No reciprocity

In my experience, women want a man who worships the ground they walk on.  They feel that they deserve a man who sees noone but them.   They want the ride or die guy who will always have their backs.    The guy who isn’t a pushover, but will be there for them always.  Good times and bad.

The problem is that they are unwilling to reciprocate.   They want that unwavering, undying, unrelenting love, but they don’t want to feel ‘obligated’ to return the favor.   They want to opportunity to move and and find better opportunities should they present themselves.

In ancient Japan, the samurai were a class of warrior who dedicated their lives to a Shogun.   It was honorable for them to fight and even die for their master even though they were seen as disposable tools for a greater cause.  That cause often being the wishes, ambitions, or desires of the Shogun.

At one time, during my blue pill days, I was like the samurai and my wife (woman) was like the shogun.   It wasn’t until i realized that she wouldn’t do the same for me that I realized that I’m wasting my time here.

The whole idea that men should pursue women is dumb and blue pill men need to wake up to the fact that if she isn’t pursuing you, or if it isn’t reciprocal, then it’s time to cut your losses and move on.

In fact, while they want this, if you give it to them, then they have it and it’s no longer something they want.   They want the chase.  Again, falling in love means that you lose the edge and power.   It’s not that they want love, they want the power of having someone to fall in love with them.

Once they have this power, I believe that they subconsciously begin to lose respect and attraction to you.    This is why they are drawn to narcisstic personality types as those types never really fall in love.  You have to be emotionally cold and borderline mentally abusive (cruel) in order for them be attracted/drawn to you.   They want you to lie, make false promises, use them for sex, objectify, and be able to discard them easily while pretending to give a shit.  In other words, your ‘worship’ can’t be sincere, just strong enough to pull her in.  The pursuit isn’t because you love her, but it’s because want to conquer her so to speak.   In the end, it’s just a game, so any attempts, failed or successful are just a means to an end.   The end being having domination, not reciprocal love.

There is no such thing.

I’ve noticed that women generally always say that they ‘loved’ men who did this to them in the past.   It’s like a badge of honor or rite of passage for them.    Many will tell you that they will ALWAYS love these men, even though they know that they can’t be with them.

Good men….what I mean is Good “hearted” men don’t really stand a chance out here.   No matter what women tell you.   They believe they want a good hearted man, but in reality, they are repelled by these men.    It’s as if they want to be ‘abused’ or ‘used’ in order to make them feel validated somehow.    It’s a really fucked up mindset, even moreso because most don’t even realize this is what they respond to.

For this reason, you can’t really listen to what she says.   You have to look at what she responds to.   No matter how logical or reasonable she sounds, it appears that she can’t escape her nature.   She won’t admit to it because she’s completely ignorant of it.

While most of this theory (for me anyway) comes from circumstantial evidence, anecdotal stories, and other men’s testimonies, I need to determine for myself once and for all through personal experience.

The question though is How in the hell do you become a ‘bad boy’ without jeopardizing your personal success.    How can I treat her ‘bad’ if it’s always been my nature to want to treat them well.

It’s hard for me to use people.   I mean balance and reciprocity is one of my fundamental beliefs.   How can I learn to overcome that aspect of my nature and just use them for my own personal convenience.    How can I learn to truly objectify them without feeling shitty about it?    Even if it does work and they do respond well, I’d never be able to have the love with someone I’d want.  But i suppose that the lesson here is there is something wrong with the way that I ‘love’ women.

Maybe because it is what they truly want, I’m not really incurring much karmic debt.   The truth being that this is actually how to “love” a woman.    I’m incapable of enjoying ‘loving’ them if that’s the case.

As twisted as it sounds, it’s as if I have to be the  fun, sweet, but heartless asshole in order give them that experience of love and attraction in exchange for great sex. It’s a fair trade.    I guess that’s how ‘reciprocity’ works in the game of love.

From now on, it’s no longer about love, it’s about attraction and self respect.   Love is just for self, (non sexual) real friends, and family.





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