Tired of Hoes

My facebook and Instagram timelines are littered with half naked women shaking their assets for the world to see.   Websites that I frequent such as worldstarhiphop and flyheight very often have videos of scantily clad women gyrating.    My friends send pics and memes to me of naked/half naked women stripping or doing something or another.   And these dudes lose their minds over them.

Women are out here swallowing cucumbers whole to prove they don’t have a gag reflex.   Sucking bananas, wearing tiny shirts that expose their breasts, and doing whatever to grab attention.   And these dudes be out here losing their minds…..encouraging this behavior.

We’re out here bragging about sleeping with other men’s wives and girlfriends.  Pointing to women in yoga pants in public places.    How many women we sleep with.   Slapping high fives with each other and encouraging being a man whore.   We encourage men spending money at strippers and week after week, the lines ate packed, full of thirsty men lining up to simply see women (who they probably aren’t going to have sex with) pay them money just to see them strip.    How stupid is that given that internet porn is free!!!

There are even apps with thirsty men paying women to see them strip down or twerk for cash app donations.   True story:  I once created a fake profile on the dating app plenty of fish with 1 picture of a good looking woman.   On the description, I simply put “I’m all about that bag.”

I literally had to turn the notifications off that morning.   By noon, I had over 60 dudes hit it up.    That night there were 99+.     (it stops counting after 99).    1 pic and the most shallow description ever and you would have thought her juice box had the cure to death in it.

Yet we sit here and complain about how ‘women ain’t shit’.    Is it any wonder why?   I’m starting to get disgusted.    We’re so freaking thirsty that it’s starting to annoy me.   I’m not even mad at the women, but at us for encouraging this thotlike behavior.    It’s hypocritical as fuck to act stupid on one hand when they do it and yet encourage it on the other.

My cousin was on an app where he payed these coins (in app purchase coins)to women he thought were cute, they couldn’t even strip, all they had to do was twerk a little and pose.   The coins could be converted to real money.

The thirst is really real out here.

I’ve come to the conclusion that women ain’t ish because we don’t control our lust.  We have somehow ingrained into our collective consciousness that pussy is worth losing self respect over.   We put it on a pedestal to our own detriment.

I was trying to explain to my cousin how I couldn’t do it, but he looked at me like he understood what I was saying, but he just didn’t get it.   Similar as to how I understood what he was doing, but I just don’t get it.

It’s not like he stood a chance with ever hooking up with these women.   It isn’t like his ‘donation’ was going to sway her to come out and have sex with him.    This is beyond ‘tricking’ (paying women for sex) which I stand against in principle, but, I do actually get it.    Yet most of these dudes will also tell you that they are some kind of pimp.   If this aint the most anti pimping thing I ever heard, I don’t know what is.

As long as dudes are out here willing to say, do, spend anything just to validate women to possibly get sex….and women either believe them while getting the validation they need for their ego’s then there is no point in complaining about them.   There is no point in getting upset when the only reason they can cheat is because men help them/ even encourage them to do so.

I’m the last thing from a feminist, but the unbridled lust that we have has led to the downfall of women in the west.   Thot culture is winning because ultimately, we fund and encourage it.

It’s really getting to the point where physically beautiful women aren’t that beautiful to me anymore.  In my mind, I’ve associated it with whoredom.   What I look for is a connection.  I know first hand what it’s like to be connected emotionally to an emotionally devoid beautiful woman.

Perhaps on a subconscious level, they remind me of how vulnerable they can make me.   Beautiful women are dangerous man.  Having barely survived that flame, this moth can tell you that they will burn you to death.    They can be like the black widow spider that devours her male courtier.  And many men are easy prey.

Maybe my problem is that I truly want love.   Not just meaningless hookups.   I mean I’ll take that if she makes it easy, but as far as being a shameless fool for it, I won’t waste too much time, emotions, nor energy.

Perhaps that’s the simp in me.   Still though.   This is why narcs are winning.  They don’t care.    Simps keep her validated.   And here I am stuck in the middle of the two trying to figure out how to steer clear of the bullshit.




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