“It ain’t love unless it hurts.”

There is nothing worse than being emotionally attached to someone who doesn’t share the same feeling.   It is an emotional trap.  It seems as if giving someone emotional energy that isn’t reciprocated somehow causes you to become more attached to that person.

I wonder if it’s because you are looking to get that energy back.   Perhaps you aren’t looking for the ‘investment’ to pay off.   But you’re seeking to get back at least what you put in.   On the flip side, receiving that type of energy from someone that  you don’t like in that way seems to empower you.

I’ve noticed that  getting the attention from a female that I don’t share the exact same feelings for gives me a sense of superiority.  It’s a feeling similar to self righteousness.    It feels good to know that I’m wanted, but at the same time, it feels good to accuse them of being needy or clingy.   Yes, it’s hypocritical, but truth isn’t always pretty.

When they stop giving me that attention, I sort of miss it.   Depending on how invested they are, I might say just enough to give them hope enough to want to get back.  Being ambiguous works wonders in this scenario.    In essence, I’d be using them for the attention or validation, while not desiring to be with them.   Most of this is subconscious as it’s not something I’m consciously/purposely doing.

I think this is due to the energy exchange that feels empowering.   In a sense, I’m taking more than I’m giving and feels good on an ego level.   It powers my ego.   While this hasn’t happened often nor nearly to the degree where it’s damaging to the other person, I can see how having someone fall deeply in love with you can be addictive.  Even if it is detrimental to the other person as it causes them deep emotional distress.

This dangerous exchange of energy is why it’s imperative not to fall in love.    While in the beginning, the feeling may be mutual, the other person has to be able to handle that kind of power.   The vanity of many modern day women and select men makes them bad candidates to invest that kind of power in.   Any tipping of the scales can cause things to go off course.   The power trip is more than they can handle and often they will give you just enough hope in order to keep receiving that supply of emotional energy or pussy or resources.    Even if it hurts you.

I believe it’s  why the best way to get someone back is to truly get over them.    Of course by then, you don’t want them back.    No amount of acting, no contact, side lovers, etc will be enough.   You have to truly be over them.

The best way is to never fall in love.   If you do fancy someone a little too much, it’s best to view it as cocaine or any other drug with addictive properties and quit before it takes you over.   Easier said than done, I know, but it’s necessary.   Falling in love is like an addiction.   It feels good, but you become dependent on that person to satisfy a portion of your overall well being.    Like with most drugs, the temporary feeling of ecstacy is not worth the potential hazards.   Especially with someone who has a lot of options.

Beautiful women are cool, fucking them great, but falling in love with them is dangerous as shooting heroin.    Hell, these days, as thirsty as men are, any decent looking woman has the potential to be a threat as she can easily monkey branch to the next simp who falls for her beauty or the potential to have sex.   Love without morals is chaos.   Welcome to the modern relationship culture.

I’ve come to realize that I am addicted to feeling loved and adored.  It is truly my weakness.    Looks, intelligence, even compatibility aren’t really all that high on the scale.   Don’t get me wrong, I mean she can’t be stupid or ugly, but as long as she’s decently attractive and can hold a decent conversation, she can get me by showing me love, submissiveness, and adoration.

I’m sure that most decent men want this, but our problem is that we want to reciprocate.  When we do, it’s usually game over after a few months or so.   Men who desire to  reciprocate emotions aren’t really made for this love game.  We eventually become beta, cucked, left behind, or the recipient of paltry pity sex.   The only way to maintain attraction is to allow the love to flow in one direction.   She has to love you, but you cannot love her back.

My redpill knowledge has awakened me to the facts of female hypergamy…..that her love is only temporary and that she’s never mine, it’s only my turn.  Unless you don’t love her back.   Despite this, I find myself in a position where I still want to be a one woman type of guy.

I know that having eyes for one woman might be what they say they want, but I know better…..even if they don’t.    She will lose attraction if I give myself over to her despite me  wanting to.   The blue pill programming is so deep within me that I wonder if it was society programming me.   Maybe being a ‘family guy’ is in my dna.

Despite what society, red pill advocates, and many women say, not all men want a lot of women.

Many men would be satisfied with just one decent one who kept it real with them.  Unfortunately, most women find this unattractive in men.    They’d prefer to make him that way, but he can’t come to the table like that.   If she does happen to come across one that she can change, then she will also lose attraction to him.

Accepting this nature of women is harder than I imagined, but no one said life was easy.   How ironic is that I’m at the point where I am advocating that men keep cheating in order to protect their hearts.    The cold truth is that we have to cheat in order to keep her interested.   It’s a necessary evil.    We have to treat them like objects in order for her to respect us.   We have to be ambiguous and emotionally unavailable because ultimately, it’s what the modern woman wants.   Most are not happy unless she’s miserable and she’s miserable if she’s happy. I just hate that they lie to themselves, especially when those lies will end up hurting you.   Nice guys will keep getting burned until they figure this out.

I hate how most women can’t just look at their choices in what attracts them and see that this is the case.   It’s like you give them the evidence by calling out or asking why her past relationships didn’t work and they still seem to miss it.   The more educated they are, the harder it seems for them to look at their choices and do some self reflecting.  All men aren’t bad, just the ones they’re mostly attracted to.   It ain’t love unless it hurts should be their slogan.  Otherwise, you’re going to bore her to death.

It’s frustrating and an exercise in futility.   Their self perception is so far off that it hovers in a place of self delusion.    I’ve learned that you just can’t have a real conversation with women as they never consider that they could be wrong about anything.  It’s sad to say it, but the women who openly admit to wanting ‘thug’ love are the closest to being real.

Most women won’t even consider as a thought experiment….”what if I am attracted to those types of men”…despite having fell hard for those types a few times…and friend zoning or cheating on the good ones.      it’s like they can’t think outside of themselves.  It’s like they can’t admit that they are attracted to bad men.


I have no problems with admitting that physically,  I’m attracted to some strippers, but I know I shouldn’t date one seriously no matter how cool she seems.    Many women,  Instead, choose to bury their heads in the sand and continue choosing the same types….often having kids by one or two.   Then say men are no good.

I don’t care what you say, women’s egos are just as fragile, if not more so than men’s in that respect.   It’s like being wrong is an attack on her entire character.   That’s why many keep making the same mistakes over and over again.    I’ve met a few logical and intelligent women, but I haven’t come across too many if any self introspective ones.

I do know that  the energy must be one sided in my direction in order for the relationship to sustain itself.

I know it comes across as bitter vitriol, but it isn’t.  It is reality.  I accept it.  It just is what it is.   I’m not even mad at them for it.   How can I be mad at water for being wet?   Even if they can’t/won’t admit their issues.

Getting a woman isn’t the problem, keeping them is the problem.  I gotta stop worrying about how they feel.  I gotta learn to not give any fucks while only pretending to do so in order to fulfill my agenda.   Really, it’s on me to fix this about myself.

The question is how do I make this compromise without compromising my own truth.   It’s so foreign to me to not consider people’s feelings.  It all goes back to the question of what men won’t do for some pussy.  Maybe this is the order of the day.    Maybe Chad, Tyrone, Pookie, and Ray Ray are on to something.




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