Happiness Over Everything

We often refer to permiscuous women or prostitutes as hoes.  I’m going to expand that definition to women who believe that their happiness is more important than everything.   HOE  means Happiness Over Everything.

I had a deep conversation with a female friend this weekend about marriage and her ideas about it.   In it, she said that she doesn’t feel that people who are unhappy should stay married.  I told her about the article I read about wives wanting to leave their good husbands because they were unhappy.    How these men did nothing wrong, but they felt that they had to be “brave” even though they knew everyone else would suffer for it.

She says that people should always be pursuing their personal happiness and that life is just ‘too short’ to be unhappy.   I told her that the primary goal of marriage isn’t about happiness, but it’s about love.  It’s about loyalty and dedication.

What’s the point in getting married if you can suddenly wake up one day and walk away simply because you’re not feeling it?  What about family depending on you?   Of course she returned with “a kid can sense if their parents aren’t happy.  the best thing we can do is let them see us happy.”

Are we teaching them that it’s ok to forego our responsibilities and obligations because we aren’t as happy as we could be?   What if I decided that I wanted to go out and have unprotected sex with someone else, lie to my s/o about it because I didn’t want to get her upset, simply because I wanted to be happy.   What if molesting children made child molesters happy?   Rapists like raping people and aren’t they just trying to be happy.   Should I go out and rob someone because having their things makes me happy?

This notion of happiness over everything and everyone is the problem with the modern woman.   I’m not saying that people should be miserable, but in reality, these hoes are so selfish that they really can’t be happy in a long term relationship.   They expect us to provide everything and still give us no clue on how to make them happy.

In actuality, it appears that they thrive on misery and being hurt.   It’s almost like you have to hurt her and not really care about her in order for her to be satisfied with you.   This is why ‘nice guys’ finish last.    This is why players and fuckboys are given a million chances to fix things, but the good guy has to constantly prove himself.

I also learned that women view this relationship thing way differently.   She told me that she would have nsa sex with guys she was attracted to, but didn’t want relationships with.   She would not require him to take her on dates or would go dutch to prove that she didn’t want a relationship with him.

She would on the other hand require men she thought as husband material to take her on dates to prove how much he wanted to be with her.    I almost threw up in my mouth.   While I get it on one hand.  It sucks that a man who would try to give her everything she wanted had to wait and jump through hoops, while the other guy simply shows up to get the goodies.

So what she’s basically saying is that the best way to get into her panties is to not want a relationship with her.    Attraction is everything to these women.   This is the game folks.  This is the modern hoe.

To be successful with these hoes, we just make ourselves as attractive as possible.  Be cordial and entertaining.  Act like a friend, but let her know you want sex.   Don’t pursue a relationship.  Disrespect her every now and again.   Have other chicks on the side so that you don’t get too attached to her.  And finally, blow her back out during sex.

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