Out of Control

Thot culture and the acceptance of woman promiscuity is quite disturbing to me. I don’t know if it’s just me….maybe I suffer from toxic masculinity or male chauvinism, but I’m sort of repulsed by women who flaunt their sexuality out in public.

It turns me off in a way. While I do like a nice body in a sundress, curves through distress jeans, and what not, there is something about actually seeing real women engaging in sexual acts outside the context of porn that somewhat turns me off about them. The line between classy and trashy is often crossed and lands on the trashy side of things.

There was a difference between playboy and hustler magazines back in the day. Many modern day females are straight out of hustler magazines.

I really despise the Cardi B’s, Meg the Stallions, and Nicki Minaj’s of the world. I think it comes down to the fact that I still see sex as a private thing. I think that it encourages women to not only be thots, but also unfaithful.

I hear a lot of women say that it’s their sexuality and it parading it around ’empowers’ them on some level. To me, it causes me to lose a certain level of respect for her. It’s sort of like the difference between a fighter who is humble about his abilities outside the ring (save selling tickets to a main event fight) and one who is cocky and always ready to talk about how badass he is.

I think it’s the vanity and arrogance that turns me off. If u got it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to flaunt it. Looks, especially if genetically or artificially obtained seems to be too easy. And the thirsty simps who fall for the thirst traps also disgust me.

I’ll admit that I am judgmental when it comes to that. But for some reason, I don’t like arrogance and self boasting. It’s just a character trait that I’m somewhat turned off by.

It’s kind of like people who flaunt their money in order to get people to like them. And the people who like someone because they have money. Like those people suck to me. And while I know that I don’t have to deal with them and I’m not exactly a saint either. I just don’t dig that type of behavior.

It seems shallow and superficial. In the same token, it’s like women who do this seem shallow and superficial.

Many women seem to think that sexual liberation is the same thing as being a hoe. And that men should just accept them for being a hoe. The thing is (an I suspect many men also feel this way), I can accept a woman for being a hoe, I’m just not feeling her for anything other than sex. I just don’t respect her. Or rather, I respect her about as much as I respect hoes.

Not saying that I don’t respect them as people, I just don’t respect them as someone I’d want to interact with outside of sex. There seems to be a lack of humility that is a turn off.

Plus a certain degree of toxicity that comes along with dealing with certain people for too long. A hoe doesn’t appear to be the faithful type. She seems like she’d be manipulative and a liar. She doesn’t seem that she’d have a real conscious preventing her from doing any wicked/evil thing that would promote her own self interests, regardless of the consequences of her actions on those around her.

They are only out for themselves and their money. It’s just not attractive in terms of looking for a mate or partner. Selfish people suck at being mates and partners. They tend to create toxic environments. Yet today, ladies are encouraged to be selfish and permiscous. And they wonder why men don’t really want relationships or take them seriously.

Girls just wanna have fun is as much an indictment as it is an observable fact. Many of these modern females take nothing seriously, not even themselves, only relying on the thirst of these simps to give them validation. They see men as only ATMs or sources of validation reminding them of how superficially beautiful they are.

They are like the woman in proverbs who wipes her mouth and says she did nothing wrong. She actually believes that she is entitled to immoral behavior

They objectify men as if we are work horses designed to meet their every whim and desire. And many feel that the only thing they have to bring to the table is sex. They take this whole women are goddesses or princesses way too damn far. And these simps who subscribe to this, either truthfully, or simply as a means of getting sex are really just terrible.

I’m losing faith in humanity at this point. I’m really losing a lot of respect for the thotty woman and the simp man at this point. And it seems the problem is getting worse. Sex, superficiality, and thot culture is just as bad / if not worse than too much religion.

I’m about over it.

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