Where are all the good women though?

It kills me when I see my male friends raising their daughters to be little divas and princesses.   They swear it’s the cutest thing.  But for me, seeing a little 4 year old with her hand on her hip, wearing sunglasses, and making a duck face makes me want to slap the beta out of their fathers.   One of my closest friends even referred to is daughter as his ‘little diva.’    For real bruh?

I probably react so negatively on the inside because it seems that this is a real problem.   These little girls are raised to think that they are princesses or something.   Princesses are entitled little brats and usually grow up into narcs.  The world revolves around them regardless of what they actually contribute.

The bigger problem is that these girls will grow up thinking that men should treat them like their fathers.   They should deal with their shitty attitudes and spoil them regardless of how they behave.   Not to mention that their men won’t have the option to discipline them when they get out of hand.  It’s a lose/lose for these women because allowing them to get away with it causes them to lose respect for you and you’re bound to be stepped over or cucked.   If you do address it, then you have handle it with kiddie gloves hoping that she really gets it, most likely she won’t and you’ll either have to deal with it or keep having the same arguments over and over again.   It’s just best to walk away.

Worst case scenario is if you marry into this kind of crazy.  Walking away WILL cost you big and it can have devastating effects on your kids, finances, emotional heath….etc.  We’re also taught not to walk away from your responsibilities and obligations….man it’s a cluster fuck of fuckedupness.

While on one hand, it wouldn’t be an issue because personally, I wouldn’t even be interested in someone with such a temperament, it is because it makes the pool of ‘good women’ that much smaller.    Between the damaged women who’s fathers aren’t there and now the ones who’s fathers turn them into entitled brats, there won’t be much left over for the future generation of men.

Women often wonder where the good men are.   You really rarely hear the question of where all the good women are, but in reality, they are pretty rare in my estimation.   Many women today are either damaged, spoiled, or physically and unapologetically unattractive.

Physical attraction aside, the current norm of arrogance is really a deal breaker and it makes it impossible to really want to even get to know many of them.   I don’t know if it’s their upbringing, a defense mechanism,  or a symptom of low self esteem, but something’s off here.

The dating app okCupid has a question where it asks how your would rate your self confidence.   9 out of 10 black woman rate it as above average.   “Above average”.  How is that normal.  How in TF to you have an above average self esteem.   That’s borderline arrogance.   That implies that you feel like you’re perfect or at least close.   That implies that you can’t learn anything or either won’t take ownership (meaning at least try to modify dysfunctional behavior).   In fact, the biggest issue in the culture today is that we accept immoral/dysfunctional behavior because calling it out means that we’re “hating.”

I’m starting to think that I’m weird in that so many people seem to be ok with this.   Many dudes seem to be ok with women with shitty behavior.   Is the thirst that real?   These women are more masculine than the narcissist male.   They don’t care about anyone or anything but themselves and their money.   And what’s worse is that they’re proud of that.    Are we as men so thirsty for attention, so low on our esteems, that any big butt and smile will cause us to do anything to keep getting it.

I know that all women aren’t like that, but the few that aren’t  seem to be attracted to the worst men out there.   It’s like good / decent girls don’t want good /decent men.  They seem to like the cocky/arrogant types.

It’s like a woman can see a million red flags that this dude throws out….multiple baby mamas with different women, a history of cheating, all of his ex’s are/were “crazy”,  he’s already asking for more credit than he’s built up with her, he dates a ton of women still, he drinks and smokes a lot, he’s on probation, he a grown ass man, but doesn’t have a car or his own place to live, but his outfit costs $500.   But he knows what to say, and really, all he has to do is to be able to make her laugh.    Not hating on him, but this is the reality.  Even good women are attracted to this type and can’t seem to get enough.   On a side note, a man can override this programming by being wealthy already.  Then the question is whether she loves him for him or because he’s wealthy.

Digressions aside, the arrogance and cockiness and foolishness of the modern woman makes a good one rare indeed.   Most women think they are good women but fail to realize that just feeling like you’re a good person and actually being one are two different things.   It’s our fault as a society as we never hold them responsible for their bad behaviors and rather consider them victims to their own bad decisions.  We fail to be there for them as kids or raise them to be divas.  Then, we lust after them insatiably.

When they fall for dirty dick Rodney or Bad Boy Bobby in spite of him dripping with swag and red flags, we feel sorry for them.  She becomes damaged goods, raise her daughters to be too independent and then sets the standards of what it means to be a good man way above what most decent men can or are willing to provide.     Or in the case of the born divas, they have impossibly high standards based on the fairy tale and lies their fathers gave them.

To any man who lucked up and found an actual good woman, I’d say you best treat her right and hold on to her.  If you’re considering leaving her for the hot chick in the office that’s been checking you out, know that it’s statistically probable that it won’t turn out well.      The pickings out here are really slim.





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