Being a player is a must

It’s no mystery that women are complicated.   I’m learning game in theory and some of the stuff works, but results are mixed.  What works for some doesn’t work for others and that’s not surprising.   The thing is that there are tons of potential land mines that can cause her to lose interest at any given moment.

I’ve noticed that you have to have an edge and you can’t want a relationship.   You can’t give off the boyfriend vibe and you have to have it set up where you she knows you can walk away at any time.   You have to keep her chasing.   You must do messed up things to her sometimes like flake or get caught in a lie.  You have to be talking to two or 3 at minimum at all times.  This is not optional.   Having one girl is setting yourself up to have none.  She can almost sense it if you don’t.

You have to limit your your contact with her.   No matter how bad she wants the attention.   You have to be a player or at least have her think that you could be one.

There is a double standard here.  Most guys won’t lose attraction for a woman based on the idea that she isn’t a ho.  In fact, we really like ‘good’ girls.  We’d prefer her to not display the characteristics of a female player.   We actually like it when we believe she’s a good girl.   I don’t understand why so many women want to be called ‘bad bitches’.  Being a good girl doesn’t guarantee that the guy won’t cheat, but it isn’t a cause of him losing attraction either.

There is a dark side to women’s nature when it comes to attraction.   Being good is unattractive to them.    This is why nice guys finish last.   Treating her the way you’d like to be treated just doesn’t work if you want to attract and keep her.     Genuinely good guys are losing out here when it comes to women.   The rule of thumb is to sin now and ask for forgiveness later.

Good men have a problem with this.  It’s why there is so much frustration out here.   It’s why the MGTOW movement is growing exponentially.    Good men cannot be themselves and must take on the characteristics of a narcissist.   We cannot care about her for anything other than sex and compliance.   Bottom line.  We have to learn to walk the balance between acting like an asshole and actually being an asshole.   The latter being preferable.   You act nice, you act like you care, but the hard part is actually not caring.  This is where the narc has the advantage and are so successful with women.

Charming, confident, and sexy behavior is a must.   But you genuinely have to be emotionally disconnected from her.    I have to learn to shut off the part of me that wants to care.   I’m not saying that I should not care, but just be like, I could take it or leave it.

Put more simply, it’s better to say that you love her and not mean it than to say it and actually mean it.   As messed up as that sounds, it’s the only way.   You genuinely cannot care about her feelings, but you have to pretend that you do or potentially could.   We have to learn from the narcs and either play that game or prepare to be alone, frustrated, and cucked.    Being a player is a must.

The bottom line is that you cannot be in love a woman.    You can like her sure.   She may say / act like she wants love, but the reality is that truly loving a woman is a turn off for them.    Falling in love with  her is a curse, it’s a cosmic joke.   She will lose attraction because of that love.    Show love, but never be in love.

For us, love is an action, not a feeling.    Love is a habit, not an emotion.   That feeling or emotion is something else, it’s limerance.  It is insidious.  It’s an unhealthy attachment or addiction.    Keep your nose clean gentlemen.

You can want her, but falling in love implies that you need her.  Once she senses that, you’re done.   She might stay with you for a while, but trust and believe you will begin to exhibit certain characteristics that will ultimately turn her off.   It’s better to keep her attracted than to give her that sense of stability as if you can’t walk away.   Regardless of what she tells you.  It’s not what she really wants nor need.

The ideal scenario is that she is in love with you, but you control her.   They cannot admit it, but it’s what they really prefer.  Here is the cold truth.   She has to work for your validation or she will lose interest and not even know why.

Here is why:     She loses interest because she loses attraction.   She loses attraction because you start smothering her.   You start smothering her because you didn’t want to lose her.   You didn’t want to lose her because you were in love with her.   You got attached.

The way you stop that attachment is to have several on your team.   It’s a must.   Keeping her should ideally never be a priority.  Never invest more than you’re willing to lose be it time, energy, emotions or resources.   Look at a woman like a recreation or hobby.   Falling in love is more like an addiction.  It’s an unhealthy attachment.

This makes marriage untenable for most good men.   We end up loving our home and family.   We desperately cling to try and keep it.   We fear losing it.   We don’t want to hurt the kids.   Modern selfish women cannot see that and lose attraction since they think it’s about them specifically.    They begin to feel trapped and ‘unfulfilled’.  Regardless of what you do for them.   If she feels you love the family more, she still feels that you love her more as well.   Thus the attraction level plummets.   Some might stay for the kids sake, but the sex will fall off.   Many will cheat and increasingly will simply leave.

Cheating might help, but then again, that could also blow up in your face depending on the woman.    At the end of the day, it’s too risky.   She will change for the worse and now not only will you be hurt, your kids might be as well.    It’s best not to give a kid a home than to give them one and take it away because she lost attraction and respect for you.

Stay frosty man.


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