Girls just wanna have fun

It seems that wherever you look, there are tons of women out there just looking to ‘live their best lives’ and be thots.   I like thots and all.   But it seems that the balance between good women and thots is off.

I don’t think that women understand that the double standard between men and women when it comes to certain behavior is there for a reason.   While they may think that it’s ‘unfair’, it is what it is.   Noone wants to ‘wife’ or be romantically associated with the thotty or party girl.

While women think that the life of the party or player guy is attractive, men are generally repulsed by the female counterpart.   At least in the sense of not wanting to consider her for relationship material.   In our minds, once a ho, always a ho.   We don’t try to change them.

If a man goes to a party and dances or grinds on every female in there, it seems to activate their competitive nature.   Being attention seekers, they want to monopolize his time.   Men on the other hand, sees a women out there allowing men to grind on them see her as a sexual object alone.   It’s embarrassing to be associated, at least in a romantic sense with her after everyone just witnessed her wilding out like that.

Typically men prefer, good women.   A more conservative/moderate woman is wifey material where as the party girl is just there for entertainment.   Who wants to be the guy who’s girl got effed up at a party and got a train run on her in the restroom?

A man with a ‘reputation’ as a ladies man doesn’t seem to have nearly as much impact on him being chosen as a woman with a reputation as a thot.    Perception is everything, so even if she isn’t actually having sex with these guys, if she is perceived to be a ho, then she automatically puts herself in the fwb or Netflix and chill only category.  Her education or accomplishments mean nothing.

Once her reputation gets out, she’s pretty much toast.   Unless a man is desperate, doesn’t care about his own reputation, or makes the mistake of falling in love before he knows, relationship status is off limits.

Yet it seems that a lot of women don’t get this.    They continue to go out in thot attire, hook up with different men, and wonder why the men that choose them prefer to keep them a secret or won’t commit.    As been stated a million times, men want a LADY in the STREETS, but a freak in the bed.

The tendency of men to want a woman who is, at least on a surface level, conservative, makes dating tricky for women today.   Society teaches them to date several men at once and choose between the best suitors.   Me and most men that I know aren’t really interested in women who date several men at a time.   At least when it comes to wifey material.

Seriously, who wants to make love to a woman who just had sex with a man two days / a week ago.   Now there are some  men who just don’t give a fuck.   I’d say that those men either have no self respect OR they don’t really respect her.  Depending on what sexual acts they are willing to do to her or what they are willing to do to get it tells the difference.

If he doesn’t respect himself, he doesn’t mind kissing her or eating her out.   If on the other hand, he doesn’t respect her, he’ll only have sex and depending on how much he values his safety, with a condom only.

Making love to a thot or even a woman dating several men at the same time is sort of like making love to a prostitute.   The purpose of screwing a prostitute is simply to get his rocks off.   Her pleasure isn’t really a consideration….and why should it be anything else for any self respecting man.

Wifey is for intimacy and love making, thots and prostitutes are for sex only.  I think that women know this and it’s why many hide their promiscuity from potential ‘boyfriend’ material.   With thot culture in full effect today, it is advisable for most men to take a much precautions as possible when it comes to dealing with women.    Protect your dicks and your hearts gentlemen.   The last thing you want to do is fall for a thot.

Men with the tendency to see the best in people are especially cautioned out here.   My biggest fear is to fall in love with a thot.   I tread with caution, but because I have a tendency to connect with people, I know I have to be careful if I’m dealing with a woman for an extended amount of time.   I’ve been burned in the past by this by ignoring red flags until it was too late.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt never worked out too well for me.   My problem was that I wanted to treat each one on a case by case basis.   In retrospect, the red flags were there and I ended up sick to my stomach once the dust settled enough to actually see what was going on.

In a sense, I felt violated.   But truth be told, I could blame no one but myself.    Can you imagine how it would feel to kiss a prostitute in the mouth knowing that she’s been out working all day.    I’m about to throw up just thinking about it.

I’m not gay nor bi sexual so sucking peen (even by proxy) makes me sick to my stomach.    I know that pretty much all women have sucked peen before and I don’t know what the statue of limitation is between sucks, but I do know that if she did after I got with her is enough to make me wanna call it quits, at least with the intimacy part.

Sex isn’t really hard to find, but intimacy is….at least for me anyway.   Perhaps it’s why I fall hard when I do find it.  Unfortunately, for me anyway, I mistakenly gave intimacy to people I shouldn’t have, trying to give them a chance because of a connection.

So attraction is one thing.   Chemistry and connection is another, though not necessarily mutually exclusive.   Unfortunately, neither of those are indicators of whether she’s a thot or not.   This is why you cannot ignore red flags else you end up falling for her and heart broken and disgusted.   In the end, you can’t blame anyone but yourself.

MGTOW monk mode is probably the best way for me.   Even though I’ve overcome the falling because of attraction part a long time ago, being able to handle the connection part still seems to elude me.  Because the thirst for intimacy is so real and the connection part is so rare, when I find it, it’s hard to let go and easy to ignore the red flags until it’s too late.

As much as I dislike narcissistic and emotionally unavailable people, I do admire their ability to control their emotions and attract good hearted people.  I wonder if there is a way to use their tactics of using people without being so damn dirty about it.

Either way, I’m learning to love myself more so instead of looking for intimacy and connection, I think the focus should just be on sex only.  Girls just wanna have fun and why bring intimacy into it. Here’s to 2020.





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