Your Game is probably Trash

I’ve realized that I have weak game.   I’m idealistic, fair, and mostly principled, but the game I have is pretty freaking trash.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m me and I’m cool with myself.  I’m not horrible, but I do have a ways to go.    I realize that game is a skillset that you can learn.  While my ego is a bit bruised, I’m not broken up over it.   It is what it is, I just have to keep working on it.  It’s just another tool or skill to add to your belt of being a man.

I was listening to this dating coach and a few youtube personalities and it made me realize that it doesn’t matter how well intentioned you are….there is no substitution. The stories that they tell about the “happily” married women and girlfriends they mess with should give the most secure man pause.  Out of curiosity, I bought a program where one guy let you listen in to his phone conversations and see his text messages.  He’s a pretty good teacher and does a great job at articulating different aspects of what works, what doesn’t, and why.    He claims to have been a pickup artist for over a decade.    All I can say is WOW.   I got work to do, but at least I have a template into the structure of good conversation.   Well worth it IMHO.

Knowledge is power, the game is to be sold not told, and I don’t mind paying for something that gives me more knowledge.   The way I see it, the same way you’d pay a personal trainer or exercise program to help you train, there is nothing wrong with paying a few bucks to acquire knowledge from someone who has put in the work or has the talent to help you get results.

It would seem that women prefer a bad man with game over a good man without it.  It does beg the question of what is a ‘good’ man anyway.  Perhaps without it, I’m only fooling myself.   None of the females in my life are really into me like that.   I’m just a stand in and they probably all forget about me as soon as I leave the room.   My wife is on the fence, my lover is just having fun, and I met a new chick who is giving me hell right now.  I think I’m going to cut her.   Talk about playing hard to get, but yet she gives me just enough string to kind of hold on.   It’s probably for her own self gratification.   While our conversation is decent at best, it is a learning experience, but it’s not fun.  Maybe I’ll just hold on for the practice.   She’ll probably cut me first, but i gotta get over this aversion to pain in this arena.

While this realization hurts the ego, it is somewhat freeing in the sense that I also realize that I’m wasting too much emotional energy worrying about them.

The focus is on practice and filling out the holes in my knowledge.   I’m already fucked when it comes to them, but that doesn’t mean that I have to stay that way for those in the future.   I have to quit investing.  Even though I got sex, I want more.   I don’t really want them like that, but it would be nice to be able to have them want me more.

All isn’t lost yet.   What works to my advantage is that they don’t know that I think this.   They probably don’t realize it themselves on a conscious level.   Most women don’t realize that their boyfriends have trash game.  At least, not until someone with good game gets in.   With game, picking these women off is like shooting fish in a barrel.   Fortunately, there are few men with good game, but there is enough for it to be a viable threat.  Especially if she goes out a lot.  I read a statistic that around 20% of the men get 80% of the women.   In real life, i’d say that’s off, at least from my personal experience, I’d say that about 10% of the guys I know do pretty decent.

It’s exactly why I’m against pursuing a woman’s heart.  Unless you already have  game, you’ll have to wear her down.  If you already had game like that, you wouldn’t be trying to figure out how to get it.   But even if you manage to wear her down, she’s still open to advances to guys with good game.    TBH, most women these days are morally compromised and if he can offer her an NSA encounter, she will very likely act upon it.

I don’t think that many men realize how powerful good game is.   Sorry dude, but your “good”  girl has no defense against it.  No matter how much you love, adore, cherish, treat her right, impress, sex her down, etc.     Until you master it, you always run the risk of someone with more game swooping in and taking her off your hands for a night or two.  Once that happens, game over for you.    She’ll fall out of love, lose respect, and there isn’t much you can do about it.   She won’t even feel too bad about it.  Even if she knows that she can’t have him per se, she’ll still realize that you don’t make her feel that way and will either feel ‘unhappy’  or be looking for that experience again.

I’ve been fortunate enough to see this in action.  I have also had the misfortune of having it happen to me.    I’ve heard the conversations from these guys.  They’re really good at what they do.  It’s scary, but I think that all men should be aware of it.  Noone is safe.  Even if a guy has decent game and manages to pull an attractive female, the guy with better game could pull her away and she’ll go.

This is the ugly side of nature, but I have to accept it.    It hurts, but it’s why I think it’s important to not get emotionally invested in women.   You truly have to see them as objects.   Not like inanimate objects, but more like wild animals.   As a good man, of course you want to have compassion.  They are under our domain.   But realize that they can’t really control their nature.  If you want to risk having a wild tiger living in your home, go for it, but realize that one day, it might try to eat you and you’ll be powerless to do anything about it.   Guard your heart man.

The first step is to know the nature of the game.   Then accept it.  Once you accept it, embrace it.   After that, understand it.   Then learn how to use it to your advantage.   It is a learning process and few of us have experience or knowledge on how to do so.   Thankfully, it’s an art and science, but like all subjects with this characteristic, you have to learn the science.  It’s a painful process, rejection hurts, but you gotta condition your ego to stop being so sensitive and your heart to stop loving so much.  Then you can add your own flair to it.   Another advantage is that most guys are too proud in this arena to admit that they could use some tweaking.

This isn’t easy for me either.  I’m still considering MGTOW monk.  I wonder if pussy and validation is really worth it.   Why in the hell do I even need it anyway?   I’m feeling anxiety just thinking about it right now.   Is it really worth the stress?

Regardless, I further overstand why men choose to be players.  A woman can  never love you on a real level.  She’s in love with the game.   It’s not fair, it’s not pretty, it goes against what we’ve been programmed to believe about women.  It goes against what they believe about themselves.   But you can’t argue the results.  Look at the number of single mothers out here.  I can see that many of them have kids by men who have many baby mothers already.

A man can be alpha in many aspects of life, but in the end, if his game isn’t up to par, he will also get left, cucked, or in a sexless relationship.   This is reality guys.   Women won’t admit it.  They either can’t, or just don’t know their own nature.  But again, you can’t argue with the results.

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