If I am going to want a sexual relationship with women, I have to take my heart out of it. But not just that, I have to be willing to say whatever and to the least in order to get it. It’s like the goal is to get them attached while avoiding attachment. Ironcially, this is what they are really attracted to despite saying otherwise. But look at who gets them attached the most? You guessed it. Fuck boys. Who gets cheated on or left (if you’re lucky), the guys who try to be committed to them.

It doesn’t take a phd in counseling to figure out which path is best for your emotional well being. But it might take one to help me overcome this desire to want to be faithful. Apparently, somewhere in my mind, there is a spirit of tricking or simping that I need to overcome. I never thought I’d say that being faithful to one woman would be a bad thing. But in real life, these are the times we live in.

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