Princess Syndrome

Many of my married peers have daughters.   I always wanted one, but lately, this red pill stuff has me rethinking how I’d want to raise her.   Pretty much all of them spoil their daughters to death.  Princess this, photoshoot that, I mean the works.   It really is no wonder so many females grow up the entitled princess mentality.   They really go beyond just giving her self esteem.  They dip into making them feel entitled just because she’s somehow just born special.

We don’t do our sons that way.   Men don’t.  Many single mothers do and these boys grow up thinking the world owes them something just because they are them.    It’s a huge problem with most of these women today.    This sense of entitlement tells them that they are special, not for what the bring to the table or what they do, but because they are just them.    Oddly enough, women are attracted to this behavior.    But that’s another blog post.  Hint, it’s closely related to giving her a purpose.

They become conditioned to believe that all they should bring to the table is their looks and appetites.     It’s not about what they can do for the other person, but what the other person should do for them.

In society today, good men are expected to do all of the heavy lifting.  Husbands are to be their wives’ protectors, providers, entertainment, confidant, best friend, counselor, mind reader, and sex God while making sure they don’t get bored in the process.    Meanwhile, most women think that they deserve this simply because other men might be able to provide these things for her a bit better.   Many don’t ask what they are actually bringing to the table themselves.   Many feel that their sacrifices are unjust and unfair and they feel unfulfilled if a few of her needs aren’t being met.

“Good” men are taught to make due.  Grin and bear it.   Man up.    Fix it or deal with it.   Shit or get off the pot.    We don’t have the luxury nor conditioning to simply leave things up to ‘following’ our hearts.   Our hearts are in the fixing of the problem.   We are fixers.  We are taught to fix things that mean something to us.   Not just discard them.  Emotions might guide us as far as figuring out what needs to be done.   But they simply serve as a way of letting us know that something is wrong and we need to fix something.  We are taught “I must”.   We only deserve that we work for.   Even then, life is unfair sometimes, but we make due, fix it and make it better.

Women with this princess mentality are taught that if something isn’t going her way, then it’s ok to follow her heart and walk away.    She is brought up and constantly reinforced with “I deserve”.   It doesn’t matter if she worked for it or not.   People and relationships become disposable.   There is no sense of duty, obligation, responsibility, or loyalty.   Her loyalty is to herself first.    Her beauty and femininity must be preserved at all costs.  Her sexuality is her power.    She must be reminded constantly that she has it.  It’s tied directly into her self esteem.   It’s the reason that vanity is usually a woman’s main weakness.   It’s why likes on the gram mean so much to her.     Unfortunately, the majority of men are willing to do and say anything just to have sex with her.  We will often just deal with her bad behavior just for a chance at sex.  In turn, she never develops other healthier ways to build herself up and bring something of substance to the table.

The combination of vanity and selfishness is the downfall of the modern relationship.

Old school women were ingrained with the idea of family first.    Unfortunately, too many men took advantage of that.    Today, we are paying for the sins of our fathers.   The modern woman’s mother taught her to never be dependent on a man.  We are in essence, useless to them.    We are a luxury or experience.    It’s all about what we bring to the table, not what they bring.

Independent women now have the ability to take care of themselves financially while also retaining the power of the pussy.    In reality bad boys are usually more fun.  They generally handle the need that many of them to have fun.    Good guys (though great father material) are often doing things that make them good which is often seen as boring.   They are put off to the sidelines until these women are ready to have a stable environment for their a family.   Even then though, Ms. Independent still feels that she ‘deserves’ it all.    ‘Settling’ is a bad term for her.   If she must settle, then it must be a lifestyle upgrade.    Even then, many women still find that they are unfulfilled in some way or another and very often find themselves with a great life, but not “happy.”

Do a google search on “No longer in love with my husband”….read the articles and comments.   It’s a very scary yet prevalent thing.  I’d recommend any man interested in getting married to do this before they walk down the aisle.

Unfortunately many don’t realize that in most relationships, we all settle to some degree or another.  I think that men are better equipped to handle this.

There was an old country song called.  “Mama don’t let your baby to grow up to a cowboy….”   I guess cowboys were the gangsters of the old country world.   They should remix the song and adapt it to modern terms.   “Daddy, don’t let your baby grow up to be a princess….”   She will never truly be happy.






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