Things aren’t as they seem

You would think that the opportunity to be a single man with a job in Atlanta would be heaven for a heterosexual male this day in age.   I’ve heard that there are up to 60000 more single women than men here.   If you also add in the large homosexual population, jobless guys, men in jail, and dudes with multiple baby mama’s you’d think that it would be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

Of course there is a lot of cheating going on.   On one of our hip hop channels, there’s a call in show called “side piece shout out”.   It’s exactly what it sounds like.   People call in and shout out their “side pieces” in all of it’s rachet glory.

Still though, that’s a lot of single women concentrated in one area.   The problem i think isn’t finding a woman.  It’s finding a quality woman.   Most of the women fall into one or several of the below archetypes that disqualify them from being wifey material.

The Rachets.   The long weave, neck rolling, hot headed women with multiple kids living in the hood.   They can be fun, many have emotional issues, and have a thing for hood guys.   Despite their age, they have a really immature mindset.   The sex is usually pretty good, but you’re going to pay for it either directly (paying a bill or two) or emotionally (stupid fights and petty arguments).    This is the last type of woman you want to knock up.

The Gold Diggers.   These women come in a variety of social classes.   They are impressed with a guy’s money.  Some are in denial while others are blatant.   A few tale tale signs is that they are into luxury items (bags, cars, clothes) or expensive vacations.   They also have a “i deserve” mentality regardless of what they actually bring to the table.   Many are cute and keep themselves up, but if you aren’t established financially, then they really don’t want much to do with you.  A tell tale sign is that if you look on their instagram pages, they are posting/posing with expensive bags, exotic locations, fancy hotels, or in front of luxury cars.    She will “love you” as long as you’re giving her a lifestyle, but if you ever lose your money, she’s out the door as well.   That’s if you’re lucky.   Worst case scenario is that she will  begin to see you as a beta male provider and lose attraction for you (aka boredom).   This is when the thugs/fuck boys come in and screw her in your home while you’re at work.   Being a no fault state, she’ll still get alimony and child support if you leave.  Be careful.

 The Bad and Bougie.   I’d say that most women here fall into this category.   They usually have some sort of high paying  career and are well educated.    They work hard and are pretty much dedicated to their jobs.  You can catch them driving the E-class mercades benz.   They are all about the bag.   Many are very book smart.   They also love vacationing (often confusing it with traveling).    Many are also single mothers.   Their problem is that they don’t really need a man for anything unless he can provide her with a higher standard of living.   It’s really hard to form a real connection or bond with them because their kids (as they should be) and their jobs are their priorities.  They don’t have much time for dating.   These are the ‘strong’ black women you often hear about.    They are really more about image than substance.     NEVER disagree with one as they are NEVER wrong….about anything. EVER.   You’ve been warned.   They are sort of like men in that they are often way too independent.    What they have in book smarts, many lack in social intelligence/street smarts.    But again, you can’t tell them anything because they feel that their jobs/money makes them superior if you don’t make as much.    They are usually arrogant and pretentious.  Especially if she looks decent.  They have a real problem with submitting to a man unless he is significantly more wealthy than them.   Many won’t admit it, but it’s been my (along with many men’s experience) that it’s true.  These women tend to get bored in marriage, but are quite boring themselves.    To their credit, i think the problem is just an innate tendency, not necessarily a conscious one.  They are the primary audience of reality TV and beyonce.   They have a very hive like mentality so if you’ve dated one, you’ve pretty much dated them all.

 The Church Girls.  These women praise Jesus all day everyday and twice on Sunday.   You cannot question their beliefs at all.   Again a black woman can never be wrong.   So if you disagree with her about anything religious, she’s pretty much going to have a real problem.    You might be able to fornicate with her, but it’s only after you’ve dealt with all of the other bullshit she put you through.   While these are the most viable options on the list so far, you have to be careful as many are freaks in church girl clothes.  You also have to be prepared to understand that her church (not necessarily you) will the spiritual leader of your home.   Many of these women were once freaks, have several kids by a few baby daddies, and have finally decided to get their lives together.   Often emotionally damaged, they have decided to finally walk the straight and narrow.   If you’re looking for an occasional drinking buddy or someone to engage in other ‘worldly’ things, you may want to reconsider as she’s generally a pretty serious person now.   The good thing is that they appreciate you taking on their baggage.  You seem to be what they were praying for after all.    The verdict is still out on how this ultimately plays out in a long term relationship.

Pussy Power Chicks.    They are often anti-christian and claim to be spiritual.   They claim to have open minds and are generally open minded except to things they’ve been indoctrinated against.   I.e. Christianity, Conservatism.  They’ll be allies with the LGBTQ communities.    It’s not a problem, but they have bought into modern Feminism hook line and sinker.   I generally like their style (piercings, bohemian, artsy, dreadlocks)  and they can be super sweet and interesting, but only if they like you.  Disagree, they will bite your head off, shut down, and attack you mercilessly if you dare disagree with them in any shape form or fashion.   They want men to be true blue pill betas and feel threatened by any simblance of male power.   They will challenge you and take things to the next level if you don’t submit.  If you escalate with them, they won’t hesitate to call the authorities if you choose to go there with them verbally.   They are usually quite artistic and can be found down around little five points or East Atlanta Village.

Many of these Archetypes are overlapping.   Regardless of what main category they fall into they pretty much all have the same vices.

A Hive like mentality, hypergamy, the inability to self correct (be wrong), arrogance, entitlement, and too much independence.  These traits make the vast majority of the modern women here not worth it  for your average guy.     Women complain about a man shortage.  In reality, while the numbers are skewed towards there being more women population wise, their issues cut those numbers significantly leaving  only very few who are actually worth risking becoming a victim to modern day hypergamy.




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