Really Tho’ Black Woman

I know this is going to probably be a controversial posting, but I’m going to put it out here anyway. The vast majority of black women I know (when I say most, I mean all)…. at least the ones I’ve talked to about the subject swear that they are so oppressed.

They swear they have it so hard here in America. From their view, between racism and patriarchy, you’d think that they were second class…scratch that, third class citizens here in the states.

Now I won’t say that they don’t feel that way and that they are misleading me with how they actually feel. But I do think that their feelings come from what they’ve been conveniently told by the media and our educational institutions. They’re brainwashed into thinking that they have it so hard somehow.

Whenever I see articles online about black excellence, it’s usually some black women who owns businesses. Ever take a look at college campuses here lately, the majority of students are black women. Of minorities in corporate or even the educational professions….black women. Black women are nurses, lawyers, doctors, politicians, police officers, tech professionals, scientists. Our vice president….a black woman. Mayor of Atlanta….you guessed it.

In my own personal life, I know more black women making 6 figure incomes than men. When you think of strong women, what do you think of…. strong “black” women. Yet ask these women about it, they will tell you that they are so oppressed. That the entire world is out to stop them or get them. That they have to work 10x harder to do anything.

They claim that the world thinks they’re so ugly, yet you have women of all nationalities out there going under surgery to get their full lips and nice shapes. Who has the world singing WAP. Who is at the forefront of women reclaiming their sexuality. Who is the world trying to dance like?

Noone can complain about black women at all. In fact, if you’re ready to lose your career as man, say something negative about a black women publically. The cancel police or HR will be on that ass faster than ash on a cold winter day.

In fact, one of the biggest complaints black women have today about men is finding one who is “on their level”. This would be a strange question for such an oppressed person to ask.

Yet if you bring up these facts, they will still vehemently tell you that they are the most oppressed people in the world. I mean if you want to make a black woman angry, tell her that she isn’t. It’s almost as if their entire identity starts at the foundation that they are at the bottom of the barrel.

I’m not saying that they have everything perfect. Or that they don’t have problems/issues with society as a whole. But let me ask, what person/ group doesn’t? Nearly everyone is oppressed in some shape form or fashion. Then they make the categorical mistake of getting angry if you stereotype them, but then wanting to take credit for something positive if someone who looks likes like them does it.

Many of them (with very few exceptions) argue very emotionally. It doesn’t matter how educated they are. Very often, logic goes out of the window if you disagree with them. A black women literally CANNOT be wrong in an argument. It’s as if you’re insulting her entire existence. Especially, the more educated or financially successful she is. And this would be ok, IF she argued logically. But most of the time, she’ll either deflect, create straw men, try to be funny (key word is TRY), or outright dismiss your argument. Try it (AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION) and let me know how it went. Take note of how they will quickly try and change the entire point. Note how they argue something you weren’t even talking about specifically. Note how they try to make a bad joke (and laugh at it). Note how they can never accurately sum up your specific argument. Ask, them, what is my point…..(and I’ve done this a few times, and 99% of the time, they cannot tell me) Their point isn’t to try to gain an understanding of your point of view. But to win. And winning to them is either having you shut the fuck up. Give up. Or just agree with them.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to disparage all black women. I love them. But these critiques are here because it’s something on my mind and things I’ve noticed about many of them. I could see how many would say that I hate black women.

It’s not true. It’s like if I critiqued my son or even my own black mother for certain behaviors I noticed. It doesn’t meant hat I don’t love them.

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