In love with a married woman….not me though

So I did a google search on the psychology of married women who leave their family for another man. I was hoping it could give me some insights on to what in the hell could be going on in the mind of my soon to be ex wife.

I ran across a few quora forums where men were asking if a married woman would leave their husbands for them. I was patently disgusted. I mean really? How freaking thirsty and immoral does one have to be in order to be actively want to break up a family. How stupid do you have to be to believe that she won’t cheat on you also. How cold do you have to be to not give a fuck about how it might affect the husband and the kids.

Men who willingly cheat with married women are disgusting to me. Especially those men who want to take them on for themselves. Two things that you know about a woman in that situation is that 1)she’s a cheater 2)she’s a liar.

Are these men so desperate that this is the best that they can do. Are they really that shallow and superficial that they the woman’s beauty/sex/ or whatever really have you considering wifing another man’s wife.

Apparently there is, and there is no small number of them. I have “friends” who have dated other men’s wives. Knowing that they were married. Once I found out, I realized that I could never trust these “friends” at all. They have no morals, no boundaries, and because they are willing to do unto others, things, they wouldn’t want done to them. Especially in the context of a family. These men are conniving, opportunistic, snakes. They are the worst and even though I wouldn’t kill a man who does it to me, I would have ZERO sympathy for them if a man did.

I seriously despise these guys, they are liars, thieves, and have no moral compass. How could anyone ever trust a man without boundaries. How could these women trust these men and vice versa.

But then again, perhaps they are good for each other. They are more “equally yoked” in a biblical sense. I reached out the my wife’s new guy via text a week or two ago simply letting him know who I am, our relationship, and telling how she already cheated 3x on me. I ended it with I won’t be reaching out anymore and to just do with the information as he saw fit.

Of course, this fool responds with “we’re just friends” and a link to 50 cent video. The thing is, I don’t give a fuck. He can have her. Maybe she is a hoe. Or maybe she’s going to love bomb the fuck out of him until he submits into a relationship or maybe he’s going to smut her out…..or maybe both….who knows, but the point is that I know I’m ready to leave because I haven’t been concerned about calling, texting, figuring out what she’s doing, when she’ll be home….tbh, i hope she stays. The fact that she’s always been pretty secretive is just another dealbreaker for me as far as relationships go. Knowing what I know about her, I’d never allow her to get this dick again. Like she’s unworthy of getting any pleasure from it, and I’d be a damned simple ass fool to let her try to make me feel sexually good. She’s not worthy of it. That’s not to say I’d never do an actual hoe, but I put her in a category below ho.

Maybe she’ll never come back. I mean it would suck for kiddo, but I’d be perfectly ok if I NEVER saw her again. It’s been a bit harder around the apartment since I can’t work part time and all the chores and responsibilities have been on me, but it’s so much more peaceful mentally knowing that she isn’t texting another man in the next room….or even right next to me…..and it’s so worth the hardships for now. Peace of mind man. Priceless.

In fact, it’s going to suck when she returns as I’m sure she’s going to probably be reaching out to whomever even more so. I pray she just stays away for as long as possible and even longer. But since I don’t know when/if she’ll return, I really need to make a plan to vacate as not to live in the toxicity while she’s here.

I am grateful for the break and the longer she’s away, the easier it gets not to dwell on it. Especially since I’m committed to not checking her soical media, email, etc. I no longer feel as hurt, or anxious at the thought of her. I think this is exactly what I need to fully be over it.

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