Lost in the Sauce

I read an article today about women who wanted to leave their ‘good’ husbands simply because they felt unfulfilled.   Add that to the constant mgtow and redpill content that I’ve been consuming lately and I’m feeling a bit down.

I now that red pill rage is real, but right now, I’m feeling a bit depressed.   It sucks to realize that these women ain’t shit.   Well, the vast majority.   Loyalty means nothing to them.   It forces me to look in the mirror and understand that my sadness comes from the fact that I probably will never be able to have that wife or forever person that I want.

The idea of loving someone and being faithful, real, and supportive has to die.   We live in an age where if you’re not playing or dating several women, then they lose attraction to you.    They will cheat.   You can’t treat a woman like you really care about her and I have to overcome that programming I’ve been ingrained with.  You really do have to objectify and use them if you want success.   You can’t give a fuck about them in any real way.

I’ve heard so many stories of guys who talk about how rampant cheating girlfriends and wives are out here.   They talk about how disrespectful these women are…giving them oral sex and returning home to their husbands….answering phone calls of their s/o’s while having sex with them, spending their husband’s hard earned money on them, while said husband at home working or taking care of the kids.

Good men are referred to as simps because apparently, we don’t understand the game.    I don’t want to be a player as I don’t want to lie, but at the same time, I’m getting to the point where I can’t trust women.  No matter now nice, real, or sincere they come across.   It’s upsetting, but I can’t bury my head in the sand any longer.

I have to put me first.   I can’t love without trust.   I don’t trust, so I can’t love.   I have to find it in me to play this game, no matter how dirty, deceitful, I have to be.   That’s not me.   It seems so wrong.   But what else am I to do.

I don’t even know why my self worth as a man is measured on how many women I can have or even if I can have any at all.   There is something in me though that needs to get this handled.   It feels like I’m losing myself.

They don’t care about my feelings….only what they can get out of me….whether it’s sex, novelty, revenge, money, validation…..who knows.  All I know is that we’re living in an age where as a man, I must protect my heart….at all costs.

How many times must I open up facebook and insta just to see women post pics about guys they so called love, only to have them post memes a few months later about ‘men’ are this or or ‘men’ are that.    It’s like looking at these dudes, it’s clear they are players.    I’m not a bad looking dude, but I treat them way too nice.   I gotta stop being so considerate and caring.   Being called nice is an insult to me at this point.   I’m just being me and it’s a constant reminder that I’m not adequate.   Noone likes the good guy, yet they claim it’s what they want.   But yet when they get us, we’re cheated on or left because we’re unfulfilling.

I don’t  care that they like the bad guy.   Why do they have to be so damn evil to guys like me though?   WTF is so wrong with me?   I don’t even really trust my lover because I haven’t done anything messed up to her in a while.

Why are women so weird in that the only way they are attracted to and respect you is if you hurt (mentally) or use them in some kind of way.   That’s truly not my nature, but I have to get over that.

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