They use your morals against you

I don’t know if there ever has been a time where there was a huge disadvantage to be governed by your morals.   Most of the time, while inconvenient, it does usually end up working out for you in the long run.

These days it appears that it is a huge disadvantage to be bound by them.   Especially when it comes to women.   Women today are amoral at best.   There is no real right or wrong with them, only their “truth”.    Their emotional ‘truth’ doesn’t have to reflect objective, observable, reality.   They can literally bend ‘reality’ to their will by simply not telling the truth.    They act as if lying to themselves can change facts and justifies their hurtful behavior.

You cannot have a close relationship with amoral/immoral people without getting hurt.   Their concept of fairness, loyalty, and friendship are skewed.   While they know what they do is wrong, they give themselves passes saying stupid shit like.  “we’re all human.”   or they just ignore what they are doing all together.  They feel entitled to do this.   They can actually do messed up things and still feel like they are good people.    They can point to someone else doing the exact same thing, judge them negatively, but continue to just as bad or worse without even realizing it.    They don’t have the consciousness (holy spirit) to make them feel bad about it.

They can’t repent because they don’t feel bad about what they were doing.   This isn’t a matter of making a mistake.   This is a matter of being a fundamentally wicked person on the inside.

They will use your integrity, dependability, tendency to forgive, etc. against you.  Not caring that each time you do so, it kills you a bit on the inside.    They lose respect for you and see you as weak instead of admiring or appreciating you for giving them another chance.  They complain about “just being human”, but then view you as weak and deserving of getting screwed over on because you forgive them for “just being human.”

I’ve come to the conclusion that you just can’t trust modern women with love.  No matter how educated, well spoken, or pretty she seems, her lack of values and selfishness, pretty much eradicates any reason to try and build anything with her.    She can’t be trusted and will turn on you if she feels she can get a better deal.    There is no loyalty when it comes to her.   And the worst thing is that she doesn’t even realize this about herself or see this as a problem.   It doesn’t matter if she’s loud or kind of quiet, you can’t trust her not to ultimately act like a woman.

Actually, you can trust her if you know her nature.   Just know that you can’t trust her not to betray you if the opportunity arises.  You have to realize that she loves you until the honeymoon phase wears out.   After that, all bets are off.   Lying, cheating, and the constant need for new stimulation will eventually cause her to lose interest.  Her selfishness and amorality will allow her to say/do things that she knows is wrong.   She can’t be alone and in order to prevent that, she’ll monkey branch to the next guy on deck.

I was thinking of going MGTOW monk and disavowing woman all together, but it might not be necessary.    I just have to realize that when she says she ‘loves’ me means that she loves me the way a woman loves you.   That it only means that ” right now, you make me feel good.”

So the lesson is to basically read the signs.   There really is no point in sticking it out.   There is no point in making vows that she either can’t fulfill or will ultimately make her miserable if she does.   You have to ALWAYS remember, no matter how good it’s going, that she’s never yours, it’s just your turn.

The best you can hope for is that she’s a only 1 guy at a time kind of ride.   Good luck with that though.

Alternative option is to play the game with her.   You have to cheat on women these days, there is no way around it.   This is where the morality part comes in.   Along with cheating comes lying, deception, and not being a man of your word.   When she eventually does cheat, you haven’t fully invested your heart in her so her monkey branching won’t hurt as bad as you’ve already prepared for it and was doing your dirt anyway.   Because you’re unmoved by her “finding her real soul mate”, she might try to crawl back (even more so) because she’ll find the chase more attractive than if you just wait on her.

They will lose attraction if they get the impression that no other woman is checking for you.    They will get lazy and stop doing all of the sexy things they had to do to get you in order to keep you…..If they realize that they have you already.   They will lose respect and appreciation for you if you make them your first.

You can’t love a woman the way that you want her to love you and keep her interested.   That’s boring.  Then she will do all those nasty things that perhaps you didn’t even required to get the new guy locked down.

You have to love her the way she loves you in order to stand a chance at keeping her interested.   You have to keep yourself first.  You have to constantly be looking for a better replacement and following up on better deals if you want her to maintain respect.   She has to know that at any time, she can and will be replaced if she stops doing what you ask of her.   Even if you aren’t that demanding.   You have to test her to gauge her interest levels.  You have to check her at the first sign of disrespect.   Most importantly, you have to be willing and able to walk away at any time, no questions asked.

Marriage is no longer a viable option with the modern woman.   Most of them are spiritually dead.  They’re deluded.   They’re materialistic.  They are rebellious.  They literally lose their minds when they are attracted to a guy.    Their loyalty follows their attraction and attention.   It’s never love.

Raising a family is also fraught with peril.   With family court laws against men, she really has no incentive to stay.    It’s also irresponsible to bring kids into this world knowing that their home will eventually be broken.    Doing so at this point and taking a chance with such high failure rate is stupid.   Would you hop on a plane if the crash rate was at 50 percent?

Would you drive in a car if they exploded 50% of the time?  No matter how committed you were to being a safe drive, you could never be sure if it would be your last drive.










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