Misconceptions About Women

Men and been sold a bill of goods by society on how to treat women.   Many men have followed this formula only to have their hearts broken.  Unfortunately, many women have also bought into the bull.   If taken, it can cause sadness, depression, and possibly thoughts of suicide. Women taking this pill have feelings of unfulfillment and run a high risk of being easily manipulated by those who aren’t conditioned by these rules.    I’ll run down the list in hopes that someone reading this can avoid the pain of heartbreak.  

1)Put her on a pedestal

We have this impression that by uplifting her, she will appreciate you even more.   Putting someone on a pedestal implies that you are holding her higher than yourself.   When someone is on a pedestal, they are literally looking down on you.   If she feels that she is “higher” or “better” than you….she can only look down on you and she begins to seek someone on her level or better.    Don’t dig yourself into a hole.

She can’t be eye level (as in a peer either)either.  While this might be ok in the workplace or nonsexual relationship.   She should always be a little below you in your eyes in the context of a sexual relationship.  Otherwise you will become friend zoned.

It sounds mysogynistic and most women probably won’t accept it, but in real life, she can’t respect a man she doesn’t look up to.  She can’t be attracted to a man she doesn’t respect.

2)She wants a nice guy

They tell you to be nice, take her on nice dates,  bring flowers, be consistent, be accommodating,  and compliment her.   They tell you to only have eyes for her and never cheat and be careful with her heart.   Treat her with gentleness and care.   They will say that she deserves it.

While that sounds good on paper and it aligns with the golden rule of treating others the way you want to be treated…..it’s not true in real life.   She may tell you that she wants that, but ask yourself why does she end up friending the nice guy and complaining about the bad boy.   This happens way too often to be coincidental.

While she may like the nice guy, she will screw the bad boy without holding him accountable.   In her mind, she doesn’t want to ‘offend’ the nice guy or scare him off and make him work as he’s husband material, while at the same time she thinks the bad boy is just a temporary thing.

Because it’s temporary and could end at any moment, it’s also more exciting to her. It’s also easier for her to be “real” with him as she doesn’t fear judgement or scaring him off.   Helluva a catch -22 for them, and I get it.   Even though it is totally fucked up for the good guy.

As a man, I’d much rather be the guy who gets sex without paying over the guy who spends the time, money, energy just to prove he’s worthy of sex.  It’s an ego thing for me and I suspect most men out here.  Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free? Plus he gets to see a side of her that boyfriends and husbands will probably never see.

How messed up would it be to put in all the work to take her out on a great date and she calls the other guy over to have sex afterwards.  Sure she might ‘respect’ or even like the good guy more, but the bad man gets the nasty sex and often times a deeper level of intimacy.   It’s effed up, but many women have admitted this to me.

Unfortunately, she gets bonded to the bad guy over the deeper intimacy and sex and sometimes ends up having a kid/kids over that.

3)Women are like delicate flowers

Women are not delicate flowers.   They can be very very crude and cruel.   It’s been said many times that a middle school girl is the cruelest creature on this earth.   It’s like they have a switch where they know what they’re doing is wrong and hurtful and they get some sort of satisfaction out of hurting others.  As girls, they also get away with it as few few people think of girl bullies in a social context.     Given enough power in a relationship, some will become emotional bullies to compensate for their past feelings of powerlessness .    Emotional scars don’t leave visible wounds and many can become extremely vindictive despite appearing to be benevolent on the surface.   They are nowhere near the saints society tries to make them out to be.  Many are more savage than male players when it comes to the dating/love game.  Don’t fall for appearances.

4)They are selfless

Women aren’t selfless.  Everything is about them.   Many are selfish and feel entitled to be pampered regardless of lazy, wicked, or evil they are.   There is rarely such thing as unconditional love from them (except in the case of their children).  Even then, during the throws of honeymoon phase lust, many will  castigate their children if they come in the way.   This is how many women can turn a blind eye to the abusive stepfather who abuses her kids.

5)They are loyal

“These hoes ain’t loyal.”   We all know the phrase.   They are only loyal to themselves.   The biggest downfall of men is expecting for these women to behave in a way that’s loyal to him.   Loyalty and happiness can co-exist, but only if loyalty is placed above it in the hierarchy of governing principles.   Women place their happiness above loyalty so you cannot expect them to stay loyal should a ‘better deal’ come along.

They are like that job that’s always taking applicants.  While all applicants don’t get an interview, if some smooth talker comes along and gets her wet, you best believe she might put him on at least part time even if you’re doing your job well.

Women are sneaky and if you’re the jealous or investigative type, you’re in for a world full of disappointment.   My theory is require loyalty,  but don’t expect it.

6)Happy wife, happy life

You shouldn’t be responsible for making someone else happy.   I’m not saying that you can’t be pleasant or kind if that’s your cup of tea, but just don’t put the burden on yourself to keep her happy.   She can make herself miserable in the best of times as justification to do whatever her whims allow her to.   She may be happy with you for the short term, but you cannot keep her happy.  Don’t burden yourself.

7)She wants consistency

Women claim to want consistency and in a way it’s true.   They want security in knowing that you’ll always be there.  In reality, they abuse it.   If they know that they have you, they get bored.   While they might complain, it’s better to have them complain about it than to give them that power over you.   Nothing kills attraction more than boredom.  You have to keep her on her toes.   This is where bad boys excel.   She has to know that you can and will walk anytime she tests you.  She has to know that you have options before she can respect you.    She cannot love you if she cannot respect you.  You must play push pull with her if you want to keep her engaged.   Always be ready to walk away.  Otherwise, you’ll find yourself playing safety net as she seeks thrills elsewhere.

8)Compromise is key

Never compromise with your woman or else she sees it as weakness.   Every single thing is a battle.   She may stay with you if give in sometimes, but each time is a test and she loses a bit of respect and attraction every time you give in to one of her rediculous demands.   You have to keep her on the defense.  In football, defense may win championships, but in ‘love’ offense is key to winning.

Never fear her complaining, it means she’s still engaged.   Her not complaining is a sure sign that she’s looking to or has already moved on.  Seek compliance and respect over “love” and pity sex.

9)They want you to fall in love

Never, never, never, and I mean never fall in love.   It may be tempting because she’s cool, seems loyal, but once you actually fall, it’s like a switch goes off in her head.  Her respect level drops tremendously.   You lose control of your emotions.   You become possessive.  You lose your edge.   It turns her off.

You may or may not lose her if you like her a lot, but it’s guaranteed if you fall in love with her.   Approach the line if you’re a gambling man, but tread with CAUTION.   There is a saying that the one who cares the least has the most power in the relationship.  As stated before, you cannot give her power.   Though she seeks it, she ultimately resents it.   She will eventually resent you for giving it to her.   Ever notice how cruel they become if you happen to find yourself in love with her.   Ever notice how she can suddenly fall out of love?   This happens when she realizes she has that power over you.

Again, this is why bad boys and douche bags can get away with intentional disrespect while good guys have to walk the thin line of making no mistakes.

Don’t give her the power.    If you find yourself falling for a girl, (by then it’s probably too late)  I’d highly recommend falling back if you want to keep her around long term.  However, it’s much easier to pretend that you love her than to pretend that you don’t.  Men show love, women feel it.  Leave the emotions to her.   Trust me, it’s much better off for everyone in the relationship.

10)She’d never to that to me

Never put anything past her.   Many women don’t lie in the sense of not meaning what they say in the moment, but those words, sentiments, and emotions are temporary.  An I love you, or you make me happy, simply means that she feels that way in the moment.   You just evoked that emotion in her.   She could say that she loves you and mean it after a night of passionate sex or after a great date only to wake up the next day and feel nothing for you.   Her emotions are temporal.  She doesn’t really understand them most of the time so just take them with a grain of salt.

At the same time, when she says that she’d never do x,y,z.   It simply means that she doesn’t feel like she would in the moment.   If a smooth talker comes along and she falls for his b.s., that church girl will be letting him give her anal in a church parking lot while you’re at home watching the kids.

Never put anything past her.   You’re going to have to forgive her A LOT.   She is amoral as her happiness is more important than anything else in this world.   Falling in love will guarantee that you will be hurt/ bad as she is pretty much at the whim of whatever emotion is invoked in her,  regardless of the consequences of acting upon them.

Women will read this and think that I’m just bitter.   I understand.  Most women aren’t self reflective to understand that what they say they want is different than what’s been effective in  getting them.   Many can look back on their past behavior and agree that they have engaged in/ fell for this sort of behavior, but still deny that it works on them.

They are sort of like the blue pilled man in that they deny reality even though the signs are there.   That said, I strongly believe that knowing this information can help ignorant blue pilled men make better choices when it comes to dealing with women.   I also hope that a woman can read this and understand herself better.  Maybe then she can start making better choices by knowing herself a little bit better.

Meanwhile, I’m not saying be angry at women for this.  Accept it.  Embrace it and learn to use it to your advantage.   Know what to expect and handle yourself accordingly.   Guard your hearts gentlemen.   It might just save your life.



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