Accepting Wap Nature

I’m thinking that I just have to come to the conclusion that pretty much all women in 2020 are hoes. By hoes, I mean, unfaithful, sneaky, opportunistic and disloyal.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s sleeping with every man that she meets nor does it mean that she is sleeping with men for money. It simply means that it’s very likely she’s sleeping with some other man on the side while she’s with you. It could be a situationship, fwb, an ex, her crush, the occasional one night stand, co-worker, whatever.

Even if she isn’t having a physical infidelity, she has someone lined up and ready to go at any time she feels ready to move on. Based on anectodal evidence and several statistics out there, most already have a guy lined up and probably are already in or halfway in a relationship before she breaks up.

Once she loses interests, she’ll hold on to the primary relationship until she has something else lined up. As she lines those things up, cheating (physical and emotional) infidelity is sure to follow. In other words, by the time you finally get around to breaking up, she is already in a relationship with someone else.

She will blow up the primary relationship and move on without any regret, respect, or remorse. Be aware of the signs (not what she says) or else you’ll be there blindsided wondering how she moved on so fast.

If rich, handsome, powerful, and successful men have issues with keeping her, then what chance does the average man have.

Most women today are serial monogamists, who can’t be alone, and once the attraction is gone, so is the respect and morals (as far as interpersonal relationships go).

In other words, even though she says that she hates liars and cheaters, she will become that thing until she gets what she wants. And will deny it even when confronted with the direct evidence. It brings out the worst in her character, and too often men, too thirsty to recognize or care will still justify her behavior because he’s getting sex or validation from a woman he may be attracted to. It will bite him in the ass in the future, but I’m starting to think that most men are stupid and immoral (especially when it comes to women) as well.

This is how the vast majority play the game and this is why men must always be cognizant of red flags. She will never tell the truth and even when confronted with it, she’ll lie, deceive, gaslight, or blameshift.

She will brag or even be proud of the fact that she’s so “strong” or cold hearted. She may even find pleasure in “breaking” the man she discarded though she will fake like it isn’t her “intention” on screwing him over.

The approach for a man these days is internal apathy. In other words, show love, remain stoic, and understand that she’s never yours, it’s just your turn. Men cannot love women the way from an attached way. The idea of a soulmate is about as dangerous of a idea as any bad one.

Now this fact may appear to be coming from a place of bitterness and brokenness, but don’t kill the messenger. Many women will deny the fact that they do this. But it’s 2020, there are few women with integrity and fewer contain the internal self reflection necessary for the type of love that long term relationships and marriage require.

It is to say that loving these women with your heart, in real self sacrificial way is a terrible idea. We must not allow ourselves to get caught up into thinking that the good sex, ego stroking, and compliance she gives when she’s into us is anything other than temporary. It’s not enough to to dedicate your life to her.

Those good morning texts, making her laugh, funny memes, orgasms you give her, gifts, and surprises really don’t mean as much to her as you think they do. Even if she says she appreciates it, trust and believe that you aren’t the first, nor probably will be the last to do that for her.

That special connection that you have right now, well do you think you are the first or last (and now days “only”) one she got going on? Do you really believe that these special moments are enough to keep her respecting you when the honeymoon phase wears off. Once the attraction fades, so does the respect when it comes to women. Always remember that.

While looks, money, and status all play a role in attraction, novelty is also a requirement in order to keep her on her toes.

How many other females have you shared these moments with? How great and amazing was it in the beginning. Texting all day. Great sex, the promises, plans, discovering things about each other, inside jokes….. How did that turn out for you?

What i’m saying is enjoy the moment, but don’t fall for the illusion.

Look at it as a vacation of sorts, but eventually, the trip is over and you have to go home. Relationships are not permanent and the ideas of marriage being a forever thing is detrimental to your emotional well being and health.

Unless you’re willing to concede that your woman will most likely cheat, fall for temptation, get tired of you, and go back on everything she claims to stand for (while she’s under the illusion of being in love), you aren’t really equipped to love her for real for real. You’re going to be hurt if you put those expectations on her. Add marriage, kids, and mixing of finances in the mix, and you’re looking at a disaster waiting to happen.

“Yeah, but our love is different” you tell yourself. Let you and everyone else in love tell it. How about the guy before you?

How about the girl before her? Are you assuming that her ex was an asshole or not man enough, but somehow you are? Pretty sure you think the same about the guy before you this time too, just as you thought the same about the guy your last ex was with.

So when i say don’t love, i say love her for what she is, but never believe for one moment that she is who she says she is. It’s bad out here for relationships. It’s not just me, but so many men out here like me. Many even better than me have learned this the hard way.

Though it is difficult, the best way to move is to love her for what she is, oblivious, deceitful, insecure, beautiful, entertaining. Love the feeling she gives you, but realize that you’re never meant to be permanently attached. It’s just your turn, but instead of being angry or bitter or complaining about it, just accept it for what it is and move accordingly.

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