Double Standards exist for a reason

I’m coming to the conclusion that these women are just as irresponsible as men.   It’s sad, but it’s pretty obvious due to the many single mothers out there.  I always figured that since they would pretty much be on the hook for a kid in failed relationships, that they would at least be more cautious with who they slept with.

Apparently not these days.   These women think that men and women are equal across the board.  Especially when it comes to casual sex and dating.   It’s so far from the truth.

Double standards exist for a reason.

Good sex will get a woman dickmatized and she’ll end up having a kid with a no good dude because she’s on cloud 9.   They will gladly take attraction over quality.  They will ruin a good relationship simply because they often can’t cheat without losing attraction to the guy they are with.   Their loyalty and hearts primarily follow their attraction which generally wanes over time.

Men generally will not fight for a woman if he finds out she’s sleeping with someone else.  In fact, most find it disgusting.  It’s not attractive on ANY level.  It’s why men very rarely give a woman second chances if he finds out she’s sleeping around.   Women, on the other hand, low key like the idea of their man having a few options.  They like the idea of knowing that other women want her man.  In fact, i’m pretty sure that she loses a bit of attraction or respect for him if she thinks that she’s the only option he has.

On the other hand, I could give two shits if I’m the only man who wants her.   In fact, I’d prefer if she had limited options due to the fact that I know that on any given night she could get laid.

Another reason for the standard is that the more bodies she had, the less desirable she is.    Seriously, who wants to wife a ho.   It’s degrading and somewhat embarassing to claim a woman with an extensive sexual past.    Women don’t mind dating a ‘reformed’ player.  In fact it seems that it’s what they prefer.  They sort of like the idea of making an ‘honest’ man out of a guy.    We already know that you can’t turn a ho into a housewife.   We don’t even try.

Many women advocate dating multiple men at the same time.   Not only are they shooting themselves in the foot for the aforementioned reasons,  but lowering their perceived value.  A woman’s body is like a car in the sense that the more miles it has, the less valuable it is.

If I know that a woman is dating other men at the same time, I’m not paying for anything.  Let him pay.   Just call me for sex.   Often times, they will do just that.   If i had to choose to either be the guy who she calls for sex or the guy she calls when she wants to go out, give me the 1st option.   Even then, I’m not going down on her.   As much as I like going down, I’m not risking the possibility of left over swimmers touching my tongue.   It sort of ruins the idea of sex for me.   Plus you never know if she’s deciding to go through a ‘ho’ phase.   The other dude might also have an STD,  or she might get pregnant and not know who the father is.    Miss me with that.

Another reason is that women with a lot past sexual partners tend to be psychotic.  I don’t know if she’s crazy because she had a lot of partners or if she has a lot of partners because she was crazy, but either way, i don’t have time for crazy.

A woman who can’t be satisfied with one man is also not long term wifey material.   If she can’t work with what she has, it shows that when times get tough, she’ll go out and find another man to fulfill whatever it is that we’re missing.   I’m good off that.  Let’s be real, no relationship is perfect, you gotta be willing to sacrifice something.

Most men can’t handle their wife, girlfriend, affair partner, situationship or whatever you call it these days dealing with other men.   They know it.    This means that she will have to lie, at least about the nature of that relationship.    If she lies then there is no trust and without trust, it’s pointless.   Nothing cuts a man harder than knowing that his s/o is sleeping around.    There are some dog ass men who don’t care, but to me, it’s a deal breaker.  These guys are either beta as fuck or ain’t shit guys.   I have enough self respect to be neither.

I’m not saying that men should lie or cheat on a woman.   It is dishonorable and it makes women more likely to engage in shady behavior in future relationships.    While i never tell a woman that I’m dealing with that she can’t go out and date.  I’ll listen to her complaints and give her the freedom to choose.  I’d prefer to create a judgment free zone so that she can feel safe enough to tell me the truth.

I’ve realized that most can’t really handle truth when they hear it though and lose attraction to you when you do.   I find myself losing more and more respect for them for that reason.   At the same time, I am learning that there are real differences in how we handle reality.   I’m starting to think that we truly perceive the world in different ways.  I’m not as mad as I used to be as I realize that I can’t hold them to the same moral standards as I would hold a man.

I think that we as men hold the superior high ground.    Being mostly raised by my mother and surrounded by sisters, I used to believe in all that equality stuff.   Yes, I’m all for equal pay and equal opportunity to make money.   But not when it comes to dating.

We as men do have luxuries that women don’t.  At the same time, in general, they also have it much easier when it comes to attracting men, so it balances it out.

Relationships aren’t working these days because women want to be like the dishonorable men they are attracted to.   Decent men are taking note and are choosing to either disengage or act like bad men because it works with women, but it also creates more bad women.    We’re all screwed.







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