Simp or Swim?

The term word “simp” is a derogatory term in the red pill community that describes men who cater to their women.   It is interchangeable with words such as beta male or cuck.    They are basically used to imply that men who treat women well are inferior men.

The idea is that treating a woman as a queen is the surest way to have her lose respect for you.    Placing her above your own needs makes her lose respect for you even though she may push for that.

Men who have been burned by women they treated well often turn redpill and are considered bitter.   Many of these men come from the position of a ‘good guy’/ ‘family guy’ who’s girlfriend or wife left or cheated on them despite them doing the right thing.   Others, gifted with charisma or the ability to naturally talk women into having sex with them, see how many many women cheat and disrespect faithful men behind their backs.

Good men were raised with the notion that we should cherish, honor, respect, and have patience with our women.   The gestures associated with chivalry often place men in a subservient position.   We are taught be gentle and show her the upmost respect.   We are taught to be providers.  It is instilled within us that ‘she’ is the prize.

Unfortunately, we aren’t taught that most women don’t really deserve nor even desire this.   Society kept a huge secret from us.   The reality is that most women find these characteristics as unattractive.

This is evident in how ‘bad men’ seem to get the lion’s share of women.   Dysfunctional, arrogant, disrespectful men seem to do the best with women.   There are millions of stories about how a good guy comes along, determined to treat a woman better than her lying, cheating, abusive ex  come home and find her in bed with that ex.

The internet is full of stories about women having it all, a loving husband, who provides, help with the kids and around the house while also giving her a home, car, and nice vacations who either cheat or are feeling guilty about not being attracted to them anymore.    Some of these men are funny, still in shape, or at the very least decent overall.

On the redpill side, men complain about giving their wives everything and staying faithful even when she stops giving him sex and appreciation.   Many hurt, but want to stay and try to work things out for the family.   All too often the woman finds someone else she’s interested in, cheats and destroys the family home.  They file for divorce, gain custody of the children and these men end up having to pay alimony and child support.  They have to downgrade their lives and try to pick themselves up and start over.

Many of these men become depressed, some kill themselves, others endure years of emotional and psychological damage.    Many decide to become MGTOW and vow to never get serious about woman again.   Some date and become players.  Others try and remarry.   Many of those have reported that the second marriage eventually ended up like the first one.

This is a silent epidemic going on in America today.   Society, by and large, still vilify men as if we cause most of the relationship problems and broken homes.  They paint us as abusive or cheaters.   Women often ask where the good men are, but yet they all know a good guy who’s willing to try and build with them.  They just aren’t interested.   They know of women who left ‘good’ husbands for selfish reasons.

There are a segment of men who are wicked to women.  The thing is that most women are attracted to the men who carry those characteristics.    Most women find the bad boy archetype irresistible.

While things like honor, stability, and faithfulness are necessary to maintain a stable household.   Most women eventually find stability as boring.   The lose attraction to it. They begin to fill unfulfilled.   They cheat or leave and often both.   They look out on social media for ex crushes and ex boyfriends and entertain them.    They have  perpetual ‘grass is greener’ syndrome.   With a plethora of thirsty males willing to say and often do almost anything for sex, who can blame them?

Men are waking up and learning that while women say they want a good man, they don’t really know how to be a good woman.   They are learning that women will be selfish towards good men while giving their best to a bad boy.

Many men are reporting that once they stop giving a crap about women and start treating them bad, they get more respect from them.  Some men still maintain their values and don’t have it in them to sink to that level.   The understand the nature of most women, but choose not to participate or play the ‘game’ with them.    These are the MGTOW, IBMOR, SYSBM men.

Many date, some are players, but they don’t commit nor lie to women as they know that it’s not worth it in the end.

We are learning that we cannot truly love a woman with our hearts even though we may choose to show love.   In 2018 one of the worst things a man can do is actually ‘fall in love’ with a woman.

Perhaps this is something spiritual, maybe psychological, maybe both, but truly falling in love with a woman is the surest way to make her lose attraction to you.  It happens way more often than not, so regardless of what side of the fence you fall on in your approach, the bottom line is that you have to pretty much expect that she will ultimately betray you.  It’s pretty much foolish not to at this point.

Maybe someone will read this and think to themselves, not me, not my woman.   It sounds like you’re already in too deep.   I don’t wish that pain on anyone, but when shit does hit the fan, which most likely it will, you’ll learn and know that it will hurt like almost nothing you’ve ever felt before.   A LOT more than you ever imagined.   And probably for a long time, but eventually, you will make it out.   A little worse for wear, but more aware.    You will learn to deprogram yourself from the foolish notion that women want good men.

You can then learn to use their programming of wanting a ‘good guy’ to your advantage, but realize that eventually, she will grow bored of it.   So don’t put your heart in.    It’s a tough pill to swallow, but trust me, heartbreak is even worse.



3 thoughts on “Simp or Swim?

    • Yes, I agree.

      I’m thinking that certain behaviors associated with masculinity is a social construct. There are many ways a man can express masculinity. The issue is that the type of masculinity associated with monogamy and raising a family isn’t as attractive as the player, showy, flashy expression of it.

      Let’s take the examples of the rapper Future and Russel Wilson. In my opinion, Russell is more masculine and a better man overall than Future. He’s responsible, moral, and handles his business. He’s also seen as a cornball and lame. Future is fun, is charming, but has multiple baby mama’s and doesn’t seem to care about raising a family in a traditional sense.

      While most women would SAY that they’d prefer a guy like Russel, they are more attracted to guys like Future. Even though Russel could probably beat his ass in a fist fight, Future is seen as more attractive. Even though they probably know that Future would more likely cheat and do them wrong, they’d be more drawn to him.

      I don’t know if it’s a matter of masculinity. It seems that modern women are drawn to toxic masculinity.


      • Yeah I see your point, I just think is the illusion of the industry he’s in. Rap music is main stream and is saturated with the bad boy image. I know that Russell is some sort of sports personality (I think?) but I reckon if he was a basketball player he would be more desirable. This is just my opinon but I think the industry that youre in also plays a bit part in attaraction. Women seem to be attracted to what their friends are attracted to, so if hes a Ball Player, Actor, Rapper or whatever is trending thats what they gravitate to. Personally I like responsible guys but they need to be attractive. Theres a lot of actors that have been married for years like Denzel, Samuel L Jackson, Morris Chestnut and even LL Cool J. Some people may consider them corny but they are the epitamy of responsible in my eyes.


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