Feeling it

Feeling is the key to manifesting reality.   I can go into detail, but for now, let’s dig into the topic of the role of hypnosis combined with visualization and feeling.

The first step of manifestation is Knowing what outcome you desire.   The second step if feeling as if you have already achieved it.

The key part here is ‘feeling.’   You must consciously or purposely imagine what it would feel like to have that thing….hold the feeling and then intensify.    In hypnosis, a deepener is a statement that tells you to double, or triple the feeling of being relaxed.    Here, just double or triple the feeling of the desired state of being (feeling).

“Feeling” is a bit tricky to describe in words because they can’t really convey the actual feeling.  For example, i can tell you to feel happy, but i can’t tell you how happy feels to you on the inside.   You have to imagine or remember the last time you felt happy, and then notice how your feel on the inside of your physical body.   How does your stomach feel?  How does your head feel?   How does your face feel?  Where is there a bit of tension?  Where is there a bit of relaxation?   What is the ratio of tension to relaxation?    The heart is the primary center of emotion so place a lot of awareness of the feeling there.

I believe that the two primary emotions are tension and relaxation.   All others are a mix or combination of the two.   For example, anger like 80% tension, 20% relaxation.  Excitement is 70% relaxation 30% tension.  These relaxation and tension areas can be phsychosomatically (almost physically) felt in your body at various places in varying degrees.

Imagine that you won the lottery?  How would your chest feel.  How would you be standing.   What’s your breathing rate?  Imagine that sensation and place your awareness on how your body (focus on your heart) feels.  What is is doing?

Relaxation, mild excitement, and gratitude are the key emotions for generating positive manifestation.   Take an idea or goal.   How do you feel about it.   Do you presently feel nervous and anxious or excited and calm?  The key is finding out the primary feelings you have given a specific goal, topic, or idea and enhancing the positive feelings(energy) while eliminating the negative feelings (energy).

We manifest regardless of how we feel.   It’s been stated that what we manifest is in direct proportion to how feel about it.   If you can imagine and feel doing ok  with life, then we’re going to do…just ok.   If we can imagine and feel doing great, we’ll do that.

Thoughts and feelings work with one another to create your experience.  Often times, we manifest on autopilot so to speak.   It’s based off of the subconscious programming we have.  When we are not in the now or create on purpose, we sort of run through life at the mercy of our own programming.

If we have a disposition of feeling nervous or anxiety, our minds will create images, thoughts, or projections that will enhance that feeling.   The worse we feel, the worse the images and projections are.  The subconscious mind doesn’t distinguish between reality and imagination.  It will generate  icky nervous feelings and our thoughts will automatically generate images that match up with those feelings.     We can easily get caught up in a negative cycle.   Given our busy lives and technological distractions, we often forget to consciously create what we want.   Many of use are victims to our own minds.

We are not our thoughts and minds.   Meditation can teach us that.   If you try thinking about nothing for a few minutes, you’d be surprised at how often thoughts can suddenly bubble up.   It can be quite a challenge to suppress them.   An easier challenge is to simply attempt to focus on your breathing for 20 minutes.   You can last longer, but eventually around the 3 minute mark or so, people generally forget to think about not thinking and thoughts begin to bubble up.

If you can observe these thoughts as a someone observing something, the question is who is observing the thoughts and who is generating the thoughts.    The point is that we are so often distracted that don’t even realize what we’re thinking.  It isn’t until we choose to place awareness on our thoughts that we actually know.   We can control them, but often times, we don’t.   Nevermind the fact that many times, thoughts are associated with accompanying feelings.


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