How Hypergamy is hurting Society

Hypergamy is the idea that women are naturally attracted to “higher value” males.   It is the belief that women should marry men who are of the highest quality.   Or at the very least, on their financial level.

While low level, this is reasonable in the sense that a man should bring something to the table.  It is also a cause of much of the frustration on the dating market.   In Atlanta GA, especially in the black community, women seem to make more money than men as a whole.   I’m not sure who they’re polling when they say that women make $.75 to every dollar that men make.   But it certainly can’t apply here.

Perhaps the context would be that we make more money for doing the same job.   But this subtext is very important.   Most of the women that I know make more money than the men do.   In many cases, it’s not even close.   They also tend to be more educated.    We’re comparing white collar to blue collar here.

For some reason, women tend to excel in academia and men tend to fall by the wayside.    These women are are getting post graduate degrees by the droves and generally, their paychecks reflect it.    They seem to thrive better in corporate environments.   I’ve also heard that this phenomena seems to be becoming the standard in other urban western areas in the world.

For this reason, men on the same financial level tend to get fewer and fewer as they climb the socioeconomic ladder.    This causes a lot of dissastisfaction as it gets harder to find potential mates on their level.

Many women have no choice but to date down so to speak.   Unfortunately, many feel dissatisfied as they go to the office and see the men that are there (often married or play boys or both) making the same or more money than them.

Add this to the fact women tend to make bad choices in men already, you have recipe for disaster.  Let me briefly digress for a moment to explain. They generally fall head over heels for men who carry narcisstic characteristics.   In short, men who are all about themselves.   Perhaps it’s their confidence and sense of entitlement.  As with most narc’s they can be pretty charming.  I get it.   But after getting predictably (by me anyway) burned by these men over and over again, they come to the conclusion that all men ain’t ish.

This causes women to misunderstand what it means to “know their worth”. Along with PUA’s and many red pillers saying that women should practice hypergamy as it is their nature, many men no longer want to engage seriously with these women outside of recreation.

Hypergamy is a problem for two reasons.   Given the gains of women in today’s workforce, it’s going to be increasingly more difficult to find an equally financially ‘yoked’ man.

Secondly, if women are encouraged to act upon this ‘natural’ instinct to mate with the ‘best’ male they can, should they be mad if men act upon our ‘natural’ instinct to mate with as many women as possible?   Sure, many men, especially Narcs do this, but it’s still not a good thing.

One thing we must do, as both sexes, understand that the complexity of society requires us to somehow curb our natural instincts in order to maintain some level of order.   It appears that society has evolved more quickly than our natural instincts and we must figure out how to evolve with it.

I’m all for women’s rights in theory.   But the landscape is making it harder and harder to find happiness when it comes to relationships.  Perhaps this is one reason there is so much frustration in the dating market today.




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