Conflicting Interests

So i work with this younger chick who stopped me today with news about her “flirtationship” as she calls it with one of the mail couriers. The guy is pretty cool. Tall, handsome (no homo), and pretty charming. A bit, or should i say a lot of a player. Cool guy nonetheless as far as I’m concerned.

This chick is a bit on the naive side. Raised right for the most part with both parents. But kind of like most females, have a bit of a over inflated ego due to the simps she normally deals with. Par for the course for her age. Young 20’s I’d say. I still wouldn’t classify her as a ho. As far as I can tell, based on some of the conversations we’ve had, she hasn’t gone through the ho phase yet.

She says she sees our relationship as big brother/ lil sister. We tease each other and joke around and stuff. Anyway, she asked my advice on what I thought about him and is sort of wanting to know if they should hang out outside of work. I guess also probing if I knew if he had a “crush” or if I knew anything about how he felt about her.

Gossip, I know, and normally i would just dismiss this as ok little girl I don’t want to hear about this. Bottom line is, I know dude is a pretty smooth operator. My impression is that he’d smash and she doesn’t know what she’s in for. Things could get pretty ugly AND her naivety combined with her arrogance might lead to all kinds of ish down the road. She seems to be a pretty good girl and I’d hate to lead her to having a hurt heart by not saying anything.

The nice guy in me wants to tell her more (not everything) of what I know. But bro code dictates, it is what it is. Besides, no matter what I tell her, she’s gonna do whatever the hell she wants to do. No point in sacrificing my friendship with him by telling the truth as I’m sure she’ll talk about my observation. He did somewhat trust me enough to show me several videos he’s taken of baddies he’s smashing. Plus a few guys in the office sort of knows about his exploits.

I pretty much told her to do whatever. I don’t know anything, but she kept pressing. So i finally conceded to just hang out and don’t put her heart in it. I laughed because I’ve known guys like this and to me, even if I didn’t know what I knew, I could tell he’s a player.

She mistook my laughter as if he had mentioned her in conversation or something. She had a really niceguy boyfriend she broke up with as per one of our conversations because he was actually too nice. Dude was a real simp though. Young, good guy, like I once was, so i get it. Obviously not understanding on how these things work. At least based on the ‘good’ things he did for her a bit too often.

I asked her what was her impression of him. “He’s so nice, and funny”. Yeah, i responded, so why are you asking me what I think?

Her: Well, did he mention anything about me?

Me: No

Her: So why are you smiling and looking away?

Me: Cuz yall (as in you females) are hilarious.

Yeah, i’ll just let sleeping dogs lie on this one. It ain’t my problem.

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