Imitation of Beauty

Television and media seem to champion a certain type of beauty that permeates our cultural view of what beauty really is.   Personally, this doesn’t reflect my view.   To me, it’s fake and becoming increasingly unattractive.    In fact, it has allowed me to somewhat disassociate beauty with attraction.

The other day while doing ‘research’ on the darker parts of the web.  Aka porn.  I saw what I perceived as a beautiful woman.   That was, until she lifted her skirt and I saw something I wish i could unsee.   Yup, a damn transexual.  She looked like she could be a cast member on love and hip hop or something.    Ok, I don’t have anything against transgendered people.  Well actually, I do, nothing personal, but more idealistic in nature, but that’s not the point of this article.

The point is that while the hair extensions, long eye lashes, makeup, rediculously small waists, big breasts, and fat asses look good from an objectification point of view.   In reality, it’s not what my ideal woman would look like.   Yeah, I’m a sucker for a cute face, but if she has to wear makeup and weave and artificial stuff to get it, then it sort of ruins it from a relationship point of view.

I’d rather a 6 or 7 natural than a 9 or 10 barbie doll if that makes sense.    If she likes to dress up occasionally to attend some stuffy suit and tie affair, then that’s one thing.   Walking around daily like that is too much.

Listening to the ‘manosphere’ and barber shop talk, it seems that I’m not alone in feeling like this.   Black women especially are bad about trying to have that ‘look.’  To me, it’s fake and superficial.  They are looking ‘beautiful’, but for who though.   That look seems to come with a bad personality or attitude.   It screams that they want to be ‘queens’ instead of regular down to earth people.   They can’t have fun because they don’t want to ruin their hair or nails.  It’s almost like they are begging for attention, but then when they get said attention, they want to walk around claiming that dudes are thirsty.

Now that I know that there are some ‘pretty’ men out there and that makeup can totally transform a person’s appearance, I’m even more turned off by all of that.   It’s too much.  I wonder if women would appreciate if a man got fake muscles, fake dreads or a fake man bun, a fake beard, or even a fake penis.

I suppose to each their own and maybe some men like all that fake stuff.  For me though, natural over man made ‘perfection’ all day.




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