How Times Have Changed

In most of modern history, men were expected to be the breadwinners and financial providers for the family. More recently though, I’d say within the last 30 years or so, women’s rights have afforded many women the opportunity to afford be financial providers for themselves and their families. Though the e

There seems to be sort of disconnect between the role of men and women working in the home. In my family, (and I believe the african American community as a whole) both husband and wife both worked. I can’t speak for other people, but my grandparents and parents both worked jobs to provide income for the family. A stay at home wife was not something most families could afford. In fact, my mother was more educated than my father, and made more money than him….even though he did always work or was never out of a work for too long.

So growing up, seeing this, I thought it was normal. I never thought or made much mind of who actually made the most money. The household duties were pretty much split as far as i can tell and both parents worked and did their best with the money they brought in. I was never privy to any information about financial difficulties arising because one felt like the other wasn’t providing their financial weight so to speak.

It was a rude awakening when I grew up to realize that my family may not have been the norm when it comes to this, but perhaps an exception to the rule. Then again, my mom is a bit different from a lot of women as well. She’s not really all that materialistic. She never owned, nor expressed a desire to own things like designer clothes, fancy bags, luxury cars, or the largest house on the hill. She never seemed interested in “building an empire” or taking fancy trips and vacations overseas.

As far as I can tell, her biggest issue with pop was his constant infidelity. So I’m thinking when I grow up, I’m gonna be able to rock the hell out of this being a husband thing. Just work, provide what I can financially, help with the household duties and kids, don’t cheat, and most importantly, love and support my wife.

Shit….i took it even further and chose to keep fit in the gym.

As the infamous Mike Tyson says, “we all have a plan, until we get hit the mouth.” And damn, life clipped me pretty good on that one. Here are 10 things that I missed.

1)Modern women have too many got damn options. Between thirsty simps willing to say and do anything to get in bed with her and social media providing the platform to make this happen. It will almost be impossible to keep men away from your woman (especially if she’s somewhat attractive). Old crushes, flames, high school sweethearts, college situationships, workplace crushes all give women too many options. There is a saying that says that most people are only as faithful as their options. It’s only a matter of time before she exercises one of those options to a persistent beta or narcissistic alpha.

2)Divorce is no longer a stigma in society. In fact, in some cases, it seems to be a bit of a rite of passage. Certain feminist mindsets have given women a sense of entitlement to where they can really do no wrong. That they deserve the best of the best. And anything less is settling. Their personal happiness is of the upmost importance and every women is a princess who deserves it no matter what it takes to have it. Even if that means leaving the family to “find herself”. Or running off with her “true soulmate”. She is always encouraged to “live her truth” regardless of what it takes to get it. They equate being miserable with not being optimally happy. If they have to cheat to get it, then guess what, they will and not lose any sleep over it…..especially since she probably thinks she’s settling for you anyway. To top it off, society doesn’t really hold them accountable if they engage in toxic behavior.

3)Because they make their own money, then they feel that the man should make more. This even goes for women with 6 figure incomes. Ironically, they never have a problem if men make more. In fact this is ideal for them. I’m thinking that some gender roles are human constructs and not necessarily always based on biological factors. This is one of them.

In ancient times, it made sense for men to go out and hunt animals as we are naturally bigger, stronger, and faster. In not so ancient times, we lived a patriarchal society where women did not have many rights, nor the ability to acquire or keep resources.

In more recent times however, many women are in a position to provide more financially, but feel they cannot submit to a man who makes less money than them. They would leave an otherwise decent man over this as they feel that they cannot respect him. They equate net worth to self worth….as many humans do. It be like that.

4)Women feel the need to go through a “hoe phase”. In the past, it was said that men needed to go out and “sow their royal oats.” Dunno how I feel about that. Maybe some do, maybe some don’t. But I don’t really like hoes. I mean outside of sex. If i find out she was a hoe in a previous life, it sort of kills it for me. I generally equate hoes to cheaters and once a cheater always a cheater maybe. And who in the hell wants to be known as the guy who married the chick who got a train ran on her by the varsity baseball team. It’s like the more sex she’s had the less you want to wife her or something.

Sex for men, or for me anyway is an effort based thing. Pussy pretty much feels the same. Great. I pretty much judge the sex by how much she’s also into it. Unless she’s a total starfish, has a huge canyon down there, refuses to take it if it is a bit big for her, has bad hygiene, can’t kiss at all, or refuses to go down, then she’s good enough. Say out of 50 women, I’d say only 10 are bad sexually. But that said, good pussy is quite common and so not really that special.

On the other hand, say she goes through a hoe phase and gets that 10inch monster or the guy who fucks her better than you ever did. She’s likely to go back to him (if not just for sex) while with you on the low. Just saying, the more sex she’s had, the more likely she has a favorite and the less likely it’s you, unless you’re the 10’er. How can you expect to keep her sexually satisfied forever if you were never her favorite to begin with. They all tell you that you’re the biggest and or best ever. But they probably tell all guys that unless he’s unusually terrible. I used to fall for it, but even though I’d rather hear it than not, I usually don’t believe them.

5)Women don’t like nice guys. Understandable. But I’m pretty sure they don’t like good guys either. At least they don’t until they get older. But by then, many guys have been burned bad by falling in love. Being a good/nice guy is considered being a simp. All the the things as far a courting goes has a weird effect of making them like you more, but becoming less attracted to you. You can balance this out by being a “bad guy” who’s nice sometimes. But you genuinely have to be mostly selfish though. You must naturally have dark triad characterisitics like narcicism, a little psycopathy, and a hint of machiavelianism, and it has to be ingrained in you. You have to be a “bad ass” in order to gain attraction. Women i’ve talked to said that those guys make them feel more secure. It works for some guys as they are naturally like that, but I don’t think that women realize that “good guys” don’t really fear “bad guys.” I’ve never feared a man because i thought he was a “thug” or “gangster”. Go figure? It would seem that those types come with the opportuinity for things to go south. I just don’t deal with them and tbh, at least where I’m from, guys don’t fuck with you unless you’re a pushover. There is a certain level of respect that you show and most cases you’re good. No need for posturing or being the top dog in the room. I know I can hold my own with the best of them so why invite the bullshit if unnecessary.

6) The less you like her, the more she likes you. This sort of goes into point 5. You can’t really show her a lot of love unless you’ve done some fucked up thing to her. Otherwise, the relationship gets stale and boring. Or she doesn’t think of you as a challenge and she loses attraction. You have to spike her emotions between happy and mad or happy and sad. In order to do this, you really can’t give a fuck about her. The easiest way really i think is to cheat. Sad to say, but if you want to keep her attracted, you have to cheat in order to keep yourself from feeling desperate about her. If she ain’t complaining, then you aint gaining. If you don’t fight, you ain’t doing something right. They love toxic and struggle love. If you don’t like to argue or find things to be mad about, then a relationship probably isn’t going to work for you. Unfortunately, cheating is a must. Having only 1 girl is worse than having none these days.

7)Money is everything. Just like a woman with great looks gets a lot of chances. Men with a lot of money get the same priveleges. She really only loves you because of your money. Just don’t be too weird, decent looking, and she’ll drop anything for you if you’re wealthy. Money is god to most of them. You can have the look, personality, compatibility, etc, but the most important thing on the list is the money. Even if they say it isn’t.

8)You have to be an entertainer. If you cannot keep her laughing, then you’re fucking up. That’s not the end all be all, but if another guy can make her laugh more than you, then you’re going to have problems on your hands.

9) Love is conditional and transactional. If you fail to keep her happy. She won’t hesitate to jump ship or at the very least cheat to get her “emotional needs” met. They may fight for struggle love, but not boring love. Come to think of it, it makes sense. If she’s always distracted by the bullshit you put her though, she cannot ever see the real you. If, one the other hand, she see’s the good you too much, and that’s not enough, then what hope is left. At least if she can put a finger on some bad behavior, then there is potential for you to change. If you’ve already shown your potential….and it isn’t enough, then she loses hope and is ready to move on the to the next one.

Women don’t want your love, they want money, status, trips, vacations, happiness, entertainment, great sex, a therapist, psychologist, a great provider, entertainer, protector, comedian, corporate thug, a faithful man who all other women want, one who puts them in their place while at the same allows them to get away with everything. They want an enforcer, god fearing hell raising, bad man who turned his life around because of her and turned into a successful empire owner. Fail to miss even one one of those demands, she’s unhappy, unless you can trauma bond with her. Otherwise good luck, good guy.

10) Most women over inflate their value. Ugly women don’t know that they’re ugly. Fat chicks don’t care that they’re fat. Many women don’t know that they are average at best. Every one of them thinks that her pussy is uncommonly good. Even if her looks are decent, many have serious personality issues that need work. But none can seem to acknowledge it. Each one thinks they deserve the perfect man of their dreams. Anything less is settling.

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